Outsource2india Developed a Custom Application for a Chain of Airport Pharmacies

Case Study on Application Development for Airport Pharmacy Chain

About the Customer

The customer is a cosmetics and pharmacy chain store operating in a few Australian airports as well as at Singapore Changi Airport.

Business Challenges

Our team had to face a few challenges while developing the application for the client. The challenges were -

  • The customer wanted the entire sales data to be available in their reports application
  • Sales take place in another application in several locations in Australia and Singapore
  • Reports and POS or point of sale - were two different apps; combining data and using 2 applications at the same time was a complex task

The Solution

After analyzing the client's requirements and challenges, our team provided the following solution -

  • The Outsource2india's software development team took the time to examine the customer's systems in detail, and after intensive brainstorming, came up with the ideal solution: an intermediary app that would connect the two existing ones. It would extract the sales data and direct it to the Reports app.
  • We worked in collaboration with the POS system vendor and asked them to save the sales data as text before uploading in the SFTP server.
  • Next, our team created a Dot Net app: this allowed logging into the SFTP server to extract the sales data previously uploaded.
  • The intermediary app converts the sales data into the required format, performs calculations, and adds data into the database of the Reports app.
  • The Report system generates reports based on the data it picks up from its database.

The Result

The system is fully automated and has reduced the workload of our customer significantly. It operates even at midnight, eliminating the need of a human agent for remembering or extracting and exporting the sales data. We gave the perfect resolution to the customer, who was extremely happy with the product.

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