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Augmented Reality Engineering Services

Outsource Augmented Reality Engineering Services

Avail path-breaking augmented reality solutions for architecture and construction in combination with BIM

We engineer more than just products; we engineer experiences.

Ushering the businesses into a futuristic realm with infinite opportunities and possibilities, Augmented Reality is becoming mainstream in engineering. In the architecture and construction fields, AR has produced some fascinating results, showing the world that AR-backed technologies are not only here to stay but to change the way things work.

Outsource2india has been an early adopter of all the progressive technologies, be it AR, VR, or MR, making us one of the pioneering companies to innovate outstanding experiences for our clients. AR is being increasingly used in architecture and construction making it a standardized tool for building highly immersive projects. In combination with BIM, we provide smart augmented reality engineering solutions that are highly successful in streamlining many operating systems in the field along with a substantial reduction in construction errors.

Augmented Reality Engineering Solutions

  • AR in Architecture and Construction

    AR in Architecture and Construction

    From design to development, AR has been successful in changing the face of the AEC industry with its fast, efficient, and highly effective engineering and software. Our team can offer end-to-end augmented reality engineering services in the following fields -

    • Creating Interactive Designs - Applying AR in the design process amplifies the presentation of the site. Our team enables AR to showcase the end-product in 3D, on a granular level, with complete detailing on its interaction with the surrounding environment. Using Autodesk Revit, Morpholiom, and other such apps, both the architectural and construction teams can build fully functional site models.

    • Spatial Know-how - Leveraging the power of AR portable and wearable gear like DAQRI's smart glasses and Microsoft's HoloLens, you may accurately measure physical elements and distances of any given objects and spaces.

    • Understanding Real-time Project Dynamics - Foreseeing how the elements and features would fit on the site, AR facilitates greater visibility to your team of project managers, construction workers, builders, and architects, allowing them to precisely assess various project requirements, beforehand. The job-site revision also brings to light the discrepancies and loopholes in architecture, allowing for timely mitigation thereby saving faulty construction costs.

    • Safety and Inspection Solutions - The most common challenge that the whole industry faces is safety. With AR and its wearables like DAQRI and HoloLens, the issue of safety can be effectively addressed as it allows the construction teams to improve safety measures by identifying complicated areas, serious job site concerns, etc., in real-time.

    • Complex Construction Processes - Construction that includes excavation processes has proven to greatly benefit from AR technologies as apps like AugView and others enable the users to see the underground environment in real-time, showcasing all the buried cables, hidden trenches, etc.

    • Smoother Training - AR substantially reduces the training time as it allows the workers to receive direct instructions and guidance, facilitating quick and practical training for your newly recruited team members.

  • AR in Engineering

    AR in Engineering

    From product design to assembling of components, AR considerably adds value to engineering processes. Enabling visual recognition of components, tracking any fallacies, checking the wiring systems, quick identification of component replacements, bug identification through comparison with known-working systems, are some of the many applications of AR in the engineering field.

  • AR in Manufacturing

    AR in Manufacturing

    Creating waves in industrial manufacturing, AR helps in dramatically reducing the downtimes of production processes. AR assists in handling day-to-day shop floor problems more efficiently, reducing errors, improving production time, and facilitating easier data access to identify KPIs and redundant processes.

Understanding Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Realities


Augmented Reality

An immersive technology that layers three-dimensional geometry and models into an existing environment to make it more interactive with perceptual information.


Virtual Reality

An interactive but an artificial, computer-generated simulation of a real-life environment.


Mixed Reality

An interactive combination of the real and virtual worlds, enabling 3D real-time immersive experiences along with physical objects.

Popular AR Tools and Apps We Use for AEC Engineering Services

The AR/VR technology developers in the AEC industry are continuously innovating and building supremely immersive platforms with increased capabilities of extending computer-generated objects and textures into the real spaces and drive digital simulation. For instance, Autodesk is planning to develop 3D models that are compatible with the advanced augmented reality technology of Microsoft Hololens. Below we give you the various tools that we use as they offer leading-edge AR capabilities in the architecture and construction industries with the assurance of greater innovations in the coming years -

Morpholio AR Sketchwalk DAQRI SMART HELMET Augment Fologram GAMMA AR Microsoft HoloLens WakingApp ARKit Dalux

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Choose O2I as your Augmented Reality Engineering Service Providing Company

Outsourcing augmented reality engineering services to us comes with multiple benefits that are enlisted below -

  • A highly motivated and creative team

    With O2I on board, be assured of top-notch services by an experienced and highly driven team of designers, engineers, developers, and domain experts.

  • Quality and security assurance

    Apart from the guarantee of superlative augmented reality engineering services, we ensure the complete data safety of our clients.

  • Business-friendly pricing models

    Our fee structure is highly affordable enabling even small and medium-sized businesses to embrace the power of AR technologies to reach newer heights.

  • Quick project delivery

    We comply with timelines and offer the fastest turnaround times by getting the process right from the beginning.

  • Fast, hassle-free assistance and support

    While your entire project is spearheaded by a dedicated project manager allowing you the advantage of a single point of contact, we also offer you round the clock support service so that you can reach us for assistance anytime.

  • World-class infrastructure

    Not just office facilities, but we also offer leading-edge technological aid to our teams so that they can serve you nothing but the best.

Client Success Stories

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Piping Instrumentation Indexes for a US-based Client

A leading client was looking for a piping instrumentation service provider. With our help, the client was able to achieve 99.9% accurate cataloging, along with saving 50% in costs.

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O2I Helped a US-based Scaffolding Giant with MTO Detailing from GFC Drawings

MTO Detailing Services for a US-based Scaffolding Giant

A leading US-based scaffolding client was looking for a service provider who could help them with MTO detailing from GFC drawings. Our team provided them with cost-effective services.

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Outsource2india has been a tremendous resource for our engineering department. They are very precise and attentive to all our needs and have been able to learn our procedures quicker than I ever thought possible.

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Outsource Augmented Reality Engineering Services to India

O2I is one of the most reliable augmented reality engineering service providers in the industry. We understand your project perspectives to transform your ideas into innovative and immersive AR solutions. Our team builds next-gen AR/VR/MR solutions that can add immense value to your architectural and construction processes, making them highly efficient and accurate.

If you are looking to upgrade to AR technologies, just share your needs with us and get connected with our experts.

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