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Soft Lead Generation Services

Outsource Soft Lead Generation Services

We convince your leads to choose your products and services by providing them an upfront soft value proposition at rates starting at $10 per hour

It's challenging to verify the customer details one by one and focus on the long term goals with a limited budget in hand. That is when outsourcing soft lead generation services come in handy. Not only does it save time and resources, but also engenders greater quality standards. At Outsource2india we take great care of our client's needs by addressing their lead generation issues through in-depth analysis and diagnosis of the lead generation engine. Often, it is the unseen bits that prevent an effective soft lead generation from becoming a success. With our 25 years of experience, we verify assignments and serve a contingent of businesses worldwide with trusted soft lead generation services.

At Outsource2india, widespread globalization is well-understood and so our pragmatic approach greatly shrinks the workload, cost, and the process involved in soft lead generation services. Being capable of providing reliable services, we have inherited the title of the best provider of soft lead generation services in India. Today, we serve more clients who are looking for ways to expand their business without expending their budget, time, and effort.

Soft Lead Generation Services We Offer

Over two decades, Outsource2india has been acclaimed as the leading soft lead generation services providing company because of our reliability in lead generation. Mentioned below are some of the soft lead generation services we offer -

  1. Email Soft Lead Generation

    Email Soft Lead Generation

    Being a top soft lead generation service provider, we have teams that send personalized marketing emails to leads to shoulder tap and educate them about your products and services. We also send event-triggered emails that don't demand high commitments causing them to deviate from the specific action you are eliciting from leads.

  2. Voice Lead Generation

    Voice Lead Generation

    After sending an intro email, we call contacts to increase the chance of a conversion. Our team will first make a segmented list before attempting to reach via voice call. We also pick the reins after the follow-up email is sent to the client.

  3. Soft Lead Generation via Social Channel

    Soft Lead Generation via Social Channel

    We also reach out to leads via social channels to engage and educate the client. As part of our soft lead generation strategy, we ping people the social streams where they frequently hang out. If needed, we also send a follow-up email.

  4. Soft Lead Generation by Chat Stream

    Soft Lead Generation by Chat Stream

    We reach leads via char support and be available to them for addressing queries and other concerns on priority. Being an instant response platform, we guide the leads to your sales team in the fastest way through follow-up chat messages.

  5. Soft Lead Generation by Website

    Soft Lead Generation by Website

    We help you in designing a custom banner ad with CTA that carries the client from the landing page to your product or service subscription page. But before that, we identify the prospects who are most likely to need the service or product.

  6. Soft Lead Generation via Webinar

    Soft Lead Generation via Webinar

    We promote webinars, send invites, and book attendees to the event, and provide value through the event. We improve your ability to follow-up by measuring the satisfaction levels of the attendees.

Soft Lead Generation Process We Follow

The process followed by us for availing our soft lead generation services is as mentioned below -


We consult with your team to understand your soft lead generation services requirement


We collect the lead list and segment them into appropriate categories


We assign the lead generation task to qualified agents


Run soft lead generation and provide a value proposition


Follow up with the leads and prepare them for your sales team


Compile reports on the process

Other Services You May Benefit From

Why Choose O2I as Your Soft Lead Generation Service Providing Company?

Choosing our premier Soft Lead Generation services for your requirements will additionally provide you with the following -

  • Cost-effective Services

    With our soft lead generation services, we ensure that you receive the best outcome on a small budget.

  • Quality Control

    We perform quality checks and ensure that your leads have received the best experience through follow-up engagements.

  • State-of-art Technology

    We are equipped with the latest call center technology to speed up the lead generation process and streamline sales generation.

  • Experienced Team

    The experts at Outsource2india work relentlessly to provide you with the best experience through soft lead generation services.

  • Rapid Turnaround

    Like clockwork, we are always on schedule and eliminate unnecessary delays that otherwise hassle the leads.

  • Client Confidentiality

    We strictly abide by our non-disclosure terms and commit to confidentiality. All work undertaken by us is never divulged unless explicitly stated because we value your privacy.

  • All-round Support

    We work from a fully connected infrastructure to serve clients who may need the assistance of our contact center agents.

Client Success Stories

Case Study on Lead Generation Services for Management Company

Outsource2india Provided Lead Generation Services to a Management Platform Development Company

Our client was looking for a reliable service provider of lead generation services through telemarketing. Our team provided high-quality and cost-effective services.

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Case Study on Lead Generation for a Web Development Firm

Outsource2india Provided Lead Generation Services to a Website Development Company

A leading website development firm was looking for high-quality lead generation services. Our team provided high-quality and cost-effective lead generation services.

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Outsource Soft Lead Generation Services to Outsource2india

Customer Testimonials

I'm impressed! :) You ladies and gentlemen are doing fantastic work. Thank you so much!

Reservations Supervisor,
Travel Website Company, CA
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Outsourcing soft lead generation services to Outsource2india provides you immense opportunity to focus on business goals without getting bogged by lead generation functions. We spare you from the endless process involved in getting a lead prepared for turning into a buyer. Our team handles tasks like list segmentation and contacting qualified individuals to booking appointments. Our staff is highly trained for soft lead generation services and other lead generation methods. We always follow a systematic approach without deviating from the planned itinerary to realize goals.

Reach us today to outsource soft lead generation services and get a custom quote that suits your need.

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