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Case Study on Lead Generation Services to a Company in the Medical Insurance Sector

Provided Lead Generation Services to Company in the Medical Insurance Sector

The Client

The client operates within the insurance sector that offers services related to Medicare, Life Expenses, and other medical-related coverage. Their focus was on qualifying customers with Medicare parts A and B and conducting live transfers to their closers. They also provided leads to multiple companies.

Client's Requirement

The client faced challenges in handling the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) and Open Enrollment Period (OEP). These critical periods, spanning from October 15 to December 7 for AEP and January for OEP, are crucial times when consumers can change their Medicare coverage choices. To effectively manage this influx of activity, the client needed to hire additional agents beyond their usual capacity. Their aim was to reach out to all Medicare consumers and inform them about the available coverage choices.

Project Challenges

The client faced limitations in achieving their company's goals due to resource constraints. To ensure effective lead generation during the AEP and OEP periods, the client needed to hire more agents than usual to contact all Medicare consumers and inform them about their choices. They also needed to deliver high-quality leads consistently amid the accelerated pace of operations.

Our Solution

The client found a scalable solution to handle the AEP and OEP seasons by partnering with us. Our dedicated team of agents gathered all the required available data and ensured the generation of high-quality leads that were promptly transferred to the closers.

Flexibility played a crucial role in meeting the client's requirements. We adapted to the fluctuating demands by effectively hiring and maintaining the target headcount set by the client for each season. Communication remained paramount, and our team consistently engaged in open discussions regarding performance and future hiring plans.

The Result

The collaboration led to remarkable results for the client. They consistently achieved the required headcount per time zone and there was a significant increase from the initial 40 headcounts when the project began. Currently, the team stands strong with 160 dedicated agents, effectively supporting the client's lead generation operations.

  • 60% increase in the connect ratio
  • 25% decrease in call abandonment
  • 40% reduction in costs
  • Improved overall revenue by over 30%
  • Helped the client achieve a greater ROI

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