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Services for Retail Industry

At Outsource2india, our outcome-based, ecosystem-driven, and end-to-end retail services are ideal for global retail giants and small businesses alike. We focus on both existing as well as future growth areas for your business, while aligning our services as per your requirements. Whether you need to rewire your existing supply chain, or want to meet exceeding customer expectations, Outsource2india's trailblazing collaborative model of doing business will set you on the path to better integration and customer satisfaction.

At O2I, we specialize in providing business process outsourcing services for Retail businesses across verticals. Whether you maintain an internet-based e-Commerce retail outlet, or are a consumer product company, grocery chain, specialty store, warehouse retail, chain store, multi-national retailer, etc., our services would be ideal for you. Our services include:

Creative Design Services


Our creative design services can help you rebrand yourself in the best way possible, or generate a new logo which finds acceptance within a new region. Our creative artwork experience in servicing global clients with attention to detail can considerable propel your marketing efforts. Our services include:

Photo Editing Services


e-commerce companies and retail chains need access to the highest quality images and photos to attract customer attention to their products. Whether it is product photography editing, or e-Commerce catalog photo editing, we can do it all. Our services include:

Engineering Services


Our custom engineering solutions for our retail clients are ideal if you want access to the latest in engine3ering technology when planning for a new retail space, including architectural designs and 3D models. Our cost-effective solutions will leave your customers impressed, and include:

Call Center Services


Call centers are extremely important in the current retail landscape for achieving better customer satisfaction rates. Big or small, your business stands to benefit from our enhanced call center services delivered by a team of dynamic individuals proficient in English and other languages. Our services include:

Software Development


With O2I's software development services, you can build a seamless customer-centric retail solution while benefiting from the latest Data Science, AR, IoT, and Artificial intelligence technologies. We can help build integrated and cost-efficient software solutions for small, medium, and large-scale operations. Our services include:

Research & Analysis


Our Research Services can help retail businesses collect, analyze, and interpret data in a meaningful way so as to attract more profitable customers towards your business. We leverage state-of-the-art data mining techniques to analyze relevant data in the most comprehensible manner, thereby providing you with the ideal tool to enhance store sales, increase customer wallet share, improved margins, etc.

Data Entry Services


Our data entry services including product catalog entry, and e-Commerce data entry are ideal for retail businesses who want to enhance their customer's shopping experiences. Our data entry services come with our 100% data security and confidentiality guarantee, and include:

Web Analytics Services


Our web analytics services help you access custom reports and preview in-depth dashboards regarding the performance of your e-Commerce website. We leverage the best SEM practices to not only improve your search rankings, but also get more targeted customers onboard. Our services include:

Accounting & Bookkeeping


The retail industry is constantly influenced by rapid changes in the economy, as well as the periodic variations and the spending patterns of consumers. With our expert Accounting and Bookkeeping services, financial cash flow management systems, and sensible budgeting, your business can remain profitable during the slow seasons. Our services include:

Translation Services


Our translation services are ideal if you are looking to expand your retail operations or want to attract new customers. Our ability to serve most popular global languages while adhering to the local customs and legislations of the region can help you break new ground within a short time. Our services include:

Transcription Services


Our Audio & Video transcription services are extremely beneficial for multi-national retail outlets or chains, as well as e-commerce players who want access to the best transcription at cost-effective rates. Our services for retail include:

Why Choose Outsource2india for Retail Services?

At Outsource2india, we take pride in helping our retail clients accelerate towards a digital future by incorporating custom solutions as per their service requirements. Our commitment to innovation and leveraging impactful technologies will help you boost sales, service your customers better, and achieve better market penetration. Some of the reasons why O2I can be your partner of choice include:

  • More than 25 years of experience in working with clients belonging to different areas of the retail industry and providing customized solutions as per their needs
  • Cost-efficient services tuned as per your budgetary requirements
  • Fast turnaround times to suit even the most express needs
  • A highly experienced workforce working across multiple delivery locations and time zones
  • A unique advantage of having multi-domain experience in different retail environments
  • Access to high-end infrastructure and industrial know-how
  • Extremely reliable and infinitely scalable services which can ramp-up or ramp-down as per your requirements
  • Ability to leverage India's unique Time zone advantage
  • Complete data security and confidentiality to encourage further peace of mind
  • Streamlined processes which leverage years of experience so as to cater to clients from different backgrounds by providing them customized solutions
  • Real-time reporting through dedicated project managers and seamless vendor management capabilities
  • Complete adherence to globally-recognized quality control measures

Accelerate Growth and make Your Processes More Efficient with Outsource2india

Outsource2india's innovative approach and unique business model is the main reason why many global e-Commerce companies and retail chains choose us as their accelerating partner. We have access to the best talent in the industry, and our dedicated experts help to deliver streamlined services that boost your brand value and sales.

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Although our initial interest was mainly based on cost (Outsource2india was less than half the price of U.S. vendors) we have found the company to be highly competent and flexible

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The commitment and focus of Outsource2india's managers and engineers was excellent, and surpassed our expectations.

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