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Top 10 Post-Covid Contact Center Trends & Insights for 2021

Top 10 Post-Covid Contact Center Trends & Insights in 2021

Have a look at the latest trends and insights to watch out for in 2021 for the contact centers in the post Covid pandemic era

The Covid pandemic has shaken up the world and all industries alike. New and useful trends in the call center industry have been coming up throughout 2020 to overcome the challenges. It is important that companies proactively keep pace with the evolving changes to stay ahead of their competitors.

Many organizations have faced the challenges that cropped up last year head-on and changed the operations to provide clients with the best quality service. This article highlights the top contact center trends and insights that will prevail in the post-covid era.

10 Key Post-Covid Contact Center Trends and Insights 2021

As we look forward to a better 2021, there will be increased awareness of providing the best customer service to clients and enhancing their experience. Some of the trends and insights that we need to look forward to in 2021 are listed here:

  • Omnichannel Support Will be Appreciated

    Omnichannel Support Will be Appreciated

    Consumers expect brands and companies to respond to their queries across different channels. Consumers want their queries resolved as soon as possible without having to repeat their problems on multiple channels. Omnichannel support will be one of the fastest-growing channels and consumers will look for several channels to get in touch with your brand.

  • Live Engagement Will be Preferred

    Live Engagement Will be Preferred

    With the lack of real-time communication, the message can be miscommunicated several times. Hence, live engagement is going to be one of the key trends to watch out for. Customers are always short on time and hence need answers instantly. Live engagement with your customers can lead to providing them with a better customer experience.

  • Cloud Technologies Will Help Reduce Costs

    Cloud Technologies Will Help Reduce Costs

    As most of the call center employees are moving to work remotely, owning and running an office can get expensive in this period. More and more companies are expected to move their operations to a cloud-based solution which will help them to reduce costs significantly. Cloud technologies can help you scale up and reach a much wider audience without investing in any additional infrastructure and resources.

  • Data Security Will be Priority

    Data Security Will be Priority

    Consumers are becoming more and more concerned about the security of their data. The data privacy debate is being increasingly resonating across industries. Companies must ensure that their agents understand the importance of data privacy and why it matters in the consumers' eyes.

  • Interaction Through Social Media Will Soar

    Interaction Through Social Media Will Soar

    Social media will no longer remain a platform where people will talk about your brands but will grow to be one of the most important platforms which will be used by your consumers. People will seek support and assistance more than ever on social media in the coming times.

  • Use of Chatbots Will Continue to Grow

    Use of Chatbots Will Continue to Grow

    Customer service by chatbots will continue to revolutionize the industry. The post-pandemic period will continue to see the evolution and growth of chatbots. Chatbots have been a preferred way of communication last year as almost 50% of shoppers in the United States preferred chatbots while making online purchases.

  • Self Service Options Will Gain Popularity

    Self Service Options Will Gain Popularity

    The covid era has seen a significant growth in call volumes to resolve their issues. By developing a digital self-service portal, the call volumes can be significantly reduced. The business can improve the engagement rates by developing interactive chat tools and messaging apps where consumers can get most of the issues resolved without having to talk to any agent.

  • Automation Will Free Agents

    Automation Will Free Agents

    Consumers like to get personal attention and build a healthy relationship with the brand. By automating several contact center operations, the agents will be freed to focus on personal customer connections. By providing customers with personal attention brands can enhance the overall customer experience.

  • Remote Working Will Continue

    Remote Working Will Continue

    More and more call centers are hiring remotely working agents as it is beneficial to both, the employees as well as the businesses. Businesses can save on admin costs by hiring remote call center agents whereas for the agents, flexible working hours and saving commute time can be highly beneficial and cost-saving.

  • Technology Will Help Ease Budgeting Problems

    Technology Will Help Ease Budgeting Problems

    While customer expectations are constantly rising, the budgets have been shrinking over time. With companies reducing their workforce due to the current economic conditions, organizations are moving towards the latest technologies to help them scale up their efforts. Almost half of the companies plan to spend more on ramping up their technology in the coming year.

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