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Outsource Benefits of outsourcing 2D Drafting Services

What is Mechanical 2D Drafting?

Mechanical 2D drafting is the discipline of formulating detailed plans about a product and its mechanical components that visually demonstrate the ideal construction for their effective and flawless functioning. It allows designers and fabricators to bring forth perfect structural 2D representation of mechanical components and their respective calibration. There are a number of terms synonymous to 2D drafting, including: Mechanical Drawing, Mechanical CAD (computer aided design) drafting, 2D Drawing and Mechanical Drafting.

Benefits of Mechanical 2D Drafting

Even though the greater proportion of all design works these days are carried in the 3D format, 2D drafting continues its legacy as the most viable option for the purpose of sharing information about an assembly or design. With 2D drafting, distributing or sharing a collection of drawings within the entire project team becomes immensely easier.

Mechanical 2D drafting includes multidimensional operations such as structural drawing from a number of abstract sketches, assembly drawing, digitization of a master drawing, piping diagrams, fabrication drawings and so on. While developing any mechanical component, the most obvious first step is to come up with the initial drafting sheet in a standardized format that can be comprehended by virtually anyone involved in the manufacturing process.

CAD drafting allows the designers to make the best out of 2D legacy data. They can draw full scale diagrams with absolute freedom and without having to focus on scaling the design every now and then. The individual diagrams can be presented with multiple viewports, thus ensuring that they represent multiple areas of the design without requiring any additional effort. Apart from that, CAD drafting makes parametric drawing layouts as easy as a walk in the park.

With 2D drafting, the operational team responsible for a project can concentrate on the decision making processes while the CAD software automates all the essential steps including analysis, fabrication/engineering design, modeling, interference monitor, simulation and so on. In addition, CAD drafting also provides the luxury of maintaining real-time surveillance over the operational limitations of the design (if any) and to immediately execute suitable alterations to overcome any inefficiency found.

Almost all 2D drafting software available today such as Revit, Tekla and AutoCAD are designed to provide a unified and convenient platform for the product designers, fabricators as well as contractors to share all essential project data in real time. That's indeed a key benefit that leaves out the scope for any delay or confusion in the product development process. Some of the key advantages of Mechanical 2D drafting include -

  • Simplified documentation of the project
  • Precise drawings that leave no scope for any error whatsoever
  • Simplified and disciplined archiving of the drafting
  • Data safety
  • Time efficient retrieval process of the designs and documentations.

How outsourcing can be beneficial

Some of the key benefits of outsourcing 2D services include -

Time efficiency: Having two different workforces, both working in different time zones ensures that the project is being worked upon all 24x7. And that, without making any compromises with the quality factor whatsoever. Above all, you don't need to sweat over the cost factor either.

Cost reduction - Apart from the efficiency factor, the most obvious advantage of outsourcing 2D services lies in the financial side of things. As you perhaps already know, outsourcing always brings you the perfect opportunity to make the most out of the global labor markets and thereby sparing you the financial burden of having to hire full time employees for specific tasks. 2D drafting services are certainly no exception in that trend either as outsourcing them can help an organization save on the training and maintenance cost by big margin.

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