Biological Species Database Creation Services

Biological Species Database Creation Services

Biological databases are highly crucial for bioinformatics and biological discovery purposes offering scientists with the opportunity to access an extensive variety of biologically applicable data. We, at Outsource2india, aid scientists, laboratories, online libraries, and research farms with images, information, and categorization services. Our Biological Species Database Creation services are designed to make information available in a more organized and reliable manner.

Be it an animal or plant species or more detailed information like genomes, microbes or DNA structures, we can help you with our specialized database creation services. With over 24 years of expertise in data entry, curation, and management, Outsource2india has provided support to numerous organizations and individuals as well. Aiding bioinformatic databases with authentic and well-researched data, in the form or texts or images, our data management experts work towards making data more readable and comprehensible.

Biological Species Database Creation Services We Offer

Outsource2india helps you design databases according to your business or professional needs while helping you reduce the operational cost of hiring in-house data management experts, or making extra expenditures on infrastructure. As a choiced biological species database creation service provider, we provide access to professional data entry experts who have ample experience in this specific domain. While you focus on your core occupational activities, we enable you with high-quality, assured, and reliable scientific data. Our biological species database creation services include -

  • Data Collection and Entry - We help you with accurate databases with minimum information and on important fields like generic information on living and non-living organisms as well as in-depth data on nucleotide and protein sequences, main sequence databases, Main protein databases, genome databases, bibliographies, etc. to help your research process
  • Biological Image Annotation Services - Outsource2india also helps you tag appropriate and relevant information to any set of biological images to enrich existing or new databases
  • Multi-Lingual Database support - To further help research process and make data easily comprehensible, Outsource2india also provides multilingual database support
  • Data Verification and Presentation - Understanding that biological data is crucial and complex with a higher focus on data accuracy, we provide easy to read data that is curated to perfection
  • Fully functional databases - We use both the traditional as well as innovative abstracting and indexing (A&I) of all relevant information to ensure your database requirements are met suitably
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Biological Species Database Creation Process We Follow

At Outsource2india, we have a clearly defined process to provide biological species database creation services to our clients.

Requirement Understanding

Team Contacts client to gather initial requirement

Resource Engagement

Assigning the right resources from the Data Management Team

Data Collection

Using secondary research for data collection

Database Creation

Team creates database - Uploads data

Review & Feedback Implementation

Project reviewed, Feedback provided, Make required changes

Quality Check

QA Team performs QC ensures accuracy

Final Delivery

Project delivery in the preferred format

Benefits of Partnering with Outsource2india for Biological Species Database Creation

As an established support service provider, we have access to right information sources as well as the relevant bandwidth in terms of human resources and infrastructure to provide high-quality database service at a reasonable pricing model. We have catered to clients across the scientific spectrum with varied level of requirements, right from simple data entry jobs to highly specialized annotation services.

  • Data Accuracy - We at Outsource2india collect data through mostly secondary research and verify the data to ensure data accuracy. Our ISO certified quality assurance process allows us to ensure we meet client set quality benchmark and meet target deadlines
  • Data Confidentiality - Outsoruce2India's strict data security policies ensure only authorized personnel have access to client data and our confidentiality agreements for legal compliance are duly signed. We also maintain data back up of all files for easy retrieval in case of data loss
  • Quick Turnaround - We are strategically located across with globe with multiple delivery centers to help us cater to clients without delay
  • Flexible Pricing Model - We offer flexible pricing model to suit different budget requirements, and our prices are based on 'per project', 'per hour' and have an FTE (full-time equivalent) option
  • Skilled Professionals - Our data management professionals come with minimum of five years' experience in specific fields and can create, update, and maintain databases irrespective of complexities and volumes without compromising on quality

Choose Outsource2india for Efficient Biological Species Database Creation

There are very few companies which offer biological species database creation services in India, and we are one of them. Outsource2india is a pioneer in database service provisioning to global clientele with extensive experience and expertise, specifically in biological databases. Be it data entry or data enrichment services, our team provides highly specialized services that aide various phases of scientific data requirements. We also provide online data entry services, image data entry services, company reports data entry services, database data entry services, etc.

If you have decided on outsourcing biological species database creation, look no further. To know more about our biological species database creation services, contact us today with your requirements.

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Biological Species Database Creation Services FAQs

  • Which is the first biological database?

    It was GenBank, a repository of protein and DNA sequence. National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) are the authority maintaining the database.

  • What are the types of biological databases?

    It's segmented into the structure, sequence, and functional database. All protein sequences and nucleic acids are held in sequence database while solved RNA and protein go in a structural database.

  • Why does one need a biological database?

    It helps researchers to study the biological phenomena of biomolecular structure and its interaction with thriving organisms. In a nutshell, it helps in building the complete picture of species evolution.

  • What is the primary biological database?

    It is a global repository of experimentally derived data from DNA and protein sequencing. It's an all-encompassing database that is highly organized and readable.