Android App to Streamline Healthcare Resource Allocation

Case Study on Android Based Doctor Appointment App

The Client's Business Requirement

Our customer is a renowned UK-based health service provider. Since scheduling appointments for clinics and hospitals can have many disadvantages, our customer was looking for an android-based doctor appointment app which would be able to schedule appointments based on the availability of the doctors.

Manual scheduling often led to poor resource allocation in his healthcare facilities, especially when patients didn't turn up or when the doctors skipped their appointments. Therefore, our client was looking for an Android healthcare app which could operate in an efficient manner while remaining easy to use by both patients as well as doctors.

Project Challenges

Our team of highly experienced mobile medical app developers faced a few challenges during the execution of the project, including the following -

  1. The biggest challenge was that the customer wanted a medical appointment app which was simple, useful and not cluttered with too many functionalities
  2. The design of the android medical app had to be simple enough to be used by elderly patients

Our Solution

Keeping in mind the exact client requirements and the various project challenges the following solution was provided by our team -

  1. Our team developed an android-based doctor appointment app, Myclinic, which could be used by both patients and clinicians
  2. Using this android medical app users could receive several additional benefits, such as -
    • Contact the clinics or hospital round the clock via call, SMS, or email and book an appointment
    • The health service provider can send important updates to their customers about clinic timings and availability of doctors
    • The customers can refer doctors and clinics to their friends using the Facebook and Twitter integration provided within the app
    • Geo-location of the hospital or the clinic could be easily displayed on the map
    • Patients could check the online doctor appointment status and also set appointment reminders
    • Patients could set reminders for taking pills as well


The client was extremely satisfied with the doctor appointment app developed by our team. This app helped our client to streamline resource allocation in a highly efficient way. It helped them to cut down the time wasted due to patient unavailability, and in cases of cancellation of appointments by doctors. Due to the simple design and availability of the android medical app on every device, the number of patients also considerably increased.

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