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Our Services for the Insurance Industry

Political and economic changes around the world have changed the insurance landscape. US-based Property and Casualty insurers saw their underwriting losses more than double to the tune of around to $5.1 billion in the first half of 2017 as compared to the year before. Auto claims are on the rise, as well as claims related to catastrophes. So how do you as an insurance provider continue to provide services while ensuring your business does not suffer a loss? The answer lies with Outsource2india.

At O2I, we help insurance service providers chart a new course in an unsure world. We can help you improve your profitability while navigating the tricky regulatory landscape and shifting customer allegiances. Our refined approach towards providing high-quality insurance services relies on extremely talented individuals who have specialized in strategy, risk management, insurance operations, actuarial, tax and audit, etc., allowing you to capitalize on emerging opportunities while dealing with change proactively.

Our services include:



O2I's insurance services are ideal for clients based out of US as well as other countries and can help solve problems brought on by increasing compliance, advances in technology, globalization, changing customer demands, etc. We cover every from risk management, to general advisory, enterprise risk, tax, and other niche insurance domains. Our end-to-end services ensure your requirements are met in house at every step of the way, reducing costs while providing more reliability. Our services include:

Call Center Services


Insurance service providers worldwide are facing dwindling volumes especially driven by reduced customer volumes. Today, customer service is exceptionally important if you want to create a strong brand image and hold on to existing customers. Our call center services ensure your customer queries are always met with professional replies, and out cold calling techniques always ensure you can secure new leads which turn into profitable sales. Our services include:

Software Development


Modern insurance companies need IT partners who can understand their requirements and create digital applications which help reduce their workload. Combining big data and AI for self-reliant and automated software, O2I can help you reduce costs while servicing your customers faster and with greater precision. Our services consist of:

Accounting & Bookkeeping


Our scalable business accounting and bookkeeping services help you cut down costs by reducing staffing requirements, while providing a level of dependability and competence to your existing accounting methods. We can take care of your daily accounting needs by leveraging proprietary software that allows you to track your current accounting status easily, helping you to arrive at quick decisions when one of the main factors to consider is your liquidity. Our services include:

Data Entry Services


In this era of razor-sharp margins, business success for insurance providers depends on efficient ways of dealing with paperwork, customer deliverables, underwriting and claims support, etc. By liberating your team for routine and non-important functions, you can focus on the more strategic areas of your business without compromising on data quality and accuracy. Our services include:

Data Science Services


While insurance companies have routinely focused on quantitative research, you need to focus on other data models and big data in order to truly innovate and diversify your offerings. Our data science services can gather data from multiple sources in your process chain, cleansing it, and leveraging cloud computing to effectively analyze the data. With our services, you can reduce churn, predict where your customers are and where they are going, and optimize your campaigns. Our services include:

Translation Services


Insurance fraud is commonplace in today's internet-connected world. Therefore, exposing sensitive insurance data to the wrong service provider can create a huge PR disaster for you. Therefore, when translating insurance documents, you need to ensure complete data security which you get with us. Our ISO-certified translation services are handled by certified translators with proven industry-specific experience. Our translation services include:

Research & Analysis


Decision-makers in the insurance industry depend on early demographic trends to make quick comparisons and make subjective changes to their offerings. Some of the most promising opportunities in Insurance are actually coming up in the developing world, and our researchers ensure you always have access to the latest analytical data to aid in your expansion or consolidation plans. Our services include:

Creative Design Services


Some of the most creative ideas seen actually stem from the insurance field. The insurance industry is filled with businesses offering similar services, and creative design is one way in which you can differentiate your offerings and catch the eye of your customers. Our services are composed of:

Transcription Services


Our highly secure transcription services for insurance industries consist of recording statements, taking down notes of investigations, probes, property theft and damage reports, summary reports, etc. An Insurance company routinely has to deal with thousands of transcripts on a daily basis, and our services are extremely cost-effective and topical when it comes to your requirements. O2I's transcription services consist of:

Photo Editing Services


Are you an insurance company looking for an image makeover? Are you willing to attract new customers on the basis of strong images which evoke their emotions? If yes, then our photo editing services can be extremely helpful in you establishing your business and attracting a diverse clientele. Our services include:

Web Analytics Services


Web analytics is extremely helpful for insurers looking to deal with market segmentation. With social media now a part of our everyday lives, you have the ability to harness this data combined with the data of your website traffic to create offerings which suit your customers. With the help of our proprietary web analytics tools, you can have all the important information at your fingertips, and leverage it for business growth. Our services include:

Why Choose Outsource2india for Insurance Services?

At O2I, we understand how insurance companies function and what their requirements are. From delivering modernized processes to creating customer-centric operational procedures, we can help you leverage the power of outsourcing and benefit from our experience. By partnering with us you can leverage from the following -

  • 15 years of combined experience in the insurance field with countless satisfied customers across the globe
  • High-quality services delivered on time, every single time
  • Packages for every budget ensures we have the ability to work with both small and large-scale clients without any difference in service quality
  • A team consisting of some of the most experienced insurance professionals with a wide domain expertise
  • 100% scalable services to suit your seasonal or immediate requirements delivered with the help of multiple delivery centres around the globe
  • Complete data security for enhanced peace of mind

Achieve insurance Business Excellence with Outsource2india

At Outsource2india, we advise insurers on diverse topics, while helping them realize their full potential. We consider ourselves global thought leaders when it comes to insurance BPO, and our industry insights are second to none.

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