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Geotechnical Engineering Services

Outsource Geotechnical Engineering Services

Professional geotechnical services for public, private, and commercial sectors starting at just $14 per hour!

Whether you want to analyze the land for construction and land development purposes or identify complex foundation issues, efficient geotechnical project investigation is important. Applications of geotechnical services go beyond basic construction engineering aspects and is also critical for mining, deep excavations, tunnels, dams, and other environmental and mining projects.

Outsource2india is a professional geotechnical engineering services company offering geotechnical project support for different kinds of projects including routine classifications, soil strength analysis, and various other subsurface explorations. By outsourcing geotechnical engineering services to us you can rely on our team of qualified senior engineers, laboratory technicians and other personnel for all your geotechnical project requirements.

Geotechnical Engineering Services We Offer

Using sophisticated approaches and proficient survey methods, at Outsource2india we offer advanced geotechnical engineering services. Some of the major geotechnical engineering surveying services we offer include, but are not limited to -

  • Pile Foundation Test

    Pile Foundation Test

    For large-scale construction projects we carry out pile load testing to determine the load-bearing capability of the piles and estimate load settlements. Our non-destructive deep foundation testing helps you to evaluate the strength of concrete pile foundations and structural integrity of the foundation.

  • Construction Support

    Construction Support

    From inspecting foundation excavation to carrying out soil, concrete, and Asphalt sampling along with slump tests, we can assist you with all your geotechnical testing requirements for construction. We also review site conditions and suggest appropriate control measures.

  • Geosynthetics


    Our geotechnical engineers analyze the soil strength and recommend the suitable geotextile materials to reinforce soil and improve drainage condition.

  • Deep Foundation Inspection

    Deep Foundation Inspection

    We conduct field review to help you check whether your subsurface conditions conform to building design and the construction follows the right engineering practices. We review foundation drawings, soil sampling reports, and various other design features.

  • Geotechnical Investigation

    Geotechnical Investigation

    We carry out soil sample testing and recommend the right foundation options such as pile foundation or strip footing, depth of the pile, groundwater investigation and other types of geotechnical engineering investigations.

  • Tunnel Design Analysis

    Tunnel Design Analysis

    Our tunnel design analysis specialists conduct subsurface investigation, analyze stress deformation, and assess Q value. We can also assist you with ground reaction curves, geological strength index, and portal class.

  • Geological Mapping Services

    Geological Mapping Services

    We have skilled and experienced geologists who are adept with subsurface conditioning, stratigraphy, map study, seismicity, and hazard identification strategies.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

How Can Our Geotechnical Services Add Value to Your Project?

By partnering with us to address your unique geotechnical project requirements, you can get some useful benefits.

  • Rapid Turnaround Time

    Our engineers work closely with you to understand your specific project needs and complete it quickly.

  • Experienced Geotechnical Experts

    Carrying decades of relevant experience, our team of geotechnical experts provide you with the best testing and sampling services that are highly accurate.

  • Advanced Tools and Testing Methods

    We leverage sophisticated testing approaches and advanced tools to provide you with accurate testing and sampling reports that are reliable.

  • Data Confidentiality & Security

    We use VPN and FTP servers and platforms to transfer all your reports securely and we are also compliant with all the data protection regulations.

  • Flexible Pricing Options

    We understand that geotechnical testing and analysis needs vary from project to project. So, we offer flexible pricing options that precisely cater to your project requirements.

Client Success Stories

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The focus and commitment of Outsource2india's engineers and managers were first-rate, and surpassed our expectations.

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At Outsource2india, we carry two decades of industry experience in providing a variety of infrastructure engineering services. After carrying out detailed geotechnical analysis, we will also provide you with suitable structural engineering design suggestions that fortify your overall construction projects.

If you are ready to become a part of the contemporary construction engineering revolution with our proficient geotechnical services, then get in touch with us now.

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