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Outsource2india Provided Floor Plan Creation to an Austin-based Client

Case Study on Floor Plan Creation for an Austin-based Client

The Client

The client is a leading 2D and 3D modeling service provider based in Austin, Texas. The customer is an InsurTech software provider transforming the insurance claims process by enabling contactless inspections for interior property claims. The solution gives desk adjusters the power to generate fully realized 2D and 3D models of interior spaces from digital photos, streamlining their claims process for quicker, more efficient business resolutions.

Client's Requirement

The client was looking for a reliable and cost-effective service provider who could help them to create customized floor plans using their proprietary AI-based software. They were looking for a partner who could create floor plans and elevations using images taken from their mobile app. They were looking for a service providing company that had stringent data security measures in place and which help to keep all their data safe and secure at all times.

The Challenges

Our team had to face certain challenges while implementing the floor plan creation project for the client. Some of the major challenges we faced were -

  1. It was difficult for our team to understand the different dimensions and materials used on the property from the images we received.
  2. The images we received were not always perfect as they would have camera lens limitations and the angles would be incorrect as most of the pictures would be from a phone camera.
  3. The calibration process was difficult as we had to get familiarized with the different industry standards and regulations.
  4. The client wanted our team to deliver the floor plans within a stipulated time without any delays.

The Solution

Keeping the client's requirements and challenges in mind, our team devised a streamlined project plan for the client. With the help of our talent acquisition team, we were able to source highly qualified resources for the project who were from civil and architectural engineering backgrounds.

We began the project and structured it into 3 phases. In the initial phase, the client provided the required training to our resources. In the 2nd phase, we worked on some projects to get hands-on experience and in the final phase, we were receiving the requests directly from the client.

Our team would receive the images taken from a mobile phone of the end-user in the form of 3D models. Using these models our team would create floor plans and elevations for the client.

The Results

The client was super impressed to see the quality of the floor plans and elevations delivered by our team. We started the project with a five-member team and looking at the quality of the results, they are planning to scale up the team size in the coming months. They were not only impressed by the quality of the floor plans but also the cost-effectiveness of the entire project as they were able to reduce their costs by almost 50-60%.

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