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Insurance Bookkeeping and Forensic Accounting Services

Outsource Insurance Bookkeeping and Forensic Accounting Services

If you are short-staffed and having fewer resources to manage insurance bookkeeping our reliable, fast, and affordable services will end your woes

Are you in need of insurance bookkeeping and forensic accounting service to help you minimize losses, improve efficiency, reduce exploitation, avoid legal issues and get an unbiased opinion of your financial status? At Outsource2india, we combine our personalized and professional online bookkeeping services with our specialized forensic accounting services to help insurance companies stay focussed in their business.

As a premier insurance bookkeeping and forensic accounting service provider, Outsource2india banks on advanced software, a well-defined workflow, and top-notch professionals with wide experience to provide robust back-office support. We can help you find a bookkeeping and forensic accounting expert with core experience in the insurance industry and having handled requirements of the size of your business.

Insurance Forensic Accounting Services We Offer

Having years of experience as functioning as a virtual back office we have ensured our insurance clients realize complete costs and time savings while enhancing the efficiency of their operations. We specialize in insurance bookkeeping and forensic accounting services for agencies, carriers, and MGAs. Our services include -

  1. Fraud Detection Investigation Service

    Fraud Detection Investigation Service

    We assist you to carry out an internal forensic investigation to identify fraud. With the help of our forensic accountants, we Investigate and determine everything about possible financial irregularities and/or improprieties. Our experts will assist you to get under the technical nitty-gritty of insurance forensic accounting such as reviewing insurance documents, insurance accounting records, insurance accounting documents, etc.

  2. Dispute Resolution Service

    Dispute Resolution Service

    Our clients leverage our forensic accounting service to settle disputes that shareholders have with each other. By engaging a forensic accounting expert to deal with such cases, insurance companies will be able to figure out all the accounting discrepancies that need to be addressed to settle disputes between shareholders.

  3. Insurance Claim Review Service

    Insurance Claim Review Service

    Our clients also leverage our service to investigate matters related to the insurance claim. We have wide experience in handling all types of claims review services right from a small accident like personal injuries to large claim like fire. When it comes to business interruption claims, we assist companies in reviewing and checking the financial and accounting records.

  4. Insurance Fraud Investigation Service

    Insurance Fraud Investigation Service

    Our fraud investigation service helps you to go to the root cause of fraud. Be it investigating staff level to management level our forensic accountants help you zero in on the fraud. The objective of this service is to quantify the monetary loss due to the financial irregularities and identify persons behind this irregularities or improprieties.

  5. Information Security Risk Assessment

    Information Security Risk Assessment

    Information security is of paramount importance to insurance companies. It involves tailoring policies and procedures to stop the theft of confidential information. Our forensic accountants have the technical expertise and exposure to sniff out loopholes in information security and plug them to foolproof information leaks.

  6. Due Diligence

    Due Diligence

    Our forensic accounting service can also be leveraged by insurance companies to enter new markets with ease. We assist carriers in recruiting new dealers, finding new capital sources, license their products to partner companies, form alliances, merge or acquire new companies, etc. with a proper background investigation.

Our Insurance Bookkeeping Services

Outsource2india tailors bookkeeping solutions based on the exact needs of insurance companies. So, we come up with the best solutions to meet their diverse business needs. We cater to the accounting and bookkeeping needs of our clients by providing an end-to-end range of services. These include -

  • Process Direct Bill Reconciliation
  • Process Commission Deposits
  • Match Operating Accounts
  • Manage Vendor Payables
  • Manage Agency Bill Company Invoices
  • Process Agency Bill Premium Deposits
  • Process Company Invoice Payment
  • Process Payroll
  • Compile tax returns
  • Close Day/Close Month/Close Year
  • Journal and Ledger Maintenance
  • Process Period End Accounting Reports
  • Reconcile Company Accounts Payable Report, Trust Account, and Customer Receivables Report

Other Services

  • Preparing sales reports
  • Preparing purchase reports
  • Preparing aging reports & summaries
  • Credit card reconciliation services
  • Preparing income statements
  • Trial balance services
  • Tax advise to minimize the tax liability

Value-added Bookkeeping Services

While we specialize in standard bookkeeping services, we also specialize in providing custom reports that enable customers to better analyze their revenue and expenses. We offer our clients daily, weekly and monthly reporting services -

Daily Reporting Services
Weekly Reporting Services
Monthly Reporting Services
Daily Reporting Services
Operating Account Reconciliation Reports
Weekly Reporting Services
Income Statement Reports
Monthly Reporting Services
Producer Commissions Report
Daily Reporting Services
Trust Account Reconciliation Reports
Weekly Reporting Services
Balance Sheet Reports
Monthly Reporting Services
Expiration Lists CSR
Daily Reporting Services
Weekly Reporting Services
Cash Reports
Monthly Reporting Services
Expiration Lists of Agents
Daily Reporting Services
Weekly Reporting Services
Monthly Reporting Services
Missed Renewal List

Besides the above reports, we support our clients with the following report -

  • Customer Reports - To know you most profitable and least profitable customers
  • Employee Reports - Determine expenditures on employees. This is primarily a year-end report
  • The Break-up of Expenses - This service is designed to help you break down your expenses by category. Our clients leverage this service to analyze their expenses
  • Event Analysis Reports - This service is availed by clients who frequently organize events. It assists in determining the expenditure for individual events as well as analyze yearly expenses on events
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What Is the Bookkeeping Software We Use?

We specialize in a range of bookkeeping software. These include -

Vertafore Nexsure Aspire InsurancePro HawkSoft Agency Matrix Applied Agency Management Newton Agency Solution Agency Systems Insly SEMCAT A1 Tracker Jenesis Agent & Broker Software (ABS) SIBRO 1app - C2MS Insurance Software AgencyIntel QQCatalyst Board EverString Halo IBM SPSS Infer Insurance Analytics Radius SAS Advanced Analytics Statistica Decisioning Platform A1 Tracker ClickClaims PLEXIS payer platforms Record360 Virtual Claims Adjuster Bitrix24 Commission calculator CommissionsEZ CommissionTrac EvolveSPM GoalPost GreenWave Iconixx Incentive SPM inLOGIC.ca Advanced Insurance System Caseblocks Cases CRM Claims Manager DocuPhase HealthQx HEALTHsuite INSIS PCRS QUICK CAP Intuit QuickBooks Billbooks MYOB Invoice Studio Tradeshift Sage CheckMark MultiLedger Invoicera

Our Bookkeeping and Forensic Accounting Process

Our experts possess excellent overall skills and the expertise to make sure that you don't have to worry about the sanctity of your financial data. Our process transparency gives you the peace of mind because we help you understand the challenges and how we overcome the same. Our process which is split into three methods are as follows -


01. Server Based (FTP) Bookkeeping

  • Our clients send us the source documents by either scanning or uploading them to a secure FTP server or faxing them to our toll-free fax number
  • We update your books within 24 hours
  • Our process requires a backup copy of your books that can be carried out by using QuickBooks back up
  • After accomplishing the task, we email you the updated books or upload them on to a secure server

02. Remote Access Bookkeeping

  • In this mode of service, we accept source documents by securing remote access to your computer
  • We connect using a remote desktop access service, such as Secure VPN
  • After access, we update your books overnight, so that you find the work ready the next day

03. Application Service Providers

  • You can upload the docs onto your Online Accounting Software
  • We will log in to the software and update the books
  • The next day when you are back to work you can log onto the accounting software to find the books updated

Why Should You Outsource Insurance Bookkeeping and Forensic Accounting to Outsource2India?

Our clients have always believed in us as an insurance bookkeeping and forensic accounting services company for the following reasons -

  • ISO Accredited Insurance Bookkeeping and Forensic Accounting Services Provider

    Outsource2india is a highly reputed insurance bookkeeping and forensic accounting services provider based out of India. Our services are ISO 9001:2015 compliant and we take quality measure to comply with the insurance laws.

  • Data Security

    As an Insurance bookkeeping and forensic accounting services in India, we value the security and confidentiality of your data. We ensure no unauthorized users get access to your systems by imposing strict passwords, lockouts, electronic access logs, and physical controls. We are ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified for adhering to data management regulations of the ISMS.

  • High Quality and Accurate Numbers

    Accuracy is the hallmark of our bookkeeping service. We go the extra mile to ensure that the input value in the accounting records is consistent with the facts. Once done, we carry out repeat checks to ensure accuracy of figures.

  • Scalable Services

    We encourage you to have complete control over the system and invite you to undertake anytime audit from your end. We also generate reports based on your specific needs and scale easily to all your changing requirements.

  • Reduced Cost

    Our bookkeeping service is designed to be cost and time effective. Our streamlined workflow and reliance on advanced software ensure savings of up to 40%. Our service is also designed to ensure a quick turnaround time.

  • Reduced Turnaround Time

    We offer our services to clients even if the requirement includes time constraints. We have the bandwidth to work with agility to bring you results in no time.

  • Single Point of Contact

    We assign a dedicated point of contact to all our clients so that reaching us is quick and efficient without being put on hold. Our professionals can be contacted by phone call, email, or web chat.

  • Experienced Team

    Our team has wide experience in bookkeeping for insurance clients. All our employees are AIPB and NACPB certified. Besides they excel in multi-tasking, have good command over multiple bookkeeping software, and have good communication skills.

  • Superior Infrastructure

    We have a superb infrastructure that facilitates our team to do much more in quick turnaround time. We have the best IT, hardware, as well as brick and mortar infrastructure that can cater to all needs.

  • 24/7 Support

    We provide round-the-clock support to our clients so that they can get help anytime, anywhere. Our support channels are open 24/7/365

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Outsource Insurance Bookkeeping and Forensic Accounting to Us

Outsource2india has been providing top-notch bookkeeping and forensic accounting service along with a host of other insurance back office support to insurance carriers, agencies, etc. around the world. With over 2 decades of experience in bookkeeping and forensic accounting, we have gained a complete understanding of the nuts and bolts of maintaining records in an accurate and timely manner. Outsource bookkeeping and forensic accounting services to us and get your reports updated within quick turnarounds. Our team of bookkeeping and forensic accounting specialists are available 24/7 for any kind of audit and update related assistance. We provide such expertise at a cost that is minimal. Our clients have always preferred us because we help them realize more profits through savings in operational expenses.

If you are looking for outsourcing insurance bookkeeping and forensic accounting, then your search ends with us. Get in touch with our experts today and get a free quote.

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