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Retail Planning Services for a Property Management Company in UK

Case Study on Retail Planning Services for Property Management Company


Our client was -

  • Based in the United Kingdom
  • A provider of property services for retailers, banks, and commercial organizations
  • Looking for an outsourcing partner well-versed in UK building codes and regulations


The client had to reduce operational costs to stay competitive. They sought a long-term outsourcing partner, experienced in international drafting solutions, which could easily handle sudden increases in work volume and consistently deliver high-quality work. With over 11 years in the business, we were an easy choice. The biggest challenges facing us were -

  • Living up to the expectations of the client, who had high expectations from its outsourcing partner
  • Setting up a dedicated team that could deliver quality drawings for retail stores and supermarkets as per British building codes
  • Ensuring that we needed minimal guidance to begin and complete the tasks given to us by the client


To ensure that we fully met the challenges facing the client and lived up to their expectations, we took a number of important and immediate steps -

  • We hired a team of 2 highly-experienced drafters
  • We created a team of 10 Full Time Equivalents (FTE)
  • We sent the core team members to the United Kingdom for training
  • We signed long-term employment contracts with our dedicated team for retention of the members, so that the client had their skills at his disposal for as long as we were handling the project
  • We developed entire retail layouts from hand-drawn sketches and specs
  • We used AutoCAD, 3DS Max and occasionally Photoshop as well


The client was extremely satisfied with our services and commitment to follow the guidelines given before the commencement of the project. Their satisfaction with our services reflected in their feedback and desire to continue outsourcing the project to us. Our focused approach and actions resulted in -

  • Huge cost savings for the client, which was a precondition before awarding the job to an outsourcing partner. Our final drafts helped the client save at least £30,000 per month
  • Quick turnaround time and consistently high-quality drawings as required by our client
  • Our flexible schedule helped us respond to any sudden increase in work volumes. The drawings were ready for the client's review the next morning after we received them.
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