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Outsourcing Engineering Services to India

Outsourcing Engineering Services to India

Reduce costs, get access to skilled resources, and focus on your company’s core activities by outsourcing your engineering service requirements to India

Is your engineering firm facing huge pressures of reducing overhead costs of key engineering services? Are you falling short of skilled and experienced engineers who can take care of your engineering projects? Then, the best option for you would be to outsource engineering services to a skilled and experienced service provider in India.

By doing so, you will not only be able to reduce your costs considerably and get access to the skilled and experienced resources for your work but also get an ample amount of time to focus on your core activities. Service providers usually have an already set team of engineers who have access to the best infrastructure and the latest engineering tools and technologies.

Why Outsource Engineering Services to India - Top 10 Benefits

Outsourcing engineering services to India holds enormous potential. With a large number of labor driven and repetitive tasks, it fits the outsourcing bill to perfection. The labor-intensive engineering processes that can be outsourced are structural drafting and detailing, conversion services, cost estimations and a lot more.

Do you still have doubts about outsourcing engineering services to a service provider in India? Are you in two minds thinking about the risks and benefits related to outsourcing engineering services? To clear your doubts, we have listed out some of the major benefits of outsourcing engineering services to India -

  1. Reduced Overhead Costs

    Reduced Overhead Costs

    This is one of the major benefits of outsourcing engineering services to India. Most of the companies outsource engineering services as it helps them to reduce about 30-50% of overhead costs on an average.

  2. Free Up Time

    Free Up Time

    By outsourcing engineering services to an experienced service provider in India, you will be able to have ample amount of time to focus on your core business activities. Your company executives will have more time to focus on new product development and quality management.

  3. Less Office Space is Required

    Less Office Space is Required

    This is a major advantage of outsourcing engineering services to India. As most of the work is outsourced to a service provider, your company will need less office space. Having an in-house engineering team will need a huge office space.

  4. Access to Complex Services

    Access to Complex Services

    Some of the services you are looking for may not be available in-house. Hence, outsourcing to an experienced and skilled service provider can give you access to a complex array of engineering services which may not be available elsewhere.

  5. Services on As-Need Basis

    Services on As-Need Basis

    Fluctuations in the demands for engineering services is common. These fluctuations can prove to be a challenge for businesses. In such cases, outsourcing can be highly beneficial. Companies can have the flexibility to outsource when there is a requirement for engineering services.

  6. Access to 24/7 Support

    Access to 24/7 Support

    This is one of the major benefits of outsourcing engineering services to a service provider. You can have access to round the clock customer support services as and when the requirement arises. This enables you to get support at any time irrespective of the time zone they are in.

  7. Access to the Best Software and Technologies

    Access to the Best Software and Technologies

    By outsourcing engineering services, you will not have the burden of buying expensive engineering tools and technologies. Service providers give you access to the best and the latest tools and software which always enables you to get the best quality services.

  8. Improved Client Satisfaction

    Improved Client Satisfaction

    Clients are always demanding high-quality services be delivered within quick turnaround time. By outsourcing engineering services to India, you will be able to deliver to both these demands. You can ensure a higher level of customer satisfaction by choosing a reliable and experienced service provider.

  9. Better Marketing Capabilities

    Better Marketing Capabilities

    By choosing a reliable and experienced service provider for your engineering service requirements, you will be able to devote time to your in-house responsibilities and marketing initiatives. You can focus on marketing your newly improved designs and improve your business.

  10. Access to Best Engineering Expertise

    Access to Best Engineering Expertise

    Hiring and training an in-house engineering team for your projects is a highly cumbersome and an expensive affair. Instead, by outsourcing engineering services to an experienced service provider, you can get access to the best engineering minds with a great experience at an affordable price.

O2I Advantage - How We Make It Work For You?

  • Communication

    The single most important factor to be considered is good communication between the company outsourcing and the Indian service provider. The quality of the work received will ultimately depend on how clear and detailed the instructions are from the company. Most Indian service providers have 24-hour Internet access and toll-free phone facilities to the US since the entire process is dependent on clear communication. It is imperative for the company to maintain that communication link with updates and revisions until the completion of the project.

  • Quality

    Secondly, the company needs to ensure that the work is in accordance with approved global standards, building bye-laws, codes of practice and legal and safety specifications. Indian service providers are usually aware of prevalent industry standards in the US which include the LFRD (Load and Factor Resistance Design), ACI - (American Concrete Institute) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), but it is always wise to ensure that there are no discrepancies.

  • Metric System

    Another consideration is the difference in metric systems. While Indian companies follow the metric system, the US follows the FPS system. This too can be taken care of as most Indian service providers offer conversion services from metric to FPS systems.

Outsource Engineering Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india has been a leading provider of quality engineering services in India for over 25 years now to global clients. We specialize in providing our clients with a series of engineering services including mechanical, architectural, civil, structural, and electrical engineering services. We have some of the most qualified and skilled engineers on board who can cater to any of your needs with ease. We leverage the best and the latest engineering tools and technologies to ensure we deliver only the best quality services to our clients.

Are you looking for a reliable and cost-effective engineering service provider? Then look no further, get in touch with us today!

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