Business Process Reengineering Services

Outsource Business Process Reengineering Services

Derive maximum business value and create scalable solutions by leveraging intelligent workflows and processes by outsourcing Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) services starting at $8 an hour

As a company you might be making great progress and meeting your goals, but have you ever wondered what your core business processes might be lacking? More often than not, companies do not face an issue achieving targets but need to set business processes to meet these targets. Making sweeping changes to ancient business processes gets difficult with time as your business grows and your employees settle into a routine. But unless you improve processes and make them future-ready, one day your entire operations might feel the heat unless you bring in the changes now!

A properly executed business process reengineering plan can be a game-changer for your business. At O2I, we specialize in reinvigorating aging companies by offering them a selection of exclusive business process reengineering services in India which directly results in higher profits and exceptional growth.

Our Business Process Reengineering Services

At Outsource2india, we strongly believe that business process re-engineering is the radical redesign you need when all your attempts at modernization or reaching new goals have failed. It's the solution you go to to achieve dramatic improvements in all aspects of your business, such as quality, output, logistics, costing, servicing, etc.

Having worked with 1000+ organizations from around the globe, including companies belonging to Fortune 100 and the DAX 30, we have understood the requirements of the modern business like none other. We've proudly delivered millions of dollars in cost savings to our clients and millions more in enhanced cash flow.

Our core tenets as your chosen business process reengineering service provider include -



Refocusing your company values purely based on what your customers need



Change existing core processes, using modern technology for ground-breaking improvements



Build multiple cross-functional teams with more insight and end-to-end responsibility for different processes



Collect input from the ground-level to change basic organizational level processes while taking care of friction and people issues



Leverage technology, AI, and cloud infrastructure to improve business processes across your organization

Our services include -

  • HR and Talent Reengineering Services

    HR and Talent Reengineering Services

    With O2I as your business process reengineering service provider, you can enhance overall employee engagement and productivity, create a functional and efficient workforce faster, and reimagine new ways in which to bring in resiliency and lesser attrition.

    We strongly believe that a skilled workforce is the greatest currency a workforce can have, and therefore strive to provide a new reimagining of your existing workforce which works together towards one goal. We leverage modern technologies and proprietary software to build workforce models and bring in automation for faster, more efficient processes.

    Our services include -

    • HR Transformation
    • Talent Development
    • Talent Acquisition
    • Remote Workforce Management
  • Financial Reengineering Services

    Financial Reengineering Services

    At Outsource2india, we offer a whole host of services to reengineer your finance team and organization operations in sync with your enterprise goals. We advise and manage the entire end-to-end process for your finance department, including cash orders, payments, and procurements, reporting and dashboarding accounting, and overall performance management.

    We leverage our intelligent workflows which depend on emerging technologies such as automation, blockchain, and AI to bring in sweeping changes within your front, back and middle office. We have helped clients curate financial data and reimagine existing processes to work towards a more sustainable solution, leveraging the following services -

    • Procure to Pay
    • Finance Strategy and Consulting
    • Financial Planning and Analysis
    • Customer-to-cash Cycle
    • Recording and Reporting
    • Risk, Compliance and Fraud Management
  • Sourcing and Procurement Reengineering Services

    Sourcing and Procurement Reengineering Services

    Sourcing of raw materials, products, etc. while maintaining healthy payables is extremely important for a cognitive, action-ready enterprise. We leverage proprietary solutions to access refined data in real-time to deliver a personalized experience for our global clients. We empower our clients to make faster decisions while working with suppliers who can meet your demands and scale accordingly. We also help you devise intelligent workflows which can work wonders for your employees while ensuring faster TAT for all procurement related requirements. Our offerings include -

    • Procurement advisory and transformation
    • Procurement analytics
    • data-driven source-to-pay operations
  • Risk Management Reengineering Services

    Risk Management Reengineering Services

    At O2I, we have provided global organizations with expert guidance on creating new processes and workflows for modern enterprise risk management. Our turnkey solutions can help you address fraud, waste, corporate abuse, and compliance with regulations, a key aspect for any modern enterprise. Our offerings include -

    • Fraud and Financial Crimes Oversee
    • Enterprise Risk Management
    • Governance and Regulatory Compliance
    • Risk Analytics
    • Fraud Reporting
  • Blockchain-based Process Reengineering Services

    Blockchain-based Process Reengineering Services

    We are one of the few key players in the industry for clients looking to turn a viable blockchain strategy into definite business outcomes. Having worked with companies across verticals, we have created self-sustainable blockchain-based networks that are secure, produce value, and change the way your business processes come together. Throughout the journey, we address key pain points while leveraging our deep experience and an organization-wide commitment to next-gen technologies for the businesses of today. Our offerings include -

    • Governance design operation modules
    • Business value design
    • Digital and technology design

Our Approach Towards Business Process Reengineering

As a premier business process reengineering service providing company, we believe that our projects can only be successful when there is a marked difference in the way you look at core business operations and the value they drive. Today's rapidly changing marketplace needs solutions that are flexible, adaptable, and scalable to modern requirements, all the while catering to the highest adopt customer expectations. Our 4-fold approach towards finding the right solution for our clients can be found below -

Business Process Reengineering Services

Other Services You May Benefit From

Business Process Reengineering - Our Key Differentiators

There are multiple factors that we as a service provider bring to the table to ensure the highest quality business process reengineering services for our clients. They include -

  • Large Scale Commitment

    One of the key factors behind the success of any process reengineering project is the ability to maintain key communication and exert visible support from the executive leadership. Our team ensures everyone is on board and feels aligned towards the same goal.

  • Strong Business Case

    Process reengineering is all about building a solid business case first which depends on empirical data. We ensure this data directly feeds into your process reengineering efforts with clear cut strategic goals and measurable objectives.

  • Proven Methodologies

    We leverage our years of experience and time-tested methodologies that rely on real-world results and are not just theoretical.

  • Clear Communication

    We build clear communication channels where there were none, including documentation, and team meetings where the sole goal is to align the members involved. This ensures everyone works towards a common goal by recognizing their roles and responsibilities.

  • All-round Perspective

    One of the key reasons that set us apart as a truly-global business process reengineering service provider is our unique perspective on how your industry functions. Our team of analysts and consultants have in-depth knowledge about technological processes that can give you an edge, and play a role right from inception to execution while borrowing heavily from their industry expertise.

Why Choose O2I for Business Process Reengineering Services?

Business process reengineering is essential to your organizational growth, especially if you feel that you are doing everything correctly but your competitors are still pulling you're your customers and your brand identity. Lack of a systemic approach can nip your process reorganization in the buds, and this is where we step in by deriving exceptional value through smart, scalable, and modern solutions. With our help and guidance, you can gain from the following -

  • Reduce lead times
  • Improve process quality
  • Enhanced customer support
  • Gain a competitive edge in the market
  • Increase new technology deployments
  • Vastly improved management and managerial outlook
  • Enhanced corporate strategy
  • Improve productivity and supply chain
  • Optimized performance
  • Automated processes
  • Drive Higher Value with affordable costs

Why Choose O2I for Outsourcing Business Process Reengineering Services?

Some of the key reasons why we are the partner of choice for many global organizations include -

  • Flexible Pricing

    Our pricing structure can be customized based upon your requirements and the services that you truly need. At the same time, we ensure there are no hidden costs or surprise project delays which can lead to ballooning overheads.

  • Fast Turnaround Time

    The entire process of business process reengineering is time-consuming, and we ensure that at no time do your existing projects or work suffer. We create a transition plan which is tuned to the requirements of your company and then stick to it.

  • Dedication to Quality

    One of the key areas of concern for any outsourcing project is the quality of the deliverable. We ensure we follow stringent internal and external quality measures to achieve the best quality services for our clients.

  • World-class Infrastructure

    One of the key reasons behind our success lies in our infrastructural capabilities which allow us to deliver on time, every time. We leverage modern cloud-based technologies, AI and ML-driven process algorithms, etc. to truly transform your operations.

  • Skilled BPR consultants

    Our team consists of experienced and highly skilled who can provide quick, accurate, and reliable services to our global clients, in-line with their process reengineering needs.

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Outsource2india will have a positive effect on any company's turnover I do not doubt that.

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Spray Foam Insulation Company, UK
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Outsource2india - Your Partner for Business Process Reengineering

At O2I, we believe in offering superior solutions for critical business needs which can help you redefine your operations and achieve success. From cost optimizations to shared services, IT strategy, supply chain reorganization, etc. we ensure whatever process needs to be restructured is done in a cohesive, beneficial way.

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