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Our Services for the Banking and Finance Industry

Today, many traditional players face the choice of either being left behind or disrupting their own business models to service a modern, more demanding generation of people. Banks, therefore, have their hands full. In such a competitive atmosphere, banks, capital market organizations, payment companies and Fintech companies need to evolve into truly digital enterprises that can help them improve business performance, reduce risk, and remain in compliance to changing regulations while servicing their customers effectively. At O2I, we have delivered high-impact solutions for banking and finance companies at cost-effective rates.

Financial companies work in a highly globalized, regulated market to sell products to consumers who have adopted innovative technology rapidly. Our services help these companies align their goals with their product offerings and bring the much-needed agility which is required for profitability and growth. Having worked with both Fintech startups as well as established players, we are in a unique position to offer our partners with a wide range of services to suit their requirements. These services include:

Accounting & Bookkeeping


As compared to other industries, banks and financial institutions need access to extremely secure and trustworthy accounting services owing to the nature of their business. Our team consists of experts belonging to the fields of auditing, tax, and IT consulting, and we have worked with large multinational banks, community banks, regional banks, etc. Our services include:

Data Entry Services


Brand loyalty and customer satisfaction are two extremely important parameters for any banking service providers. As a result, you always need to ensure your customer and transactional data is accurate, up-to-date, and well-managed. Our data entry services can help you reduce risk and increase service efficiency by providing customized solutions to your specific requirements. Over the years, our data entry services have helped facilitate accountants, CA firms, and other institutions. Our services include:

Software Development


Today, banks record millions of real-time business transactions daily. The data generated is voluminous in nature and stands to benefit your greatly if deciphered correctly. At the same time, capturing and recording this large amount of data needs expertise, which we possess. Over the years, we have helped numerous financial institutions make sense of the data available on hand for a variety of several reasons such as risk management, fraud detection, customer spending behavior, reporting, etc. Our services include:

Web Analytics Services


The financial industry is extremely competitive and needs comprehensive data to make important decisions that can help them innovate and provide better customer service. At the same time, because of the extremely secure regulatory nature of their operations, collecting, analyzing, and taking relevant action on that data is not easy. At O2I, our web analytics services are fully compliant to national and international banking privacy laws and is GDPR-ready. Our secure processes manage all your marketing tags while ensuring your website and operational data remains useful to your future. Our services include:

Software Development


One of the most important challenges being faced by the banking and financial sector is the need to address stringent regulations and compliance norms. Coupled with the commoditized nature of financial products and rising costs, banks need access to secure, high-tech software which can help them reduce dependencies while streamlining their solutions. Our experience in enterprise application integration (EAI) and implementation and testing services are uniquely suited for the industry's needs. Our services consist of:

Call Center Services


For banks, high-quality customer service centers are extremely important not only to provide 24x7x365 support but also help in revenue generation by cross-selling their portfolio of products to customers looking for them. Our efficient call center services can help you easily break through into new markets while allowing you to keep the lines open and listening for when your customers try to reach you. Our services include:

Translation Services


Balancing regulatory compliance with effective customer experience is a complex and challenging task. Rapid digitization has led to a plethora of new communication channels between you and your customers, all of which need to be monitored and handled carefully. At O2I, we help you strike the right balance by providing high-quality multilingual translation services which are personalized, accurate, and completely secure. Whether it is digital, web, or mobile content, marketing collateral, performance and investment reports etc. our translation services can help you break new ground and service your customers more effectively. Our translation services include:

Transcription Services


In the finance and banking industry, advisors, consultants, and planners require access to high-quality transcripts daily in order to make swift decisions. Financial material can come in all types and forms, including presentation videos, audio recordings, call minutes, etc. Our efficient transcriptionists ensure all the data is recorded and presented in a manner of your own choosing and within a short TAT. O2I's transcription services consist of:

Creative Design Services


Outsource2india's "Business by Design" approach can help you achieve the positioning you require by providing effective creatives which become synonymous with your brand. We are experts at telling a story and connect to your customer in a language which they understand an in a form they love consuming. If you want to keep your brand identity simple and relatable, while benefiting from enhanced customer awareness, our following services will be ideal for you:

Photo Editing Services


For most small, rural, and community banks, securing new business used to be a matter of positive word-of-mouth. But with constant access to new digital data streams, customers are now more empowered to make decisions based on what they see. Our photo editing services can help you present your services in the best possible light, while enabling you to attract customers who are looking for the ideal financial service. Our services include:

Research & Analysis


Banks today are wary of constant mergers and acquisitions, and new financial institutions are regularly diversifying their portfolio to offer better services and remain in sync with market demands. As a result, there is immense pressure to improve customer experience and profitability while meeting the challenges posed by new Fintech startups head-on. O2I's reliable research services help you overcome this market pressure by tracking trends and finding the right opportunities to invest. We can also help in monitoring customer behavior and analyzing feedback so that you can tweak your services accordingly. Our services include:

Why Choose Outsource2india for Banking and Finance Services?

Over the years, O2I has helped several banking businesses restructure and streamline their services to increase their profitability and overall customer service. Some of the benefits of partnering with us include:

  • High-end, secure, and specialized infrastructure combined with cloud-based processes for streamlined processes
  • Multiple delivery centers around the world following regional regulations and compliance policies for hindrance-free service delivery
  • Experienced team of banking and finance industry professionals with a minimum of 5 years of experience
  • A wide variety of third party service providers providing ancillary services so all your requirements can be met under one roof
  • Dedicated project managers for each project
  • Extremely scalable and reliable services to suit your seasonal or yearly requirements

Secure Your Finances with O2I's Banking and Finance Services

Outsource2india can help banks achieve operational excellence and better customer satisfaction numbers within a short time period. With our unique digital-first approach, we can transform your existing processes, whether it is in the front or backend. Along with our deep industry experience, you stand to benefit from scalable, transparent, agile, and cost-effective solutions which can help you reach out ahead of your competition

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