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Mechanical Engineering Articles

Outsource2india is a premier outsourcing company offering wide range of mechanical engineering services or solutions to its clients for over a decade. We have compiled a well-researched collection of articles on mechanical engineering industry and an expert view of popular engineering topics, and help you understand them better.

Top 5 3D Printing Predictions For 2021

3D printing is the next big thing in 2018. We present to you the best of 3D printing predictions that will rule the industry this year and ahead.

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5 Latest Trends in CAD Technology

CAD design has always been an important technology, irrespective of the industry vertical. Today, technology is playing an important part in improving CAD software and how people use them.

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Benefits of Outsourcing 2D Drafting

Even though the greater proportion of all design works these days are carried in the 3D format, 2D drafting continues its legacy as the most viable option for the purpose of sharing information about an assembly or design.

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FEA Improves Product Quality

When it comes to manufacturing quality products, there is simply no alternative to Finite Element Analysis.

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CAD Conversion and Drafting Tools: SolidWorks

There are several reasons as to why a company would want to convert its paper documents or designs into electronic designs for use with CAD software:

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FEA in Mechanical Designs

Finite Element Analysis methods are essential for design consultants, original mechanical equipment manufacturers, fluid machinery equipment designers, research and development designers, civil engineers, and satellite & missile development programs.

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3D Renderings of Mechanical Products

Over 90 percent of the mechanical design engineers across the world today use 3D rendering to produce top-notch engineering designs for product manufacturing.

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3D Printing Reduces Rapid Prototyping Cost

3D printing is lifelike, and is the closest draft of the concept designers have in their minds. Rapid prototyping process helps in saving cost under various circumstances.

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How is 3D Printing Changing the Food Industry?

With the advent of 3D printing, there has been a tremendous breakthrough in today's food industry, with companies across the globe trying their hand at 3D printing food.

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Mechanical Product 3D CAD Modeling

3D CAD modeling enables mechanical design engineers to create three-dimensional images that are nearly as realistic as the actual physical objects they represent.

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3D Product Animation for Engineering Failures

3D product animation can help in many ways while designing and developing complex mechanical products or analyzing engineering failures.

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Why Mechanical 3D Product Animation?

Mechanical 3D product animation is the process of creating realistic three-dimensional CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) animation to visually represent the configuration, assemblies and modus-operandi of various mechanical products and their components.

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CAD Conversion and Drafting Tools: CATIA

Draftsmen and designers consider CATIA - Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application - to be one of the best three-dimensional design tools in existence.

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What is CAD Conversion?

CAD is designed to replace the drawing board with a computer, printer or plotter and some CAD software. The fact that most production machinery gathers its design information from CAD is another contributing factor leading to CAD conversions.

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