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Hire A Remote Executive

In your daily business schedule, there are certain non-core, routine tasks that can be delegated to an executive assistant. This helps you focus on important tasks such as interacting with customers and building your business. However, if you do not have an assistant at your disposal, you can hire a remote executive from Outsource2india.

We understand that in today's busy world, having too many routine tasks to complete on a daily basis is difficult. It is a time-consuming process to perform daily tasks such as scheduling appointments, answering calls, sending business e-mails, creating presentations, etc., in-house. It would be ideal to have a personal secretary or assistant, who could perform these tasks for you, on your behalf.

Our remote executives help you save time, free-up resources, cut operational costs and manage time effectively. Several companies across the globe have hired our remote executives and are happy with their professional services. A remote executive at Outsource2india can perform the following tasks -

  • Travel / Airline and Hotel Reservations: Hire a remote executive for all your travel planning requirements. The remote executive you hire will facilitate your travel by booking airline tickets and making hotel reservations on your behalf. You would not have to spend much time on planning your travel and will have ample time to accomplish the important tasks of your business.

  • Scheduling Appointments: Planning your work in advance helps you conduct business effectively. With our remote executive at your assistance, you do not need to worry about your daily appointments. Your remote executive would schedule your appointments on your behalf in such a way that you strike a fine balance between attending important meetings and doing business.

  • Business Card Scanning: Your remote executive can scan your business cards so that all the important information from the cards is captured and stored on a secure FTP platform. This would help you save time otherwise spent on physically storing all the cards in a card album or folder.

  • Data Entry: Hire a remote executive and delegate all your tasks related to data entry to your hired remote executive. Your remote executive will record crucial data and maintain a database of your clients, vendors, partners and other stakeholders, which would consist of important details such as their contacts, phone number, address, website, e-mail address, etc.

  • Event Planning: If you are planning to organize a business meeting, event or a panel discussion, delegate all the tasks related to the event to your remote executive. The executive will help you organize the event in a professional manner by taking care of the minutest details, right from the concept to that of the final execution of the event. All the necessary arrangements for the event will be made by the remote executive hired by you.

  • Internet Research: Your remote executive can research the Internet for crucial information that you would require for your business. Information such as names of the best business hotels in your vicinity where you could conduct business meetings, the networking opportunities available in your area, the latest technology available for your business needs, etc. can be easily found on the Internet, provided you have a dedicated executive working for you, who is proficient in surfing the Internet. Your remote executive can also manage your website on your behalf by performing tasks such as website design, developing engaging content for your website, search engine optimization, etc.

  • Call Answering: If you do not have sufficient time to answer calls, hire a remote executive to answer all your phone calls on your behalf. Your calls will be answered with your company's welcome message, in a professional manner. Your hired remote executive will pass on all the details of the calls answered to you, at the end of the day.

  • Correspondence Management: Managing your online correspondences consumes a lot of time. Besides, it has to be done well in order to maintain a good rapport with your clients and business stakeholders. Hire a remote executive and assign all your tasks related to correspondence management to your remote executive. Your executive will help you in managing business e-mails, creating and circulating newsletters, sending follow-up or reminder e-mails, etc.

  • Presentations / Spreadsheets Creation: If you do not have the time to create a presentation, do not worry. Hire our remote executive who has a rich experience in creating professional PPT slides and spreadsheets. On hiring a remote executive, you can delegate all your presentations and spreadsheets creation tasks to the executive.

  • Desktop Publishing Services: To promote your business, you would need brochures, product / service catalogs, manuals, flyers, etc. Your remote executive can create them for you within a short span of time. You can delegate all your tasks related to DTP to the remote executive that you hire and get access to visually-attractive banners, brochures and other collaterals that can help you promote your business.

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