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If you have crucial market research data regarding your customers, competition, your market or your business, it becomes equally important to process this data into insightful information. Whether you want to reduce errors while processing forms from your market research or automate the entire process, outsourcing to Outsource2india's market research team will cut costs and save time.

Market research forms processing involves a process wherein data collected from market research is converted into a digital or an electronic format. This data is then stored across multiple locations and databases and subjected to further analysis in the market research process.

The need to outsource market research form processing services

The data you get from the market are often true indicators of how your market is responding to your products / services and how it can be improved. However, processing and analyzing the data is a laborious and time – consuming process especially if your sample size is large.

Usually a market research assignment involves staffs who go out on the field or online to collect data, costs and salaries of the resources, technical costs needed to process and analyze the data among other costs. More often than not, availability of resources is scarce or rather expensive.

Human error is also a major bottleneck when it comes to processing the data from the research. This can seriously undermine the objective of the research and produce erroneous results.

In such cases, outsourcing this task to experts can help in achieving the goals of your market research exercise. India, with its strong technical background, availability of skilled personnel and experience in market research, is becoming a destination for companies around the world to outsource their market research activities.

40% Cost Reduction
8-24 Hrs Faster Turnaround
500+ Satisfied Clients
350+ Skilled Data
Management Experts
99% Accuracy
21 Years Experience

Outsource2india's market research forms processing services

Outsource2india has been providing outsourcing solutions to more than 18,000+ customers around the globe for over 24 years. We have a dedicated marketing research team which comprises of highly skilled professionals with varying expertise and experience. Coupled with strong infrastructure and advanced software systems you can be sure of the results that we promise. Apart from providing services in forms process in market research we also undertake data processing tasks from other fields as well.

Some of the salient features of our market research form processing service are:

  • Use of a high speed scanner / form reader tool – Scans up to 2500 words a minute with 99% accuracy
  • In the second method we will design an automatic form input system, collect and analyze the data from this form input system
  • Expertise in both types of form processing, structured and non-structured. We have carried out form processing for clients with a variety of business processes
  • Capable of working with different formats of data like HTML, CGI, ASP, JSP and PHP

Our emphasis on the process and communication in any engagement has earned us referrals and laurels from our customers. Here's a broad outline of the process that is involved in forms processing services:

  • Our first step would be to understand your business process at a high level and then suggest the appropriate method to process the forms
  • In the next step the form reader tool and / or the electronic form is employed to collate and generate reports
  • Upon your review, we can change / customize the database used to store the data or the form interface
  • Quality checks along each step of the process ensures that the information comes out clean and without errors

About Outsource2india

We are passionate about your growth. With that motto in mind, we have successfully empowered businesses around the world for over 24 years through a successful outsourcing model. In working with you, we will not only act as a vendor but as a partner in understanding and maximizing your goals.

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