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Cloud Data Management Services

Outsource Cloud Data Management Services

We manage your data on the Cloud to help your business benefit from scalable and recent data that are maintained as per the schedule for optimized performance starting at $7 per hour

As businesses examine their digital transformation needs, cloud master data management is growing rapidly. Nearly 40% of all servers are estimated to operate on cloud platforms by 2022. It is driving new business practices and operations. While many organizations use their on-premises backup systems to extend to the cloud; by 2022 the industry is bound to use cloud-based solutions for more than 75% of backups, reducing the use of legacy on-premises tools by a great margin.

The path to digital transformation may present hurdles that include dependency on legacy systems, concerns over performance, and skill gaps for many businesses. Cloud data management services providing company ensures your business with a modern data protection solution that delivers successful results and unblocks potential drawbacks.

Cloud Data Management Services We Offer

Being a leading cloud data management service provider in the world, we deal with several clients with varying requirements. Hence, at O2I, we provide a wide range of cloud data management services for data management, including -

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

    Backup and Disaster Recovery

    Data Protection is a thorough, yet simple to use information security arrangement that consolidates backup recovery with disaster recovery. It conveys reinforcement, replication, and disaster recovery for all outstanding tasks at hand, in the cloud, across different clouds, and in mixed conditions. It gives reliable recuperation of information and applications, virtual machines, and holders, alongside clear recoverability of replicas, cost-streamlined cloud information versatility, security, and tough ransomware insurance, and adaptable copy data management to use protected data for DevOps, testing, and investigation.

    • Multi-cloud Backup - Backup handling for files, applications, databases, virtual machines, containers, and other endpoints.

    • Application & Database Protection - Our single software program offers failover management for all your critical enterprise applications (SAP S/4HANA, Oracle E-Business Suite, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Active Directory).

    • Data Virtualization - Protect, monitor, and manage your data in cross infrastructures efficiently. By outsourcing cloud data management services with us, you can recover, transform, and re-cycle your VMs much faster and extend data protection policies regardless of where they exist.

    • Disaster Recovery Solutions - User-friendly disaster recovery software solutions along with orchestration, automation, and certifiable recovery for business endurance across on-premises and cloud environments.

  • HyperScale X

    HyperScale X

    A novel file system that is sure to improve performance, scalability, resiliency of data and provide much more flexible licensing potentials. The HyperScale X dashboard simplifies management by monitoring all HyperScale-explicit storage. Easily and quickly review the health and performance of hardware mechanisms and receive notifications if and when the SLAs are not met.

  • Software-defined Storage

    Software-defined Storage

    Simplify your substructures with an integrated solution for block, file, and object storage. Comprehensive API programmability with backing across OS, hypervisors, and containers to ensure flexibility and dexterity that applications need. Gauge data storage performance and capacity dynamically through off-the-shelf x86 and ARM servers.

    • Begin with as few as five nodes and progress to 900 or more
    • Provision Block, File and Object storage
    • Install flash or hybrid SSD/HDD storage nodes
    • Backing for container settings, alongside integrations with Kubernetes, Docker, D2iQ, and OpenShift
    • Integrate straightly with a complete set of APIs
  • SaaS Recovery & Backup

    SaaS Recovery & Backup

    Backup storage options are designed for Office 365 and Endpoints including unlimited Azure Storage so you can keep a local copy for a prompt recovery.

    • All-inclusive handling across all workloads
    • Ransomware protection and built-in anomaly detection
    • Flexible recovery with granular search, out-of-place, and point-in-time restore options
    • Effortless scale (1 terabyte to 10k+)
    • Automated daily hassle-free backups
    • In-flight data encryption across all spaces
    • Rapid deployment

Cloud Data Management Service Process We Follow

Clients expect highly qualified and efficient output from cloud data management services providing company. O2I has always kept its promise to deliver 100% high quality and error-free outputs for more than 25 years. We could achieve this feat by having a well-streamlined process flow. A few highlights of our multi-cloud data management at Outsource2india -


01. Analyze your Data

Get a glimpse of all your data on the Cloud, its usage, the costs involved? Get visibility into the data that you want to migrate to the cloud?


02. Planning and Estimation

Set policies about data migration and keep track of your savings


03. Data Management

Policy-based intelligent automation about data archiving, data replication, and data management


04. Fast and Reliable Data Migration

Manage your permissions, controls over data accession, and data security during its migration


05. Intelligent Cloud Archiving, Tiering, and Data Lifecycle Management

Manage ongoing data lifecycle in the cloud; support different cloud storage classes (File and CloudNAS) and cost-effective options (S3 and Glacier)

Benefits of Outsourcing Cloud Management Service

Gain the advantage of Hybrid control to extend your data to a multi-cloud strategy. You can also leverage delivery automation so complex data control processes can be automated. Additionally, you can focus on recovery whereas you gain recovery validation for all diverse data environments at low risk, ensuring compliance with information governance policies. Here are other benefits that you can have by outsourcing cloud data management services -

  1. Critical Value of Data

    Organizations that use legacy data protection can constantly face obstacles. 90% of organizations come face to face with outages. The lost productivity from an hour of downtime is close to 49k per application and can cause great financial impacts to your business.

    With over 50% of critical applications backed up at least hourly; 96% twice daily, the segment is seeking to minimize the downtime and surely exploring more recovery points (RPO). An average of $480,000 is spent on Cloud Data Management services in India each year. By incorporating modern data protection tools, you can reduce that by 50% and increase RPO by 53% roughly.

  2. Impact of Downtime Beyond Costs

    During outages, customer confidence is eroded, complicating the consequence to your brand and revenues. Dwindling employee confidence is one of the top concerns related to downtime.

    Cloud data management can reduce impacts beyond downtime by almost 54%. Faster and reliable recovery of data protection solutions enables you to increase your backup team productivity and reassure clients that their project and data is secure at all times.

  3. Data Vulnerability and Cyber Threats

    Besides unpredicted downtimes, organizations must constantly navigate cyber threats that disrupt businesses. The average ransomware payment hovered roughly around $41,000 last year. A cloud data management service provider helps organizations trim their average ransomware payments. Upgrading to a new cloud data management platform helps your organization to foresee, and take proactive steps to be firewalled from cyber threats.

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Other Services You Can benefit from

Why Outsource Cloud Data Management Services to Outsource2india?

Outsourcing cloud data management services to O2I can be quite useful to you for the following factors -

  • Quality Management

    Outsource2india is ISO 9001:2015 certified for data quality management system. The ISO accreditation requests that we should endeavor to keep up flawless quality norms and we never wince from the undertaking. We always strive to improve our services and our goal has always been to set the highest standards in excellence. Regardless of how complicated the venture, our customers are guaranteed an almost 100% accuracy.

  • Data Security

    Outsource2india is an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 Certified outsourcing platform for Data Security Management. The security and privacy of your data are of foremost significance for us. At the point when you confide in us with your data, we never let you down.

  • Cost-effective

    Outsource2india provides cost-effective and scalable solutions for client-specific needs. Get up to 44% reduction on the annual expenditures of data infrastructure, software & services.

  • ISO Certification

    Outsource2india is an ISO certified outsourcing company and HIPAA compliant service provider. We strive to achieve rigorous high standards and consistent quality and adhere to delivery schedules.

  • Dedicated Project Manager

    Every client is assigned a dedicated team and project manager to keep you updated and informed of your POS requests.

  • One-click Deployment

    Outsource2india is a one-stop-shop for all your data needs. Reduce the time required for innovation to configure your next database.

  • World-class Infrastructure

    Our world-class infrastructure has you covered. We provide you with high-class security and data protection and support services with 100% 24/7 backup support.

  • Robust Technologies

    Our robust technology ensures systematic completion of the complete process, quality reviews, on-time reports, and high scalability.

  • Elastic Scaling

    Optimize data and with dependable and best in class processes and state-of-the-art systems built on Db2 Common SQL engine.

  • 24/7 Customer Assistance

    Our customer support center works 24/7 to assist and help our clients from all time zones. Our center has been designed to provide you with convenience and security to access a wide range of information regarding your queries.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided Data Research and Extraction to a Nightlife App Developer

Outsource2india Provided Data Research and Extraction to a Nightlife App Developer

A top nightlife app developer sought a reliable partner to provide them with data research and extraction support. Our team of data management experts held out required services within their scope and expectations.

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O2I Provided XML Conversion to a Norwegian Academic Literature Publisher

Outsource2india Provided XML Conversion to a Norwegian Academic Literature Publisher

A reputed Norway-based academic literature publisher needed a reliable XML conversion service provider. Our team of data management experts handled services within a quick time.

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Outsource Cloud Data Management Services to Outsource2india


Working with O2I has been a great experience. They quickly learned our line of business, adapted to our requirements, and has consistently performed well. They've also gone above and beyond their duty. They're reliable. A wonderful partner.

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Data is a key element for every digital business. Modern data protection requires an intelligent records management approach; that enables data to back up autonomously, migrate to its right location and secure itself from deviant activities. O2I has emerged as a pacesetter in terms of data backup, recovery, protection, mobility, security, and compliance management. Utilizing O2I's platform can help make your data fluid across any cloud without any barriers (hardware, software, or licensing) while freeing up resources restricted by legacy tools and focusing on extending to innovative projects.

O2I's integrated, automated data protection approach allows you to proficiently back up your data, manage costs by concentrating on chief priority data and recovery points. Data recovery at O2I is quick and easy wherever and whenever it's needed.

So, if you are looking for a reliable, efficient, and trustworthy cloud data management service provider, then Contact Us now.

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