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FAQs on Migrating Call Center to the Cloud

FAQs on Migrating Call Center to the Cloud

The cloud contact center industry is expected to increase from $5.43 billion in 2017 to $15.67 billion by 2021!

Rapidly evolving technologies, rising consumer expectations and an ever-increasing number of communication channels can take its toll on your call center, making it difficult to sustain strong customer relationships. Inadequate customer satisfaction, can further cause a significant dent in the bottom line. So what is the way out? Call Center Cloud Migration.

Moving your applications, data, and other such business elements from enterprise onsite computers to a cloud contact center can be a great option to serve your customers better and enhance customer loyalty. Cloud contact centers offer a perfect solution for on-demand scalability, better control, flexibility, and low non-fixed costs, helping you manage your call center traffic with ease.

Common FAQs on Migrating Call Center to the Cloud

Businesses across the globe are moving towards hosted contact center platforms at a rapid pace. In the past call centers had only two options - They either had to operate by themselves or outsource their functions to a third-party service provider. The cloud offers an alternative third option, in which the outsourced management and recruitment model is combined with the new, cloud-based model.

Cloud call center solutions are more agile, flexible, and cost-effective than traditional models. With improved user interfaces, omni-channel service capabilities, and seamless integration with third-party applications, cloud technology is fast becoming the future of customer support.

If you are ready to choose a cloud based solution for your contact center or have decided on a prospective vendor, then we have answered some of the important FAQs on migrating call center to the cloud that you should consider before migrating your call center to the cloud -

  1. Can the cloud model support several customer interaction channels (text, web, voice and social)?

    Being one of the major questions on cloud call center, the answer to this is, yes. The cloud can effortlessly ease omni-channel service integration and help you support not just one, but several channels.

  2. Can the cloud evolve and scale to suit the changing needs?

    The cloud is agile in nature and can be efficiently scaled up or down to support the evolving needs of your enterprise.

  3. Will there be an uptime service level agreement?

    Make sure that your service provider offers an uptime SLA as a part of your contract, as, uptime is something that you cannot compromise on.

  4. How do I know if the cloud service provider is reliable?

    You should never partner with a vendor, unless you are sure about their reliability. How quickly can the vendor resolve issues? Does the vendor have processes to correct call center and cloud server issues as and when it occurs in real time? Asking such questions, can help you find a trustworthy service provider.

  5. Can the cloud solution be used by your remote agents to support global customers?

    Availing a solution that offers centralized control can help you run a multi contact center with remote agents with ease. Not only can you manage your facility in a better manner, but your off-site agents can also support your worldwide customers with ease.

  6. Will the vendor add new features to stay updated with customer demands?

    The best part of choosing a cloud solution is that as the market continues to evolve, you can add new interaction channels and better functionalities that will make your enterprise grow.

  7. Will there be more flexibility?

    The vendor you select for cloud based services should offer you with better flexibility. Whether it is your current or future needs, the cloud service will have the flexibility to meet both.

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6 Benefits of Call Center Migration to Cloud

Unlimited scalability and versatility come only with the cloud. Your organization can ensure long-term stability with the support of a professional cloud vendor who can help you migrate to the cloud and enable your enterprise to move away from the legacy communication platforms, develop next-generation communication and contact center migration path, replace obsolete TDM infrastructure, and transform a limited CAPEX budget to an OPEX model without having to incur the cost of equipment.

The benefits of call center migration to cloud include -

  1. Better versatility and scalability - Through a hosted platform, multiple centers and work from home agents can be united with ease. As the cloud facilitates connectivity, agnostic, agents can be conveniently connected via PSTN or VoIP. Call center managers can login from any browser and view the activity of their agents in real-time, regardless of their location
  2. Pay as you go model - The "pay as you go" fee structure makes it easy to run seasonal campaigns without making any additional investments or paying any hidden charges
  3. Free upgrades - When a hosted contact center platform gets improved or upgraded by the service provider, all of the customers can reap the benefits at no extra cost. You can leverage improved platforms and new features at no additional cost, as cloud-based call center providers will be constantly adding new features
  4. Business continuity - Your contact center will not have to experience any days without productivity, even during days with severe weather conditions. Your agents can log in from home and use the hosted platform to take up calls
  5. Efficient call routing - Cloud routing, a unified queue in the cloud can enable you to use the internet to route your inbound calls between one or many remote call centers. Cloud routing can be used to extend your current capacity and quickly scale up or down as your call volumes fluctuate
  6. Higher ROI - When you use a hosted contact center platform, your capital expenditure will only be few thousand dollars as opposed to the traditional system where you will have to spend a quarter of a million to just buy the equipment and engage agents. With the cloud, you do not have to buy or manage expensive equipment. The private cloud that you connect to will have your predictive dialer, call recording, and real-time reporting in one place

Migrate Your Call Center to Cloud with Outsource2india

At Outsource2india, we have been offering excellent call center solutions to global clients for over 25 years now. Once you partner with us, you can get access to world-class infrastructure and cloud integration at affordable rates. Our simple yet efficient transition process can help you to seamlessly migrate your call center to the cloud within a short time. Furthermore, we ensure complete operational transparency so that you will be able to know what is happening at every stage of the project. Besides, we offer top-quality services that adhere to all the quality standards.

Hope all your questions on migrating call center to the cloud have been answered, if not, we will be glad to answer your queries. If you have decided to move your contact center to the cloud, look no further. Just get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

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