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3D Modeling for US Based Engineering Company

3D Modeling of Aluminum Cast Products for US-based Engineering Company

A US-based engineering and manufacturing company receives high quality 3D modeling of aluminum cast products from Outsource2india in just 45 days

The Client

The Client Requirement

The client has more than 50 years of experience as a customer manufacturer and engineer of overhead utility and communications solutions. Their products are designed in aluminum, fiberglass and apitong wood for electric utility and communications companies in the region. They needed a partner who could -

  • Efficiently and accurately produce 3D models for the redesign of one of their products.
  • Complete the entire project within 45 days to meet tight deadlines.
  • Produce the redesign within a specific budget to meet their needs.

Project Challenges

Because of the nature of the project, there were several challenges faced by the Outsource2india team. These included -

  • The original product was aluminum cast and the team didn't have the exact specifications to work with. These specifications are vital to the 3D drawing and modeling stages and therefore slowed the project considerably.
  • Also unavailable were the internal grooves of the product, proving challenging during the scanning of the product.
  • The deadline of the project was affected because of the lack of specifications and internal grooves for the product.

The Solution

Our Solution

To tackle the challenges of this particular project, the team at Outsource2india completed the following -

  • A paid trial was performed during which the client was able to assess performance and provide feedback.
  • After successful completion of the trial, two resources were assigned to work exclusively on this project.
  • The client provided three physical samples to the team for redesign. They also provided exact specifications and measurements for the new products.
  • The team used a 3D scanner to collect point cloud data, then did surface modeling of the product in SolidWorks.
  • The Quality Assurance (QA) team performed several quality checks at each stage of the product to ensure the project met the specific quality benchmarks that were provided by the client.

The Results

The Results

Through the completion of the project, the client received high quality 3D modeling services within 45 days at an accuracy level of over 90%. The efficient, cost-effective nature of the project ensured the client had everything they needed within the timeframe requested.

Because of the successful completion of the project, the client recommended O2I's services to their business partners.

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