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Outsource Call Center Infrastructure at Outsource2india

At Outsource2india, we follow a 3-tier architecture for the network within our call center infrastructure. We have a redundant L3 core design and the servers terminate into the core through redundant connectivity. We have network fabric with port level physical redundancy and 384 active ports per floor. Our network transport and Internet is comprehensive and reliable. Our call center infrastructure has an inbound voice solution that is based on the Cisco IPCC (Internet Protocol Contact Center). O2I's call center infrastructure has a distributed dialer architecture and is tightly integrated with Cisco voice solution. Our predictive dialer has 2:1 pacing and real time calling list management.

Call Center Infrastructure

Witness, the largest call center software company created an application suite for us. We have deployed this suite for contact capture and quality monitoring.

Features of the Witness system:

  1. Voice & Screen Capture

    • 100% customer interactions capture capability
    • Capture and Access based on customer sign off and authentication only
    • Both side energy envelope display
    • Web based replay
    • Extensive Tagging of data (Agent ID, Disposition, Time, Data, Duration, etc.)
    • Query based search option
    • Option to download the file
  2. Quality System

    • Multiple Selection plan for Quality System
    • Multiple Scoring plans
    • Capability to change selection plans online
    • Graphical reports

This application allows:

  1. Business driven fulfillment rules
    • Exception handling – type of calls for evaluation
    • Allows for flexibility – broad or granular
    • Monitored calls can be pushed to the relevant people
  2. Event – Driven
    • Trigger monitoring through rich integration
    • Customer id, Caller Entered Digits, DNIS, ANI, Disposition Code, Talk time, etc.
  3. Exception Criteria
    • Call Flow Exceptions
    • Holds, Hold Time, Call Length, Transfers, Conference
  4. World-Wide Access and Playback
    • Provide to Executives, Customers, at Home Supervisors
  5. Spot Trends and Patterns

To track compliance issues, security of information and provide feedback to our agents and improve the customer service experience for your customers on a regular basis we need to have authentic and extremely clear data. We at Outsource2india, have the provision of 100% recording. This allows us to track each and every call that each and every agent makes or receives.

This system helps to -

  • Conduct analysis based on intelligent tagging
  • Provides the ability to data mine
  • Improves responsiveness to customer escalations
  • It can be used as a powerful training and remediation tool
  • And to monitor and manage compliance and agent activity

O2I's call center infrastructure adheres to international standards. It encompasses security, a full-fledged training facility, employee's health, excellent power back up and adequate protection against fire. We have a few thousand square feet that holds -

  • EHS OSHA complaint building
  • 100% visibility into all processes
  • 3 fully equipped training rooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Telco grade data center
  • FM200 fire prevention and protection system
  • 8 levels of redundancy for local connectivity
  • 4 levels of power backup

Our Power Facility

We have a generator back up if the primary source fails and if the generator fails we have a redundant UPS network center. All our devices are backed by a dual power supply and fed through independent power paths. We have -

  • 3 levels of redundancy
  • Primary source of power
  • Available 1500 KVA
  • Facility Load 500KVA
  • Generator Backup
  • 750 KVA generators with fuel storage for 24 hours operation onsite with arrangements to sustain
  • UPS Network Center – 1x 60 KVA (Redundant)
  • UPS Overall – 4x 120KVA

We have been in the outsourcing industry for over 25 years now and have worked on multiple inbound call center service projects. Our refined and well-networked call center infrastructure allows us to keep our standard of service soaring to make your business flawless and impeccable.

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