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Construction Solid Geometry Modeling Services

Outsource Construction Solid Geometry Modeling Services

Create precise and practical geometric models for a variety of projects with our geometry modeling

Our expert modelers are well-versed in constructing solid geometry models, and they're here to ensure your designs are correctly created. The associated software is complex and not easy to learn, meaning doing this yourself will be difficult. We can take basic CSG models and convert them to optimized, functional designs using our expertise and extensive software library.

We offer these services to professionals and businesses worldwide, including those in construction, engineering, architecture, and more. We use algorithmic extrusion to create your 3D model, using software like AutoCAD and MicroStation. This extracts the basic geometry, from which our engineers can use our software to create a whole series of potential designs.

Construction Solid Geometry Modeling Services We Offer

Our team provides advanced techniques meant to speed up the process of completing complex parametric models while also improving accuracy. Our methods are far superior to more traditional methods, and our primary services are as follows -

  • O2I's Solid Geometry Parametric Designs

    O2I's Solid Geometry Parametric Designs

    The team uses advanced parametric design techniques as they create highly optimized designs using basic geometry. We'll set the design parameters and adjust the variables as needed. Then, the computer finds the optimized solutions automatically.

  • Customized Algorithms for Parametric Design

    Customized Algorithms for Parametric Design

    Customized algorithms are perfect for those with extremely specific or unique design requirements, such as geodesic frameworks or meshed surfaces. In these cases, our engineers will code special algorithms to get the results you need. The algorithms control the generative or iterative design process, which influences the design results.

  • Construction Solid Geometry Modeling

    Construction Solid Geometry Modeling

    This is a more basic design service wherein our engineers outline structures in 2D from basic geometry. From here, our team can extrude the surfaces and use them to create a 3D model viable for simulation analysis or design visualization.

Our Construction Solid Geometry Modeling Process

Our team of experts works tirelessly on your project, perfecting each piece, and taking great care to follow the process strictly. We've created our process to eliminate defects and minimize errors -


We begin with a consultation between you and an O2I representative


We discuss timeframes and requirements


We agree upon deliverables and associated fees


You send our team all the relevant information and documents


We assign a senior engineer to your project to oversee the process to ensure quality and efficiency


We create sample models and send them to you for verification


Our team works diligently to create your specific models


The work is carefully assessed and sent through quality control


We send you the final models


You request any necessary changes, and our team works to complete them quickly


The finished product is submitted to you

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Benefits of Outsourcing Solid Geometry Modeling Services to O2I

Geometric modeling is a complex process that requires extensive knowledge of different software. Our team has this knowledge, coupled with great skill and years of experience. Partnering with us comes with many benefits -

  • Fast and client-friendly rates

    Our team will work closely with you to determine exactly what you need and when you need it. They are prepared to handle quick turnaround times when necessary.

  • Specialized, qualified staff

    Our engineers possess both coding and design skills, meaning we can offer you customized algorithms and highly specialized service in a wide variety of areas.

  • A dedicated team

    You need a team that can not only complete high-quality work but one who is committed to you and your goals. Our teams are assigned to specific clients (like you) to ensure that you always know who you are working with and that every member of the team is familiar with your project.

  • Access to advanced software

    We've invested in the necessary software and subsequent training, so you don't have to worry about it. These programs allow us to model the most complex of structures and designs to fit a wide range of specifications.

  • Gorgeous designs, every time

    Hoping to get an investor on board? You'll need stunning designs that illustrate your vision. We are proud to offer not only practical designs that are built to your specifications but also attractive designs that will wow any third parties.

Client Success Stories

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A US architectural firm contacted us to build CAD models that were complete with electrical layouts, switch positions, RCP, etc. We worked for 230 sites within 2 months using just 11 members.

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Outsource2india has been a tremendous resource for our engineering department. They are very precise and attentive to all our needs and have been able to learn our procedures quicker than I ever thought possible.

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Our team is highly trained and specializes in a wide variety of services. We can create everything from basic designs and models to highly complex ones. We can create models from your basic 2D designs and cater them to your exact specifications. We have the software, knowledge, and experience to ensure a job well done.

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Construction Solid Geometry Modeling Services FAQs

  • What is solid Modelling in CAD?

    It is a 3D representation of solids in a CAD environment. It is considered a complex method because of the need for CAD software and simulation environment.

  • What is Boolean geometry?

    Also called constructive solid geometry or CSG allows two blocks to be fused to create one block. The main difference is the separation of one block from another to create a new block.