Data Provisioning Services

Data Provisioning Services

We enable data extraction, replication, mapping, and transformation across the network so the data is made visible to end-users via a front-end interface at rates starting at $7 per hour

Every organization procures data from different sources. The data is procured for distinctive agendas and hence comes with non-standard formatting. The non-standard data is collected and stored within the environment. Consequently, information derived from this data is inconsistent as each set of data has a different language to convey. Data provisioning helps in making the data from diverse sources consistent so that all the accrued data speak the same language.

Outsource2india has over 24 years of experience in data provisioning services. Our data provisioning solution helps in achieving optimum accuracy to enable operators and applications to talk to each other under the same standards and definitions. We guarantee data accuracy and data cohesion irrespective of where the data is scooped from a framework. By leveraging our services our clients can ensure that all channels and systems within the setup provide the same information and build environment-wide conformity and uniformity.

Our Data Provisioning Services

As a specialized data provisioning services company, we offer a range of services. From acquiring a targeted list, to cleansing and segmenting data, and finally building the master data file. Some of our services for data provisioning include -

  • Data Licensing Services

    Data Licensing Services

    Data licensing is the first step of our data provisioning service. We assist you to get the license to marketing data from all big repositories of contact databases. After acquiring the license we double-check the contact lists and update them every 60 days. Our services not just help you avail authority to unlimited data usability, but also get access to the most accurate and reliable data.

  • Data Segmentation

    Data Segmentation

    In this stage of the data provisioning service, we review the database and identify the different segments into which the database can be segmented into. The objective is to create segments that are more sharp and precise and present accurate information of contacts with correctly mapped interests. As a result, your business will always be in a position to pick up a particular relevant list and send the relevant communication to a relevant audience to grow your business.

  • Data Cleansing

    Data Cleansing

    Data cleansing is the third stage of our data provisioning service. In this stage, we identify and eliminate data that is of poor quality data and hence can impact the accuracy of insights. We have a specialized data cleansing team to identify and weed out data that is inconsistent and inaccurate. Our team has expertise on a range of cleansing tools which includes Xplenty, Tibco Clarity, RingLead, etc. We also bank on a well-defined cleansing process to find structural errors, missing data, and unwanted outliers.

  • Data Appending

    Data Appending

    As a leading data provisioning service provider we offer data enrichment services to introduce new updates, maintain the health of the database, and boost response rates consistently. We ensure all of this by providing you access to data that is doubly validated and verified. Our data appending services will help you reach out to prospects at the right time and get maximum conversions. Our clients depend on our data appending services to fill voids with up-to-date information. Some such regular updates include name, address, income, phone numbers, email ID, job designation, and more. By leveraging our data provisioning services clients can streamline their data appending needs and make the most of available opportunities.

  • Data Analysis

    Data Analysis

    Data analysis is a critical part of our data provisioning services. It includes gathering, modeling, and analyzing data to get strategic insights to help in informed decision-making. We have acquired expertise in several methods and techniques to perform data analysis. Some of these include descriptive analysis - what happened, diagnostic analysis - why it happened, exploratory analysis - how to establish data relationships, prescriptive analysis - how it may happen, and predictive analysis - what is likely to happen. Our data analysis methods are largely based on two core areas: qualitative methods and quantitative research methods. The methods we commonly use are cluster analysis regression analysis cohort analysis factor analysis neural networks and data mining. We implement the techniques based on the industry and the objective of the analysis.

  • Text Analysis

    Text Analysis

    Text analysis is an integral part of our data provisioning service and involves extracting machine-readable information from unstructured text to manage content. We make use of customized text mining pipelines to handle ambiguous texts and interpret them with high accuracy. Our text analysis service is designed to handle broader tasks of content management, content recommendation, and regulatory compliance. With our text analysis services, we assist clients to derive insightful information, discover patterns, use and reuse content, search beyond keywords, and more. As a data of data provisioning, this service helps in analyzing heaps of unstructured, heterogeneous data into easily interpretable nuggets of information.

  • Data Monitoring Services

    Data Monitoring Services

    You need to keep an eye on your data to manage it properly. Our data monitoring services provide you with highly customizable solutions to meet all your monitoring needs. Our data monitoring system is proactive and we notify the appropriate personnel should some aberrations happen. We monitor data for you at any time and from any location with the help of alerts, dashboards, and reports. Our comprehensive data monitoring services include automatic alerts, issue resolution, audit trails, and data policy implementation.

  • Data Audit Services

    Data Audit Services

    Our data audit services are tailored to carry out a thorough data analysis followed by the creation of data quality scorecards. Based on the scorecard, we define data quality business rules that fit your business requirements. In the process of auditing the data, we cleanse, standardize, map, merge and analyze the data. Our vast expertise in data auditing helps us audit the completeness and accuracy of data, and make recommendations structuring the data, populating data fields, managing quality issues, etc.

  • Data Strategy

    Data Strategy

    Data strategy is a part of our data provisioning service and entails long term plan for managing your data. The primary objective of this is to integrate data and the business process so that a correct context can be built. With the correct data strategy, we give structure to the data being generated followed by providing “information” about the data. This is followed by devising ways to archive, secure, and partition data. Unlike most data provisioning service provider we make sure the information strategy is kept separate data strategy so that the business user can focus on context and usability and the IT can focus on structure and integration.

Our Data Provisioning Process

Data Provisioning is the act of being able to access data from data sources to the target system without having the data warehouse in between. As an expert data provisioning services providing company we follow the below-mentioned steps to ensure neat and accurate data provisioning services -


01. Requirement Gathering

This is primarily the stage where we understand what kind of data you generate and how much of it is structured and unstructured. The client's hand holds us through all the data generating sources which help us draw a blueprint for undertaking the various steps involved in data provisioning. It is based on this blueprint that we carry out the remaining steps


02. Extract

This is the first step of the provisioning process where the data is extracted from multiple source systems. We undertake the task of complete retrieval of data from various sources. We take care of extracting both structured and unstructured data. The 2 techniques involved in the process are full extraction and incremental extraction. In the case of unstructured data, we clean up data first and involves steps such as removing symbols and whitespace, eliminating duplicate results, and replace missing values logically


03. Transform

In this second phase, we undertake the extracted data through a series of functions to transfer it into the target system. We take meticulous care to alter the format and structure of the extracted data through a range of data transformation operations. The transformation to be done is decided by the nature of the target system. Critical to the transformation stage is mapping the data types from origin to destination systems, leveling semi-structured data for proper data validation, and creating the right relational database


04. Load

This is the final stage of data provisioning where the data gets loaded to the destination system. It involves transferring the structured data into a target, which may be a data lake, data warehouse, or platform that is meant for direct data feeds. This is the preparatory stage for online analytical processing (OLAP) systems, to meet and satisfy queries. Once the loading is complete the stage is set for predictive analyses or manual machine learning

Other Services You Can benefit from

Why Outsource Data Provisioning Services to Outsource2india?

We offer our clients a range of data provisioning benefits. Some of these benefits include -

  • Save Money

    The cost of data provisioning is too high and is very time-consuming. Our data provisioning services are designed to save you both money and time. We ensure this by cutting onboarding and operational costs. As a result, it leads to a lot of time savings for both IT and human resources departments which finally translates into great money savings. We also work from different global centers in the world which help us offer services at reasonable costs.

  • Improve Productivity

    Our data provisioning services are driven by the most advanced technologies. We eliminate the common ills of provisioning practices such as spending days or weeks in creating accounts, approving access requests to all stakeholders, and so on. This helps to eliminate stress on your IT resources, particularly when you are provisioning a large number of users as you scale your business.

  • Optimize Transparency Across Users

    Our data provisioning services provide users access to applications and tools based on their roles and permission levels on our platform. As a result, admins get a clear idea of all those who have access and the ways they are utilizing their access. Our access system is designed to weed out inefficiencies and create transparency for the end-to-end data view.

  • Data Security

    We ensure privacy to your project and data. To do so, we take all steps deemed necessary to avoid data from falling into wrong hands.

  • Data Provisioning Experts

    We are driven by a team of data experts who can provide support to end-to-end requirements for all kinds of sophisticated data provisioning projects. Our experts are committed to driving improvement of the data provisioning operations including setting up important metrics, designing processes, and driving improvement to enhanced data needs, and changing data governance guidelines.

  • Easily Scalable

    We assist you to change without any hassles because we scale up our data provisioning services to meet the growing needs of your business. Our provisioning services are tailored to meet the lifecycle management of users and then collecting and data provisioning from them according to a pre-designed plan.

  • Assured Compliance

    Whether you need to comply with PCI, HIPAA, ISO, or any other regulations, the way you provision data for your organization plays a big role in your compliance. We guarantee compliance with the help of a centralized identity and access management (IAM) solution. As a result, there is complete visibility and security throughout an IT environment. The other ways in which we help with data compliance are by automating user provisioning and user de-provisioning.

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Outsource2india has over 24 years of experience in provided data provisioning services to large and small organizations across the US. We implement a federated approach to data provisioning and ensure distributed data is in place before being provisioned to applications and users across the organization. Our data processing solutions are easier to implement and are directed towards minimizing costs associated with disrupting data. We help you create a comprehensive, and less expensive system for data provisioning across departments, locations, and companies. Our bespoke solution is secure, fast, and compliant and will help you improve the integrity of your business data.

If you are looking for the best data provisioning services in India, get in touch with our experts now.

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