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Our Services for the Telecommunications Industry

In today's modern age, disruption paves the way for further innovation and evolution, and the Telecommunications industry is a prime example for the same. To retain a competitive edge in such a cutthroat market, you need to partner with an outsourcing service provider who can take over your existing processes, streamline them, and ensure that you can focus on your core competencies to move ahead of your competitors. Outsource2india is a ISO 9001 AND 27001 certified enterprise and can offer you cost-effective outsourcing solutions which oversee various telecom verticals such as wireless, cable, broadband internet, Fiber and DSL, traditional telephony, etc. Our services are an ideal fit for large telecom organizations, mobile network operators, wireless service providers, broadcasters, small and medium-size cable companies, ISPs etc.

With Outsource2india as your preferred partner of choice, you can aim to simplify communications and drive business growth, all the while retaining customers in a volatile market. We can help you breach new barriers and find the best way to make the most of your existing data while embracing a more human-centric customer service. Our services are wide and varied, and include:

Research & Analysis


Our unparalleled research services provide unmatched depth into the most significant areas of concern for a telecom operator. We offer a holistic approach towards accumulating information, and then presenting it in a succinct way so as to ensure that your product development initiatives reflect the changes in the market. From analyzing the economics of a mobile-first strategy, to effectively handling your product positioning queries, our R&A services will help you make important decisions faster. Our services include:

Engineering Services


We offer end-to-end engineering services for telecommunication companies across a variety of different verticals. We have more than 25 years of experience in unified communication engineering, and our solutions are poised and future-ready to take advantage of the next telecom boom. Our engineering offerings cover everything from initial planning, design, installation, operation, and maintenance of telecom networks. Our services include:

Call Center Services


If you are looking to provide dependable and a more consumer-centric call center experience to your customers then our services would be ideal for you. We aim to increase your customer satisfaction numbers while reducing churn by incorporating the latest call center technologies within your existing processes. Our services include:

Data Entry Services


Our data entry services are timely and extremely important, especially for telecom industries who need to maintain large databases of official customer records. We ensure all customer and other relevant information is available easily and kept extremely secure. Our team of data entry specialists ensure complete confidentiality and anonymity, and work as an extension of your company. Our services include:

Software Development


With the array of software development services under our belt, we aim to ensure that all the networks and background processes of our Telecom clients run like clockwork. From developing business support systems, enabling VoIP operations, monitoring software, customer self-service portals, etc. we can do it all. Our services include:

Translation Services


Our translation services are ideal for companies who are looking to move quickly and convert emerging markets into long-term profitable expansion areas. We are proficient in supporting the operations for large telecom companies as well as small regional companies and can help fundamentally implement their global strategies within a short time frame. From localization, to technical documentation translation, multilingual support, etc., we cover it all. Our services include:

Transcription Services


With support for both audio and video transcription, O2I aims to help you overcome geographical and language barriers and help in situations ranging from business negotiations to cross-cultural advertising. Whatever your transcription needs, we can cover it all with our wide-ranging services including:

Accounting & Bookkeeping


Our accounting and bookkeeping services are designed from the ground up to save your time, effort, and money, while reducing your existing financial burden. With our help, you can keep better track of your expenses, gain access to detailed weekly and monthly reports, and ensure all your books are up-to-date and current. Our services consist of:

Photo Editing Services


When you need to get your message across to your customers in the best way possible, you need access to expertly edited images which can leave a lasting impression on your customers. Telecom companies tend to have some of the worst customer satisfaction ratios, and as a result, you attempt at remaining in sync with your users need to be expertly managed. Our photo editing services include:

Creative Design Services


As far as telecommunication companies are concerned, their communication with their customers should be extremely clear and concise. As consumers make more decisions online, it is imperative that your branding strategy remains consistent and relevant across channels. At O2I, we help you connect to your customers in a meaningful manner by simplifying your design strategy which can resonate with modern users. Our services include:

Web Analytics Services


Navigating the tricky telecommunications landscape while ensuring the best use of data available on hand requires a custom and user-centric approach towards web analytics. O2I can help telecom companies leverage the vast amounts of data available and provide timely analysis in the form of custom dashboards so that you can make important decisions faster. Our services include:

Why Choose Outsource2india's Offerings for the
Telecommunication Industry?

Whether you are a "Born-digital" new-age telecom organization which has disrupted the market with new technologies and methods of service delivery, or an aging traditional telecom service provider fighting to stay relevant, out services are ideal for both. Leveraging our custom, on-time delivery models, you can meet success head-on while we ensure your backs are covered. Outsourcing to O2I will help you benefit from the following:


Scalable Processes: There is a reason why our services are as helpful for small or medium enterprises as they are for large scale ones. We understand that a dynamic telecom enterprise goes through periods of reduced business activity, and at such times, we can immediately ramp down so as to ensure only the right amount of people are assigned to your project as required.


Better Operating Efficiency: Partnering with O2I ensures that all your important backend tasks are taken care of by us, allowing you to focus on streamlining your operations for better business gain. We deliver results consistently without requiring round the clock attention, and you always have access to the latest reports to check back on performance.


One-stop-shop Vendor Management: With hundreds of services being used daily by clients across the globe, we act as a one-stop-shop for all your primary and tertiary service requirements. Keeping all your outsourced services under one roof not only ensures better compliance but better savings as well!


Modern Infrastructural Advantage: When it comes to tech and infrastructure, we employ best-in-class solutions to deliver a world class service package to our global clients. Outsourcing to us can help you save a large amount of money which you would have otherwise spent on new infrastructure


Complete Security and Confidentiality: All our services come with strict NDA agreements and our high-end and redundant security measures ensure that both you and your customer's details are dealt with extreme amount of care


Real-time Reports: We provide you access to in-depth reports and custom dashboards which always notify you as to the progress of the project. We also assign a dedicated project manager who ensures that we are always on the same page as our clients to ensure smoother service delivery


Custom Collaborative Services: Our solutions are custom-designed as per your needs and requirements, and our collaborative nature ensures that every project takes off only when we both have a mutual understanding of the objectives and goals.

Transform your Telecom Business with Diverse Services from O2I

Today's telecom service providers are confronted by radical changes to their business on an almost weekly or monthly basis. With so many changes and so little time, the mechanics of how traditional Telcom companies functioned has totally changed, and CSPs are fast changing themselves to accommodate multiple customer demands. In such a competitive environment, you need a service provider who can help channel your requirements and provide a streamlined strategy.

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