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Outsource Documentation and Indexing Services for Insurance

Outsource2india’s tried and tested processes for Documentation Services and Imaging and Indexing Services are fundamental service offerings that fuel the efficiency of your organization. We handle digitization of all types of Insurance services related documents like insurance applications, claim letters, client receipts, certificates of insurance, ACORD forms, invoices, etc. Once these documents are digitized and indexed they are versatile and readily accessible.

Large volumes of documentation and paperwork can be easily processed for vital information and data, and also suitably indexed, thus saving time, manpower and subsequently, the revenue of your organization.

All project-related documents are scanned and indexed for future reference. We use sophisticated technology to provide imaging and indexing services to our clients. Our expertise ensures that you get superior services at standardized costs. We place high importance on understanding your requirements and customizing our solution to tackle them efficiently.

Digitizing and indexing paperwork promotes accessibility of vital information when required. All business documents will have to be referred to at some point in the lifecycle of a project. These documents are vital to the progress and completion of projects undertaken. Outsource documentation services to us. We have over a decade of experience handling digitization and imaging services and provide error free output.

Advantages of Outsourcing Documentation, Imaging and Indexing Services to Outsource2india

  • Customized indexing based on requirements
  • Thorough quality analysis processes
  • Rigorous information security policies
  • Simple output formats
  • Quick access to project-related data
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduced turnaround times

We offer high quality services to Insurance companies and insurance agencies. Outsource Documentation, Indexing and Imaging Services to the highly-experienced Data Management team at Outsource2india, and focus your energies on essential functions in your organization.

Insurance Documentation and Imaging/Indexing Services Offered by Outsource2india

Outsource2india is committed to providing top-notch solutions. We focus customizing solutions to match your requirements. Additionally, this process is an iterative process, and promotes continuous change implementation based on your suggestions.

Our team provides documentation, imaging and indexing of the following documents

  • Insurance applications
  • Certificates of Insurance
  • Client Receipts
  • Claim letters
  • Proof of mail
  • ACORD forms
  • Invoices

Contact us to outsource Document Imaging and Indexing services of all Insurance documents.

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