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Outsource Certificate of Insurance Services

Certificate of Insurance Services

The certificate of insurance or COI is a document, which provides the details of specific insurance coverage. The certificate provides all the necessary details, such as policy number, insurance company, types and limits of coverage, etc., and also verifies whether the insurance is valid or not. With millions of insurance certificates being issued and processed in the United States every year, it takes a huge toll on insurance companies to keep everything in check and get them verified.

Outsource2india has been providing certificate of insurance services to numerous insurance companies around the world. Our services help clients in making insurance issuing and processing totally hassle-free, leaving them with plenty of time to focus on their core business functions. Therefore, by outsourcing certificate of insurance services to us, clients can make use of their time to market and streamline their services better and precisely cater to their customers' needs.

Services We Offer

Outsource2india has been in the insurance industry for over 20 years now and our experience of having worked with several clients has helped us understand different business models and their requirements and provide the services accordingly. Once you outsource insurance certification services to us, you can be assured of completely reliable team to process ACORD certificates of insurance. Some of the key services we offer include -

  1. Receiving, Processing, and Issuing Certificate of Insurance

    Our team of insurance experts at Outsource2india can help you in receiving, processing and issuing the certificates of insurance accurately at affordable rates. We also ensure that the certificates are verified and issued on forms that are approved by the insurance agency.

  2. Verifying Contact for Compliance

    Our team of experts has been trained to check all the policies for compliance and is also capable of efficiently checking large volumes of such policies. We can efficiently keep a track of this time-consuming process and constantly monitor and discover policies, which have expired or are non-compliant. This process ensures that there is absolutely no breach of contract, with reduced risk of uninsured claims.

  3. Managing/Following up Third-Party Communication

    We can help you to manage and follow-up insurance certificate communication and requests. Our insurance specialists are highly efficient and have an eye for every detail, which can help you to increase your insurance compliance rates, enhance client service levels, and reduce your exposure to loss by a considerable extent.

  4. Processing Revised Certificates

    Using our insurance database, we ensure that all the insurer and insurance details, policy details, etc. are stored safely. We quickly and confidentially deliver the revised certificates to the client via email and ensure that the policies delivered are of high-quality, without any errors.

  5. Compliance Reporting

    We have a secure insurance certificate management database in place and we ensure that we keep track of all insurance claims and renewals using this database. Along with tracking, we also generate a detailed report for all the insurance claims and check for its compliance.

Our Services Cater to the Following Verticals

Outsource2india has the required expertise to work with clients from different backgrounds and verticals. Some of the verticals we cater to include:

Life Insurance ServicesLife Insurance Services
Annuity Insurance Services Annuity Insurance Services
Property Casualty InsuranceProperty & Casualty Insurance
Motor InsuranceMotor Insurance
Health InsuranceHealth Insurance
Liability InsuranceLiability Insurance

Why Choose Our Certificate of Insurance Services?

The process of getting an insurance certificate can be one of the mundane tasks for an insurance company. We understand that any lapse in the procedures can lead to more complications in getting the insurance certificate done. Our team of insurance back-office experts has the required expertise to get all the details verified before issuing the certificate of insurance. Some of the reasons for you to choose us include -

  • Affordable Prices

    We provide our high-quality services at highly affordable rates and ensure that our clients save a lot and generate better revenues

  • Skilled Team

    We have a skilled and talented pool of resources, updated with all the latest developments and amendments in the insurance industry to provide our clients with best-quality services

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    We ensure that we deliver the results within a quick turnaround time through our multiple delivery centers spread across time zones

  • Compliance

    Our services are compliant with ISO, ACORD or other insurance industry certificate standards

  • 24x7 Customer Support

    Our insurance experts are available around the clock at all times and can answer any of your insurance related issues

  • Data Security

    We ensure that all the data you share with us remains completely safe by making use of our workstation data security policies

  • Unique Reporting System

    We make use of a unique reporting system, which ensures that there is complete clarity, control, and quickly detect any potential threats well in advance

  • Reduced Risks

    Our best-in-class services ensure that there are reduced risks for uninsured claims and expensive legal disputes

Outsource Certificate of Insurance Services to Us

Outsource2india is a leading certificate of insurance service provider based in India and has been serving clients around the globe. With almost 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, working with clients from different verticals, by choosing us you can be assured of the best insurance services at reasonable rates. Our team is well-trained to handle any kind of insurance certificate issuing and processing requests and will customize the services according to your requirements. We have access to state-of-the-art infrastructure and make use of latest technologies to provide quick and efficient insurance certification services to insurance companies worldwide.

If you are looking for an outsourcing partner, who offers quick, reliable, and accurate certificate of insurance services, then you are at the right place. Contact us now to discuss your requirements with our insurance specialists.

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