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Machine Design and Development Services

Outsource Machine Design and Development Services

Get ready-for-production machine designs, physical models, or digital prototypes and shorten your design cycle at prices starting at $10/hour

A machine's design not only lays down the framework of the manufactured product, but also the production time, material, costs, and misspends. That is why it is rightly said that machine design and development practically determine your product's success, and subsequently, your business's.

Outsource2india (O2I) is renowned for offering some of the best services in machine design and development in India. Whether you need machine concept development, designing, or simply want our assistance in the form of consultancy and support services, our highly renowned team of professionals will be at your beck and call. If you want to save yourself a great amount of time, money, technicalities, and reworks, outsource machine design and development services to O2I.

Our Machine Design and Development Services

Machine design and development is a vast specialization and the scope of the included services is limitless. At O2I, we tailor our machine design and development services according to your customized business needs. Some of our most sought-after solutions include -

  • Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing Services (CAD/CAM)

    Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing Services

    At O2I, we boast of one of the most consummate teams with expert CAD professionals, mechanical designers, engineers, and developers. Our team enables us to offer varied solutions including adaptive designs, development designs, empirical designs, industrial designs, and more under this expansive bracket of services.

  • Digital Prototyping Services

    Digital Prototyping Services

    For industrial use cases that involve multiple CAM-driven mechanisms, we offer digital prototyping services to save you the cost of developing and testing several physical models. With O2I's cutting-edge virtual 3D prototyping solutions, you need not look any further for obtaining sophisticated visualization models and animations for your machine designs.

  • Engineering Drawings

    Engineering Drawings

    Engineering drawings form the structural and functional framework of every machine. Our team of expert technicians and engineers specializes in technical drawings for a vast range of machines and equipment.

  • 3D Modeling and Drafting

    3D Modeling and Drafting

    Through our 3D modeling solutions, we help you verify and validate various parameters of your design including component assembling, stress and tolerance levels, force-torque-power-energy analysis, and more. Our team of professionals also has you covered for the related technical documentation and animations.

  • Advanced Simulation and Design Optimization

    Advanced Simulation and Design Optimization

    Why only design when you can simulate? Our expert machine designers use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to scrupulously evaluate the designs and then employ best practices for optimization accordingly.

  • Reverse Engineering

    Reverse Engineering

    Reverse engineering is an excellent option for technically constructed businesses that need better-optimized machines at lower costs. We offer reverse engineering services to map out your original machine designs and then improve them to meet your needs and standards.

  • Prototype Testing

    Prototype Testing

    Have a machine concept and prototype ready but need professional assistance to take it forward? We can help you with our prototype testing services that include a comprehensive assessment of the prototype's design, semantics, programs, and other functionalities.

  • Technical Support, Training, and Consultancy Services

    Technical Support, Training, and Consultancy Services

    We offer support services including importing/exporting data with alternative software packages, CAD conversion and migration, model testing, modifying, and much more. Furthermore, our machine design and development training and consultancy offerings help you to manage productivity losses and resource optimization.

Our Machine Design and Development Process

As one of the global leaders in machine design and development services, we make sure our methodology is best suited to our client's design and modeling needs. Here's a step-by-step generic framework that we follow for every machine design and development project to maintain consistency in quality and a performance optimum -


01. Manufacturing Requirements Inspection

Our first goal is to understand the purpose of the machine designs and the desired output from the same. We, therefore, conduct a thorough assessment of your manufacturing and assembly setup


02. Concept and Strategy Development

According to the inspection results and client brief, we develop a concept for the machine design and prepare a strategy to appropriate funds, and allot an optimum time frame


03. Force, Stress, and Strength Analysis

Next are technical assessments and analysis. Here we evaluate how every component of the machine will sit with each other and how forces and stresses will impact the design


04. Design Execution and Iteration

This is where we put our calculations, assessments, and analysis into use and develop designs. The process involves multiple iterations to ensure easy manufacturing


05. Commissioning Assistance

Our job isn't done until yours is successfully kickstarted. We help you throughout the authorizations, manufacturing, testing, and launching processes of your machines

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose O2I As Your Machine Design and Development Provider?

O2I takes pride in keeping up with contemporary innovations, technologies, and techniques and staying consistently at the top of our game. Over the years, we have gained a stellar reputation as one of the leading providers of machine design and development services in India, and here are a few reasons why businesses benefit from our services -

  • Cost Reduction

    Our team members are experts in implementing cost-effective design plans and reducing the overall machine development costs. Moreover, our success rates demonstrate our competency in minimizing errors and reworks, which further acts as a major point of cost reduction.

  • Vast Tech-Stack

    Our team at O2I is equipped and adept with an extensive range of tools to serve your machine design needs. Right from Solidworks, AutoCAD, Unigraphics to Dynamic Designer, and more, we assess your machine model's requirements and employ the right tools from our vast tech stack.

  • Variety Of Standard and Customizable Solutions

    Whether you need a glass cutter, a 3D printer, a surface grinder, or an induction hardening machine, we have got your back for all conventional and unconventional machine designs. Not only that, but we also offer customized design solutions for those machine ideas that don't fit under customary industrial standards.

  • Seamless 2D to 3D Transitioning

    Have a pile of unproductive 2D designs ready? Worry not, our team has immense expertise in transitioning 2D plans and drawings into practical 3D environments. With O2I, you can avail of some of the most feasible 3D models for your machines thanks to our years of experience and accolades in this area.

  • Fast Turn-Around Time

    We not only save your time by shortening your design lifecycles but also help accelerate the process with one of the fastest turn-around times in the industry.

Client Success Stories

O2I Converted Legacy 2D Mechanical Drawings to 3D for an Engineering Firm Based in the US

O2I Converted Legacy 2D Mechanical Drawings to 3D for an Engineering Firm Based in the US

Our team of expert engineers was put to the task of converting over 1,500 2D mechanical drawings into 3D for a leading engineering firm from the US at affordable rates.

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O2I Delivered Piping and Instrumentation Drawings to an Environmental Engineering Firm

O2I Delivered Piping and Instrumentation Drawings to an Environmental Engineering Firm

Our engineers created and delivered several high-quality piping, instrumentation, and schematic drawings to an environmental engineering firm at cost-effective rates.

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Outsource Machine Design and Development Services To O2I

Machine design and development involves arduous and time-consuming processes, thorough modeling and testing, and a great amount of investment, especially when reworks and miscalculations are involved. By outsourcing machine design and development services to O2I, you can completely cut down on your designing, testing, animating, and even marketing time. Invest your money and efforts in a machine design and development services providing company that brings you better results and greater profits in the long term.

Contact us today and get your machine designs conceptualized and realized with O2I.

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