Human Gesture Annotation Services

Human Gesture Annotation Services

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made great leaps forward in the last few decades. Collaborating with human intelligence is the key to build reliable AI systems, as we need to filter large volumes of data sample to train machines to derive better and accurate insights. Human gesture annotation is a relatively new and challenging technology, which helps businesses build a robust pattern recognition system to aid machine learning. Outsource2india provides specialized, high-quality, human-annotated, human gesture datasets that meet a wide range of data annotation needs.

Backed by over 24 years of experience in an exhaustive gamut of data engineering services, Outsource2india boasts of intuitive resources to help your machine learning, human gesture recognition and artificial intelligence solutions. Be it text, image, or video, in globally recognized languages and dialects, our data experts can provide you greater possibilities with our human gesture annotation services.

Human Gesture Annotation Services We Offer

As a global leader, we at Outsource2india handpick industry experts to ensure high-quality human gesture annotation services to help you transform your machine learning ideas into reality. Working with you as an extension of your in-house team, our data scientists and researchers bring in innovative analysis methods to extract off-the-shelf data for higher activity recognition. Helping you avoid large expenses on computational resources with cumbersome image annotation requirements, we provide a professional touch to ensure quality data accumulation and maximum utilization for better machine learning.

Right from posture to gesture recognition, we at Outsource2india help you improve your AI and machine learning products to provide higher customer experience with high-volumes of right data to train machines to imitate human thought and action related to human gesture. Our annotated data services enable clients to create richer, more authentic, more valuable, and more functionally usable applications. Some of our capabilities include -

  • Comprehensive classification of tagging gestures as well as facial expressions for objective quantification. We consider pictorial, spatial, rhythmic, kinetic, pointing gesture annotation, etc. to aide our clients. Along with that we help you study redundant, content-carrying, and enhancing gestures to avoid information overlap
  • Semantic annotation of text that includes entity identification for sentiment analysis, data mining and search applications
  • We provide transcription as well as time-stamping to accurately describe image content to train machines helping clients optimize training models and support their goals
  • Better quality machine training material with human-annotated data based on subjectivity, intent, and lack of ambiguity
40% Cost Reduction
8-24 Hrs Faster Turnaround
500+ Satisfied Clients
350+ Skilled Data
Management Experts
99% Accuracy
21 Years Experience

Why Choose Us for Human Gesture Annotation Projects?

With a worldwide coverage and strategic locations, Outsource2india enjoys access to exhaustive and exclusive image libraries that are region or geography specific to provide enriched high-quality data for specific target markets that you are interested in. Surpassing client expectations, we deliver projects that help you invade newer markets with confidence.

We have a global resource pool from top institutes who have years of expertise in data mining, data management, data annotation services.

  • Flexible pricing structure to provide proficient services at affordable rates
  • Enhanced data entry security as our data labs are leak-proof, and your data and concepts are protected under any circumstances. We follow strict data security policies to ensure our client data is unharmed. We use secured file transfer methodologies to ensure your data is completely safe
  • Uncompromised data entry quality to ensure that you get high-quality output
  • Stat-of-the-art data labs and skilled resources to help you design interfaces for speech and gesture applications with our data experts, world-class infrastructure as well as latest data mining tools
  • Gesture study framework in which we adopt standard Semantic Web technologies as well as non-standard inferences services to study posture and gesture annotations and exploit videos and images to yield the right data to fit your requirement
  • Global delivery model - Outsource2india is an ISO certified firm with its own proven global delivery model that ensure quality services at an economic pricing model

Choose Outsource2india - Your Partner for Human Gesture Annotation Needs

Outsource2india is a data management services provider offering a gamut of data entry services to global clients. We are ready to design a customized approach to meet your specific requirements in the best possible manner. Let's discuss about your specific business challenges, and see how our data experts can help you out with high-quality data annotation services. We also offer data capture services, copy paste services, data enrichment services, catalog data entry services, etc.

Outsourcing human gesture annotation services to India can help you cut down your operational expenses and reduce time to market. Write to us today and let our experts get in touch with you at the earliest.

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