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Our Services for the Manufacturing Industry

To remain competitive and break new boundaries, it is essential for manufacturing organizations to recognize the benefits of Business Process Outsourcing and how it can help them gain an advantage over their competitors. Today, manufacturing is not only about numbers and quality, but also about adapting well to today's digital age and embracing technology and data in a whole new way. Outsource2india understands manufacturing better than most of our competitors, thanks to 25 years of experience in providing custom manufacturing solutions to global powerhouses. Our approach focuses on digitally enabling your company to streamline existing processes while benefiting from our ecosystem of services, all the while reducing costs improving productivity.

At O2I, we leverage cross-platform collaboration to enable you to reach out to a wider audience and connect with your customers on a deeper level. Digital technology is not only a buzzword with us, as we make the best use of analytics and digital information to design industry standard solutions which help you leap to the next level. Our services include:

Engineering Services


Consumer expectations necessitate that automobile manufacturers innovate swiftly in body mechanics and electronics, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), security features, safety features, etc. On top of that, auto manufacturers also must keep pace with engineered ecosystems and intelligent technologies for better results. Our comprehensive portfolio of engineering services including design, testing, and support services can meet all your engineering requirements and help you get to the market faster with your vehicle. Our custom engineering solutions include the following services:

Research & Analysis


It is common knowledge that the automotive industry is extremely competitive, and given the current scenario, it is imperative that every decision taken going forward is well-researched and documented before implementation. Whether it is studying a new market, performing competitor analysis, creating dashboards for presentation to your stakeholders, we can do it all. Our services include:

Photo Editing Services


Photo editing is especially important if you are looking to impress potential customers or clients, and put your best foot forward when it comes to depicting your business in a positive light. O2I has worked with car dealers, manufacturers, spare part providers, mechanical workshops, body workshops, etc. to create stunning imagery which gives you a competitive edge over your peers.Our services include:

Creative Design Services


Outsource2india has a team of extremely talented creative designers and artists which specializes in automobile design concepts and creating marketing material for dealerships, manufacturers, etc. We are equipped with an up-to-date image library, have an in-depth understanding of what works in different markets, and can create anything from car brochures to service manuals. Our services include:

Data Entry Services


The trend towards digitization in the automobile sector has resulted in increased workload for employees who have to deal with mundane, recurring data entry tasks. Our data entry services can help you reduce your employee workload considerably, while encouraging them to focus on their core competencies. With close to 100% accuracy and extremely short turnaround times, our data entry services are ideal for a small, medium, or even a multi-national data company in the automobile industry. Our services include:

Call Center Services


Globalization has led to increased competition in the automobile industry. Customers have become choosier about the cars they want to buy or the dealership they want to engage with. As a result, customer service is of paramount importance in this industry. Outsource2india helps you provide excellent customer service to your clients and customers who can directly result in better word of mouth, better consumer acceptance, and better sales for your business. Our services include:

Software Development


The distinction between automobile companies and high-tech companies is now fading. This is because technological developments with far reaching consequences have now made their way into cars and customers want more of the same. Our professional software development services can help you create tailored experiences for your customers, no matter whether you are an OEM, supplier, manufacturer, or dealer. Our services include:

Accounting & Bookkeeping


Over the years, our experience in working with different players in the automotive industry, including manufacturers, dealerships, ride-sharing startups, etc. has allowed us to inculcate specific skillsets pertaining to your daily operations. Our CPAs, business advisors, and bookkeepers can help you keep track of your finances while providing you with daily or weekly reports about your financial performance. With our help you will also be able to make allocations for actual and budgeted operations costs, spare products, etc. Our services consist of:

Translation Services


The automotive industry heavily relies on communication and speed, especially given the fact that most automobile manufacturers, vendors, etc. have their operations spread worldwide. Our range of services, including catalogue, technical, website, and manual translations can help you reach out to your target customers faster and in a language they are comfortable with. Broaden the scope of your technical documentation and other correspondence with our range of services, including:

Transcription Services


Recording audio and video content for educational purposes as well as creating awareness is extremely common in the automobile industry. At the same time, it is an extremely time consuming process, especially when multiple recordings have to be made for different languages or noted down into supporting manuals. O2I’s transcription services are ideal in such cases, and consist of:

Web Analytics Services


Outsource2india’s excellent web and digital analytics services can have a direct impact on your automobile sales. From comprehending consumer behavior, to understanding what part of your web strategy works and which one doesn’t, our services can help you increase digital traffic and serve your customers targeted content based on their choices. We can also help you optimize your search engine search results. Our services include:

Why Choose Outsource2india for Manufacturing Services?

A O2I specializes in providing world-class strategic support services for the manufacturing industry. In a market which is characterized by swift globalization, extreme competition, and consolidation, we are uniquely poised to help you channel your positives into market-redefining skills. Some of the many reasons why you stand to benefit greatly by partnering with us include:

  • O2I is one of the few India-based service providers which comply with international ASME and ISO standards
  • Our manufacturing services team is comprised of engineers hired from top universities, and have experience in working with CATIA V4 and V5, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, etc.
  • We can help you improve your overall equipment efficiency (OEE)
  • We regularly analyze your current process for production loss and streamlining opportunities to ensure rapid corrective measures
  • With us, there is zero discrepancy between machine and manual manufacturing data
  • Our exceptional Lean and Six-Sigma programs help you achieve better productivity
  • Our adherence to stringent quality procedures and security measures is unrivaled
  • Our infrastructure capabilities can often rival some of the best manufacturing companies themselves and ensures all your projects never have to slow down because of aging hardware

Outsource2india - Helping Clients Ensure Cost-efficiency While Manufacturing

Today, global manufacturers are moving towards embracing new, disruptive technologies which allow them to reduce their product's time-to-market while helping them control costs. Outsource2india has an experience of 25 years in providing exceptional manufacturing support services which allow you to develop context-aware products, AI-driven supply chains, connected shared services, etc. We bring forth high levels of efficiency to transform your existing manufacturing operations with solutions which look forward towards the future.

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First let me congratulate you on the efficiency of your staff. Your team provides great services and I am really happy with their work. Keep up the good work.quotes-right.

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The quality of Artwork delivered during the trial period was exceptional and that helped us to decide on our new Outsourced Partner from a couple of quotes from companies across the globe.

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