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Case Study on Back Office Support for Florida Based Insurance Agency

O2I Back-office Support Helped a Florida-based Insurance Giant Scale with Cost Efficiency

The Client

The client, headquartered in Florida, pioneers as a trusted insurance giant with a century-long legacy. They specialize in offering a comprehensive range of insurance solutions, including personal and commercial coverage, along with employee benefit plans. Their profound industry expertise helps individuals and businesses evaluate and select comprehensive risk packages aligned with their specific lifestyles or operational demands. Representing a diverse portfolio of nationwide and regional insurance carriers, they hold the power to negotiate rates and customize coverages effectively.

The Requirement

The client, facing challenges with their previous service providers, demanded a comprehensive solution to address their key pain points. In their search for a reliable outsourcing company, the client prioritized scalability and the ability to rapidly adjust capacity, recognizing the direct impact on cost efficiency. By partnering with the right provider, they aimed to overcome their previous challenges and achieve operational excellence in the insurance support domain.

The Challenges

The client's previous service providers failed to provide a dedicated team with the necessary training. Additionally, they experienced ongoing price increases that impacted their operational costs. The client’s operations were impeded by the following -

  • Lack of skilled and trained professionals
  • Persistent price increases year after year
  • Reluctance to scale operations to accommodate seasonal fluctuations

To overcome these challenges, the client sought a partner capable of promptly assembling, training, and deploying a dedicated team of agents. They required a scalable solution that could quickly adapt to fluctuating demand, ultimately improving cost efficiency.

The Solution

By operating during Eastern Standard Time (EST), we facilitated increased collaboration with the customer. This enabled us to address time-sensitive issues in real time. Our strategic solutions included -

  • Providing a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals trained specifically for the customer's requirements.
  • Ensuring transparency and stability by offering a fixed, Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) pricing model, which was locked in for 3 years.
  • Swiftly hiring, training, and deploying skilled resources to eliminate the need for customer-led training efforts.

Besides, we also provided easy transition and quality audits. Our comprehensive solution and the added support provided enabled the customer to focus on their core business while enjoying a seamless and efficient insurance support system.

The Outcome

Our ability to swiftly deliver skilled resources ready for production impressed the customer, allowing them to address their immediate needs without delay. Some of the top ways in which we created value include -

  • Swift turnaround and seamless transitions with production-ready resource deployment
  • Increased availability of skilled resources and the ability to accommodate additional tasks
  • Significant cost savings compared to their previous service provider
  • Comprehensive package solution without additional costs for support

Recognizing the value we bring, the customer requested the addition of more resources to assist with their growing tasks, highlighting their trust in our capabilities.

Maximize Cost Efficiency and Drive Success with Our Insurance Back-office Solutions

Delegating insurance support tasks lets you focus on core business activities, driving growth and innovation. Outsourcing enables faster response times, streamlined processes, and enhanced customer satisfaction through round-the-clock support. Our robust risk management strategies reduce your exposure to potential operational risks. You can achieve operational excellence by leveraging our services while driving your business forward.

Take your insurance support to the next level of excellence. Contact us now to explore how we can optimize your operations and drive cost savings through our tailored insurance support.

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