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Case Study on CNC Programming for a Packaging Product Manufacturer

Outsource2india Provided CNC Programming to a Packaging Product Manufacturer

The Client

The Client Requirement

The client is an industry-leading packaging manufacturer in the Midwest. They enjoy competitive advantages in the supply chain because they have strong purchase power on name-brand machines and there are many options for their customers to choose from. They specialize in offering full-service to both large and small companies throughout the area and often can optimize the packaging design of products that their clients manufacture. They also offer upgraded strapping and skid capabilities. This company is known for its high-quality workmanship along with innovation.

Client's Requirement

The customer was initially looking to work with a CNC programmer who is skilled in using advanced manufacturing processes that incorporated both CNC and traditional machining techniques.

The Challenges

The bottlenecks faced by the team included a shortage of talent to work for them on the shop floor and very few professionals who could stay full-time doing CNC programming. Also, there were challenges with the high turnover rate of engineers working at the shop as well as handle competing demands from customers.

So, they reached out to us to see if it was possible to hire someone who could remotely control a CNC. They were also worried about the capabilities of such a remote programmer and how well would the resource be able to work with their machine operators and product designers.

The Solution

Our Solution

At the client's request, we offered to design a custom solution that included a senior programmer and project manager who would assist in setting up MasterCAM with various modules and add-ons. These extra features were installed onto the shop floor where CNC machines are used on the production line.

Our programmer was able to develop a modern and efficient machine that could be used in many different situations. During our project engagements, we are always on the lookout for ways to help our clients cut down their spending while streamlining time management and the efficiency of processes. Our custom solution of 100 hours was executed with great time-saving potential for the client.

The Result

The Results

Outsource2india worked to deliver a solution that was designed from scratch and customized in a way that the client could test as a pilot program. We forged an excellent relationship between our onshore machining services and the offshore resource by coordinating their efforts, which got the client’s project completed ahead of schedule.

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