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Know How Data Will Reshape Lead Generation in 2022

Know How Data Will Reshape Lead Generation in 2022

Whether we know it or not we are a part of data collection. Online lead generation as well as inbound and outbound lead generation depend a lot on data collection and analytics to identify and reach potential customers. Improvements in sales and lead generation results depend on data quality. Your ability to analyse the right metrics to take strategic action is the key factor that drives your ROI. It is important to track trends in data performance for both inbound and outbound lead generation.

In 2022, data analytics will help you operate your outbound call centers. The better you understand your call center, the better you can guide your sales and lead generation teams toward driving more conversions.

Call Center Analytics

Call center analytics use trends data in real-time to improve their online lead generation strategies. We shall look more in depth into lead generation strategies later in this article. Call center analytics track KPIs to drive productivity and efficiency. Let us look upon each metric -

  1. Agent Performance Metrics

    Agent Performance Metrics

    Agent efficiency is a key factor in turning your outbound call centers profitable. Automated tools trend data in real-time to help streamline tasks and generate customized reports. Advanced call center analytics identify insights and offer detailed feedback.

    Some of the agent performance KPI's are talk time, calls per agent, first call close, number of sales, revenue per agent, etc. KPIs that negatively impact agent performance are abandoned call rate, average hold time and dropped call rate.

  2. Lead Performance Metrics

    Lead Performance Metrics

    Lead performance KPIs help you to understand your cost per acquisition (CPA) as well as connection and conversion rates. Drive lead efficiency by analysing the right metric trends data in real-time with performance reports.

  3. List Performance Metrics

    List Performance Metrics

    List conversion report helps you to manage the productivity of your call center. This report combines revenue and billable hours to provide an overall profit-loss statement. Top list performance KPIs are contact rate, average talk time, and total revenue.

Use Call Center Analytics to Improve Online Lead Generation in 2022

Use both historical and real-time data to make suitable improvements. Take the right actions based on call center analytics and integrate this data into a strategy to improve your ROI. It becomes important to integrate call center analytics into a single platform for strategic management. The right data analysed the right way helps to change the trajectory of your outbound call centers.

Top Lead Generation Trends for 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has shut the doors for offline sales and marketing events that were essential for online lead generation. This segment will show the best lead generation trends for 2022. We shall also give you some tips on how to use these trends to optimize your online lead generation campaigns. Let us jump right into the top lead generation marketing trends -

  • Go Digital

    Go Digital

    The majority of B2B sellers and buyers are more than willing to move to digital platforms. Using a digital platform for lead generation will save up both your time and cost. It is reported that B2B buyers spend roughly $60,000 to $90,000 on products/services offered digitally. Going digital will surely increase your B2B lead generation.

  • Video Conference and Chats

    Video Conference and Chats

    Video conferencing and online chat interactions have generated more revenue for B2B companies since COVID-19 compared to in-person interactions. Reports show that eight in ten B2B decision-makers have agreed that video conferencing and the online chat will be utilized all through the year 2022 and even in the future.

  • Influencer Marketing

    Influencer Marketing

    Influencer marketing has proved to be one of the best lead generation trends for 2022. It has increased B2B lead generation by expanding the reach and engagement numbers on social media. Many businesses are offering a performance-based approach by making use of cost-per-action schemes. Consumers are most interested in watching how-to tutorials made by influencers. It is estimated that influencer marketing will grow to $15.4 billion by the year 2022.

  • Conversational Marketing

    Conversational Marketing

    By looking at the latest statistics and data, conversational marketing strategies like chatbots are on a rise, thereby increasing your B2C lead generation. Moreover, businesses are saving up numerous human hours by using chatbots, thus providing users with 24-hour digital support even in non-office hours. This technology is predicted to drive $168 million growth in consumer retail by the year 2024.

  • Video Content Marketing

    Video Content Marketing

    Video marketing is one of the widely used content marketing strategies for B2B lead generation. By 2023, we are expected to see a huge surge in online purchases made through live videos. This blog will provide an overview of how videos boost lead generation.

  • Email Marketing

    Email Marketing

    Email marketing is one of the popular technologies that drive higher lead and sales performance. Email marketing has been reported to influence 70% of consumer's purchase decisions. Email marketing is a great tool to increase B2B lead generation. A few tips to keep in mind -

    • Practice rapport building stories for your audience
    • Use product success stories for greater reach
    • Use interactive media such as infographics and videos
    • Plan a themed sequence of emails

AI to Improve Lead Generation

Artificial intelligence in lead generation is used by marketers to plan out their strategies and make data-driven decisions. Currently, AI's market value is $75. However, it is estimated to reach $225 billion by the year 2023. Investment in machine learning and AI to improve lead generation is sure to increase post-pandemic resulting in more B2C lead generation.

Advantages of using artificial intelligence in lead generation that are extremely beneficial -

  • AI to Improve Lead Generation

    Boost productivity by using artificial intelligence in lead generation. AI will perform menial tasks for you, thus allowing your staff to work upon lead generation. Use AI to improve lead generation and save up your time and resources.

  • Improved Customer Experience

    The recommendations and insights from using AI can lead to a better customer experience. AI can help sales delegates to better understand customer psychology by looking at their history and past interactions. AI can provide recommendations to personalize messages, thereby improving the customer experience.

Data analytics and Insights

Marketers are expected to incorporate data analytics into their operations and invest in cloud-based data analytics tools by 2022. More companies are expected to migrate their analytics to the cloud and adopt the use of data analytics for lead generation.

What Will Lead Generation Look Like in 2022 and Beyond?

Even, post-pandemic, lead generation is surely going to remain digital with omnichannel support. Thereby, rushing organizations to speed up their digital transformation. The most effective B2B lead generation strategies are executive events, leadership marketing, webinars, PR, trade shows, and LinkedIn advertising. To learn more about this, check out our online lead generation statistics report here. As of now, let us look at a few tips on inbound and outbound lead generation -

 Invest in an omnichannel marketing platform
 Foster a data-driven and decision-making culture
 Track and monitor your competitors' lead generation strategies

Optimize Your Inbound and Outbound Lead Generation Strategies

Data shows that businesses get higher returns from inbound leads rather than outbound leads for the reason that it offers low client acquisition costs than outbound leads. Also, you can make the best of outbound marketing through precise targeting and tracking. Inbound lead generation strategies depend upon creativity and domain expertise, thus allowing for a high exposure at a relatively low cost. That being said, shortcomings from inbound lead generation strategies can be solved through outsourcing.

Pointers to Remember While Executing B2B Lead Generation Strategies

  • Assemble an in-house team - Appoint a VP according to the combination of inbound and outbound lead generation strategies you choose. This designated person shall supervise an experienced team to build customer experience and to also infuse your brand with credibility.

  • Outsourcing - If you find it difficult to build an in-house team, you can always outsource to a specialized firm, thereby saving up your time and resources. Moreover, outsourcing is often the most widely used and convenient approach for outbound lead generation. It has been seen that smaller yet more specialized companies were the most effective outsourcing partners for high-ROI inbound lead generation strategies.

Latest Lead and Sales Performance Forecasts for 2022

We have gathered below all the latest lead and sales performance insights for your next strategic planning.

  1. ABM (Account-Based Marketing) to Accelerate Sales

    With ABM in place, you can now focus to target the primary decision-makers to accelerate the sales process. It has been reported that almost 80% of companies that use ABM have been able to increase their average deal size by over 50%.

  2. Social Selling Will Increase your Brand Visibility

    Active online engagement surely helps your brand to stay at the forefront. This results in better visibility and recognition. It will also nurture high-quality leads and yield better sales.

  3. Outsource Sales for Better Scalability

    Outsourced sales teams are thoroughly trained to handle all the changes that may come while selling. Working together with sales outsourcing firms that have focused sales groups allows you to pay them per performance, thus saving your resources.

  4. CRM is Integral to Sales

    CRM provides you with accurate data about your customers based on their preferences and purchasing history. This will allow you to offer suitable suggestions to them, thereby increasing your sales. With the use of CRM, you can develop better customer relationships. This will eventually convert to more sales and increase your repeat customers. An effective CRM will keep sales, marketing, service, shipping, and other departments to stay connected internally. CRM allows improving team communication within each department of your company.

  5. Enrich Customer Experience

    Use a real-time sales team to personalize the customer experience and answer customer queries. Encourage your customers to communicate with your sales team through live chat software solutions. Some of the benefits of creating a better customer experience are as follows -

    • Personalized customer experience will make them more likely to do business with you.
    • Make suitable suggestions based on the pages your customer is checking out. Since you are helping them find what they need, they will be encouraged to spend longer time on your website.
    • Use the data collected about your customers to make useful suggestions for their new purchases, thus making them regular customers in the process.

Leverage Lead and Sales Performance Trends for Your Business Growth

Knowing and understanding lead and sales performance trends allows you to prepare for the future. As this article shows, customer relationships are important for your company. Having a single customer experience management strategy provides potential customers with a seamless way to do their shopping. Since most consumers are careful in all of their spending (due to the pandemic), by offering excellent customer service, you are sure to have them even in the long run. Source the best people for each job and give them the right training to improve customer experience.


Generating high-quality leads, converting them into customers, and creating meaningful content are all a part of the climb. Lead generation marketing trends will keep changing with time. Your ability to innovate, update, and optimize customer experience is what will help you to stay ahead of the competition.

Remember that inbound and outbound lead generation strategies create a more organic interest in your brands and thus produce a higher ROI. Outsourcing inbound and outbound lead generation to small yet specialized firms results better than in-house marketing. Lastly, retain a creative individual/firm that explores the interests of your target audience to achieve a higher ROI.

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