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Case Study on Application Development for US Client
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The Client

The client is a dynamic US entrepreneur with a zeal for nature and technology alike.

Client's Requirement & Challenges

Outsource2india was contacted by the client with specific needs because their requirement was as follows -

  • The client was looking for ways to let people upload photographs of all plant life including flowers, fruits, and leaves. The intent was to help users to easily recognize the plant species
  • The client was keen to fetch answers instantly rather than guessing or waiting for an expert review. However, existing methods involve crowdsourcing which the client felt was inefficient due to the delay
  • It was estimated that 90 million images had to be collected and segmented because there were 300,000+ species of plants

Our Solution

After understanding the specificity of the client's requirement, O2I developed the following solutions -

Database Creation

O2I's mobile app developers created a database which held pictures of many plant variants as well as accurate information on each species

Retrieves Information

We also helped the clients with a user-friendly app which cycles through databases and retrieves information searched by the user

Guaranteed to Work with Lower Resolution Images

The app is guaranteed to work with images of lower resolution if images represent plant life in the middle of the frame with sufficient exposure

Choose from a list of Near Match

If the app is unable to recognize the plant, it offers users a chance to choose from a list of near match

Technology Stack

  • SQLite
  • MySQL
  • php
  • smarty
  • FacebookSDK

The Results

With the completion of this project, the client was provided a high-quality app which was accurate in identifying 90% of the plant life of the world with an accuracy of over 92%. It was now easier to identify any plant species without errors.
The plant look-up process is easy as ABC and involved just 4 steps -

Point the Camera at Target Plant

Point the Camera at target Plant

Scroll through Centralized Plant Database

Scroll through centralized plant database with over 300,000 species

Recognizing the Plant

Recognizing the plant and update learning algorithm

Client Venturing into Game App Domain for First Time

Improve the precision of upcoming search

Project Screenshots

Plant Recognition App
Plant Recognition Application Development
Plant Recognition App Results Screen
Plant Recognition App My Collection Screen

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Outsource Custom App Development Services to O2I


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We respect your privacy. Our Policy.

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