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Finite Element Analysis Improves Product Quality

What is FEA?

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a comparatively recent discipline that has crossed the circumscriptions of physics, mathematics, and engineering as well as computer science. In its simplest form, FEA can be defined as the process of choosing the optimal combination of material in a product or composite through software analysis. The FEA technique has a wide range of applications, and boasts of having far-flung usage in the thermal, structural as well as fluid analysis domains.

The first step in any typical Finite Element Analysis method is to develop a three-dimensional model using a number of nodes connected to a complex mesh. Usually any area within the mesh that seems to be prone to high stress levels requires additional nodes. Following this, the mesh is bestowed with the data about the structural and material properties that may relate to vibration, stress and load levels.

Depending upon project requirements, several types of analysis methods can be embraced by the engineering team. For example, structural analysis methods are used for simulating a product's performance under additional loads to determine the threshold point at which deformation may begin. Vibrational analysis can look into various issues relating to vibration, in addition to the effects of impacts like parent reels descending rapidly to the rails and more. Fatigue analysis on the other hand is aimed at examining the possibilities of any cracks in the physical structure.

When is FEA Appropriate?

There are multiple instances when FEA may be warranted. For example, while studying the corrosions on particular machine components, predicting any future corrosion expansion, figuring out the default frequency of a machine and its key parts, calculating the potential effects of a nip load increase on machine framework and much more.

How FEA Helps In Improving Product Quality?

When it comes to manufacturing quality products, there is simply no alternative to Finite Element Analysis. In experienced hands, FEA is an immensely powerful weapon that boosts efficiency, uptime, and quality that ensures profitability for everybody including clients, end users and manufacturers. Apart from that, these methods also help to discover flaws in product design and implement suitable design changes.

Because Finite Element Analysis modeling assumes only the best manufacturing conditions as well as homogeneous materials in its calculations, the end results are as good as the data entered. This is precisely why these techniques are most effective in experienced engineers with hand on knowledge to exploit the advantages offered by FEA.

Finite Element Analysis is undoubtedly a valuable and pretty effective tool for verifying and enhancing the manufacturing process, product quality and part finishing. While FEA modeling can not totally eliminate the requirement of conventional research and prototyping, it can significantly enhance both these processes and make them way more cost effective. The increasing prevalence of FEA in the industry is a testament to the success of this discipline.

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