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Analysis, Design and 3D Modeling of Baby Bottle Warmer

Analysis, Design and 3D Modeling of Baby Bottle Warmer Prototype

The Client

The Client Requirement

An independent client located in Canada, needed design, analysis, and 3D modeling of a baby bottle warmer, with experienced assistance in addressing specific issues and concerns he was having during the design and testing phase of his project.

The Requirements

The client needed a partner with extensive experience in designing and analyzing complex parts for manufacturing. Because the client had faced several challenges early in the design and the testing process, coupled with the fact that the results were not accurate to what he was trying to develop, he needed a partner who could understand the concept design and redesign it in such a way that it could be manufactured on a mass scale. This meant -

  • Design for manufacture of the complete part, with all components taken into consideration
  • Finished product needed to utilize food grade plastic per Canadian standards
  • Specific Canadian requirements were followed throughout the development process


During the design and analysis process, there were several challenges faced by both the client and the Outsource2india team, which included -

  • The project involved careful prototyping of the product for the client, which meant several designs were developed and sent to the client for review. This process was time-consuming
  • Every change requested required a full rework of the entire project to implement the modification without affecting other aspects of the design

Our Solution

Our Solution

The Outsource2india team was selected because of the client's need for a cost efficient service that would guarantee the confidentiality of the design throughout the prototyping process. Combined with the extensive technical background and expertise of the O2I team, we were able to develop a solution that fits the requirements of the client. This involved -

  • Assignment of 5 resources to work on this project exclusively from start to finish
  • In-depth analysis of the client's concept for the prototype to determine manufacturability, and any changes needed
  • Sharing specific ideas with the client based on the analysis completed of the initial designs that would be used for the prototype
  • Generation of reports every 3 days detailing the process and providing a forum for the client to offer feedback about modifications that had been made to the design. This process was repeated every 3 days until completion
  • Use of CATIA - V5 to complete the full redesign of the product

The Results

The Result

As a result of the efforts made by the Outsource2india team, the final prototype deliverable was able to meet the client's requirements with 99% accuracy. The final prototype was accurate and ready to move to the manufacturing stage, allowing the client to move forward with development and increase overall profit by manufacturing at scale. As a result, Outsource2india's team was able to reach all of the necessary benchmarks and enable our partner to do the same with his project.

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