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Outsource Call Center Staffing calculator - User Guide

Outsource2india is a leading call center outsourcing services provider, offering a wide array of highly cost-efficient and reliable call center solutions to reputed companies across the globe. Having worked with numerous clients for almost a decade and half, we have experienced that the most common question every client seeks answer for is, "what is the total number of agents and budget I require to support my desired service level?"

Being the pioneers in the industry, we have developed a one-of-its-kind Call Center Staffing calculator that provides answers to the following questions -

  • How many call center resources will I need to support my call center expansion requirements?
  • What will be the cost incurred for the desired service level?

Introduction to Call Center Resource and Budget Planning Calculator

Call Center FTE calculator from Outsource2india is ABSOLUTELY FREE, and establishes the required number of agents and cost incurred per week, once the user inputs his project and service type, target country, call count, average handling type, and shift coverage preferences.

Here are the key components / fields of O2I's call center FTE calculator -

  1. Project Types

    You can use O2I's call center resource calculator to know your staffing requirements for any of the following 5 project types -

    1. Inbound Calling
    2. One-time Outbound Calling Requirement
    3. Ongoing Outbound Calling Requirement
    4. Email Support
    5. Chat Support
  2. Service Type

    It offers a list of services for which a user can know his/her staffing requirements. These services vary for different project types.

    Service List for Different Project Types
    Inbound Calling
    Outbound Calling
    (One-time and Ongoing requirement)
    Email Support and Chat Support
    Inbound Calling
    • Order Taking Services
    • Up-selling and Cross-selling Services
    • Customer Support Service
    • Answering Support
    • Tech Support
    • Others
    Outbound Calling
    (One-time and Ongoing requirement)
    • Lead Generation
    • Appointment Setting
    • Mail-Follow Up Services
    • Survey Report
    • Telesales
    • Others
    Email Support and Chat Support
    • Order Taking Services
    • Customer Service
    • Technical Service
  3. Select Target Country

    This field allows you to select the country where you are planning to expand your business by using our call center operations. Countries included in the list are -

    • USA
    • Canada
    • UK
    • Australia
    • Germany
    • Switzerland
    • Singapore
    • Middle East
  4. Shift Coverage

    This option allows you to determine total number of hours and days you want to avail call center services. We offer 4 options -

    • 24/7 Coverage - 24 hours coverage, for 7 days in a week
    • 24/5 Coverage - 24 hours coverage, for 5 days in a week
    • 10/7 Coverage - 10 hours coverage, for 7 days in a week
    • 10/5 Coverage - 10 hours coverage, for 5 days in a week
  5. Average Call Count per Week

    You need to enter the total number of calls (numeric field) that are to me made per week to the customers.

  6. Average Handling Time

    In this field, you need to enter the minimum time a call center executive needs to spend on a call (numeric value in minutes).

Fields unique to Outbound Calling requirements-

One-time Outbound Calling

  1. Total Number of Leads

    User needs to enter the total number of leads (prospects) to be called in the selected time-frame.

  2. Number of Attempts Required

    User needs to select the maximum number of times the calling agent should try reaching the lead, in case he/she doesn't respond in the first attempt. The maximum number of attempts allowed is 5.

  3. Deadline (Days)

    User needs to enter the total number of days in which he/she wants the agents to complete making outbound calls to all leads.

Ongoing Outbound Calling

  1. Manual / Predictive Dialing

    As the name suggests, you need to choose the preferred calling method to be either manual or predictive. In case you are not sure, you can choose "Do not Know" option, which will provide you the rates for both.

  2. Head Count Required

    You need to enter the total number of agents working on your on-going outbound call center project.

Calculate your call center staffing and budgetary requirements now. Hope this call center calculator help guide comes handy.

try our call center FTE calculator

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