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At O2I, our processes have over time, matured and been perfected to gain the confidence it operates with today. In the business world it is not only fitness for use that goes to qualify the quality of a product or service but also how it meets and exceeds customer expectations.

Our focused quality group evaluates processes internally based on a checklist defined by the customer. Reviews of the process are conducted as regular as daily, weekly or monthly based on requirements. The review's parameters could be productivity, critical performance measures (CPMs), overall process capability/improvements, hiring and training.

Our Quality Adherence

We believe that incorporating quality management, control, and monitoring brings out the best in our resources, and maintain superior quality at each stage of the process. We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. Customer Operations Performance Center (COPC) and the eServices Capability Model (eSCM) are the independent audits we have undergone. These audits are external certifications by credible, independent and neutral third parties that measure specific operational parameters. The process is rigorous, adept at identifying problem areas and establishes our credibility with our customers. Total Quality Management (TQM) and Six Sigma quality checks have proved for a fact that O2I stands the tallest when it comes to call center quality standards. Our strict adherence to the Six Sigma methodology of increasing process capability, reducing re-work and increasing the quality of our performance has kept our productivity level consistently on an increase. All these tests and audits reinforce nothing but the fact that we are good and getting better.

Quality Monitoring

Quality monitoring is the initial, and the most crucial step in maintaining high operational quality. O2I follows few simple procedures for effective call center quality monitoring and management. These steps are followed at regular intervals to make the employees aware of the existing levels of performance and also of any changes or improvements to the process, made either by the company or the client. Additionally, our QC team reviews a sampling of the calls, which is also later used for the purpose of training needs analysis. It also leads to the discovery of the scope for improvement at every stage of the process.

Manpower and Human Capital

Our human capital is undoubtedly our most invaluable resource. We have highly motivated, dedicated and professional employees. We have based our organizational structure on the manufacturing industry to get the best out of these go-getters. Our well-designed and structured process flow achieves high call center quality standards and success rates.
Our quality standards are clearly brought forth in our recruitment and training and induction stages to make sure that all new recruits strive to succeed at the pre-determined levels of productivity and efficiency.

Quality check process

Our agents undergo a thorough quality check process. They are tested on speed and accuracy of processing information, based on pre-determined CTQ (Critical to Quality) fields. The performance monitoring report clearly highlights the areas of opportunity for the agents with recommendations to improve. The recurring errors are documented and eliminated completely


Regular calibration is carried out to ensure that there are no deviations in the parameters of quality. Our quality assurance team rates documents processed by our agents, these documents are then sent to the customers who rate them separately. The findings are then compared and the cycle continues till the ratings of the QA team and the client match.


For certification purposes, new agents perform at a specified floor level before they move into actual production. The client decides the floor level.


This is a critical stage of the quality process. The correct feedback is given to agents in the presence of the agent, his team leader and anyone who is concerned directly with the floor performance. There is also a structured process to capture the client's inputs, queries and problems and facilitate feedback throughout the customer lifecycle.


The call center quality assurance team works together with the training department to provide effective coaching to the new agents and to develop areas of opportunity for agents already on the floor. Training never ceases to exist, it is non-stop and lasts as long as the project does.


The quality assurance reporting plan comprises of daily, weekly and monthly accuracy and speed level reports. Reports on the agent's performance trends are also sent to the client. These reports that are sent are customized to the customer's specific needs.

Quality Infrastructure

Infrastructure delivers quality in its genuine form. O2I's state-of-the-art infrastructure, gives us the edge over all our competitors. We possess scalable distributed technology architecture. Our multiple levels of redundancy ensure continuous access and data transfer. Our distributed dialer technology, web-enabled engines, matching engines and other client based infrastructure provide you the best possible results in the industry.

The Witness software we use is tailor-made for all call center outsourcing services. On an average call center outsourcing service providers record 10-20% of the calls that are most often sales conversion calls. We offer 100% complete end-to-end recording of all calls for research services.

Complete accessibility and transparency

You as our client will have complete and full access to our database, you will receive detailed analysis reports, get to listen to any call of your choice and also train our agents. O2I provides online web access to its call center operations. Our Graphic User Interface (GUI) checks all calls for quality and prepares individual and group reports on the same. You have access to these reports as well and can suggest any changes if need be. You also have access to data tagged with the call used for analysis.

Constant feedback from you as our client will keep the process running just the way you want it and increases the quality of the output. We provide such visibility and access to our performance that a client specific approach with focus on customer service of the highest quality just follows.

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