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BIM Energy Modeling Services

Outsource BIM Energy Modeling Services

Evaluate and analyze the energy efficiency of your buildings and create sustainable frameworks that are not only energy-efficient but also environment friendly at prices starting at $12/hour

Planning and constructing an energy-efficient building is a tedious process that demands taking care of a lot of structural components and government regulations. To make building energy modeling accurate and repeatable, it has become imperative to outsource BIM energy modeling services to experts who have huge experience in developing sustainability frameworks for buildings.

Outsource2india (O2I) is a leading BIM energy modeling services company that offers comprehensive solutions to help owners, architects, developers, and project leaders achieve sustainability goals for constructing energy-efficient buildings. Leveraging the latest software and building energy modeling techniques, we can help you alleviate some of the complex and time-consuming aspects of BIM for sustainable building design, development, and maintenance.

Our BIM Energy Modeling Services

As a leading BIM energy modeling services providing company, we are experts in delivering end-to-end energy modeling solutions to develop master plans that help you improve energy efficiency and reduce wastage while constructing buildings. Our efficient and highly certified professionals are well conversant with the government standards and deliver superior energy modeling measures that ensure superior energy usage.

Our extensive range of services include -

  • Energy Modeling Design, Drafting, and Simulation

    Energy Modeling Design, Drafting, and Simulation

    Our experts perform comprehensive building CFD and energy analysis to seamlessly integrate energy modeling into your building design. While doing so, we ensure the proper utilization and flow of energy.

  • Building Heat Load Calculation

    Building Heat Load Calculation

    We help you maximize the heating and cooling efficiency of your building. Our BIM energy modeling experts utilize the latest software and BIM energy analysis features to calculate the exact energy requirement of your building to plan out ways to use the energy and bulk airflow efficiently across your building.

  • HVAC System Planning

    HVAC System Planning

    We perform thermal modeling of temperature and efficiently control and implement HVAC systems to save on heating and cooling energy consumption costs.

  • Fire and Smoke Modeling

    Fire and Smoke Modeling

    Our experts also provide comprehensive fire and smoke modeling to help you plan emergency evacuation routes. We use intelligent computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and evacuation modeling programs to understand and decipher building performance challenges during a fire.

  • Solar Shading

    Solar Shading

    Through rigorous solar shading plans, we help you optimize the design of your building in such a way that you can utilize solar energy to the maximum levels to stay energy efficient and reduce your dependency on electric lighting and heating.

  • Daylight Modeling Analysis

    Daylight Modeling Analysis

    Our BIM energy analysis helps us create visually stunning building architectures that help you maximize the amount of sunlight entering your building, reducing the need for artificial lighting. However, while providing thermal and visual comforts to the occupants, we also ensure that they do not experience any visual discomfort due to excessive heat or light penetration into the building.

  • Artificial Lightning Control

    Artificial Lightning Control

    We also help you design and manage your interior lighting systems through occupancy sensors, smart lighting technology, and other control systems to help you save energy and money.

Our BIM Energy Modeling Process

Outsource2india is a prominent BIM energy modeling services company offering fast, affordable, and comprehensive services to help you forecast your energy use and design systems, processes, and operations in and around your building to maximize your energy efficiency and value of design. We follow a rigorous step-by-step process to create an intelligent design workflow that helps improve your operational efficiency while reducing wastage. Our process includes -


01. Evaluating Your Need

We meet you to understand your BIM energy modeling needs and study your building architecture to evaluate if your current building architecture is meeting energy regulations and requirements


02. BIM Prototyping

Our BIM energy modeling experts then get down to create a prototype of BIM for sustainable building design. Our energy modeling tools use various parameters and simulations to estimate the energy performance of a building and create a sample prototype for successful design implementation


03. Proofing and Finalizing the Design

We then run our design through various modeling controls and software to perform the peak load analysis to deliver a BIM model that successfully meets your needs and requirements, and all the stringent government rules and regulations


04. Delivering the Building Energy Model

We provide you the final BIM energy model along with graphical results and reports to help you easily understand and implement our BIM model into your building design and construction

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource BIM Energy Modeling Services to Outsource2india?

Outsource2india is a premium BIM energy modeling service provider offering its expert building energy modeling services to clients all over the world. Having a rich 25 years of experience in the industry, we use our proprietary energy modeling software and processes to create seamless energy models that not only help you efficiently meet your building's energy needs and requirements but also comply with the government's stringent rules and standards. Our progressive and highly experienced design teams utilize the latest building modeling approach to design, construct, and bring into force high-performance buildings that maximize energy efficiency and reduce wastage.

Outsourcing BIM energy modeling services to O2I can help you enjoy -

  • Customized Plans and Prices

    We work as per your project requirements. All our solutions and services are customized as per your needs and requirements and are available at pocket-friendly prices.

  • Use of the Latest BIM Modeling Tools and Software

    We leverage the latest simulation tools and BIM modeling software to create impeccable designs that enhance and maximize the value of your design.

  • 24/7 Customer Service Support

    Our customer care executives are available 24/7, 365 days a year to provide you timely care and assistance and instant resolution of all queries and concerns.

  • Instant Access to Certified BIM Experts

    With deep knowledge of modeling processes, simulation tools, and frameworks, our highly certified and rigorously trained energy modeling experts can help you assess every aspect of your building to create sustainable designs that help you save both cost and energy use.

  • Single Point of Contact

    Our dedicated accounts manager acts as your single point of contact and helps in the seamless flow of information across both ends.

  • Fast Turnaround Time

    We adhere to our promised timelines and deliver our projects in the shortest time possible.

  • Stringent Quality Norms

    We follow strict quality control parameters to help deliver solutions that help architects, contractors, and builders create sustainable, energy-efficient buildings.

  • Complete Peace of Mind

    With a complete understanding of the process and access to the latest energy modeling software, we help you alleviate all design and sustainability challenges for complete peace of mind.

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Outsource BIM Energy Modeling Services to Outsource2india


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At O2I, we provide expert BIM energy modeling services in India and abroad. Through powerful BIM modeling and simulation, we can help you understand the energy consumption of your building to evaluate its sustainability quotient and environmental safety. As a leading BIM energy modeling services providing company, we also help builders, contractors, and individual owners enhance the efficacy of their existing architectural design to optimize and enhance their performance and reduce their environmental impact.

So come, let us know your BIM energy modeling requirements and we'll help deliver high-quality results within a quick turnaround time – one that expertly meets your requirements and government standards.

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