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Case Study on Product Development for UAE Manufacturer

Product Development Services for a UAE Manufacturer

An independent client based out of the UAE approached Outsource2india (O2I) to assist with product development and design for manufacturing of a new product.

The Client Requirement

The Client

The client approached the team with a specific product they wanted to develop and prepare for manufacturing. They needed -

  • A partner who could assist with the development of a coffee vending machine dispensing large quantities of coffee (1.5 liters) in a single press
  • This new product would be different from most in the market because many are limited to brewing only a single cup of coffee at a time
  • The development process for this new product needed to be completed in just three months
  • The client needed a partner who had specific expertise in product development within a specific time frame

Project Challenges

During the project, the team at Outsource2india faced several problems that had to be addressed before completion. These included -

  • The client had limited knowledge about the technical specifications of the product they had to develop. Thus, the engineering team at O2I had to perform extensive research on material selection, standards to be followed, etc. before the process could start
  • The team also had to complete a feasibility study to ensure the materials used for manufacturing would meet the standards of the country in which the product would eventually launch
  • The research and development process took nearly two months, severely impacting turnaround time for the project

The Solution

Our Solution

To ensure that the project was completed on time despite the challenges posed by the research process and that too as per the specifications provided by the client, the O2I team took the following steps -

  • An in-depth discussion was held with the client to ensure complete understanding of what the product needed to be
  • Four resources were assigned to work exclusively on this project
  • Thorough research was performed on standard food-grade materials to be used for manufacturing a product in UAE
  • A conceptual design was prepared and shared with the client for feedback
  • The team then discussed the product's mechanisms with the client and worked on a model to determine how the finished good would look
  • Once prepared, the O2I team provided manufacturing and production drawings to the client in 2D and 3D formats. Modeling was performed in SolidWorks and production drawings in AutoCAD
  • The final model was delivered to the client as a PPT presentation via Dropbox

The Results

The Result

Because of the additional efforts taken by the Outsource2india team, the project was completed to the specific needs and budget of the client. They were then able to successfully manufacture the product, matching the manufacturing standards of UAE.

The client was highly satisfied with the end results and has since indicated he will assign more projects in the future. To learn more about our mechanical engineering capabilities and product development and engineering services from Outsource2india, contact us today.

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