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Data Transformation Services

Outsource Data Transformation Services

Organize and streamline your data efficiently by choosing our transformation services at prices starting at just $6 an hour

The process of converting data from one structure or format into another structure or format is called data transformation. It is carried out to make data more organized and of better quality. Information transformation forms the premise of all data integration and management tasks.

Outsource2India has over 2 decades of experience in information transformation. Driven by data science experts, our services have assisted our clients, format data properly, and make data compatible between applications, systems, and types. We have acquired profound experience to make the process less expensive, less resource-intensive, and time effective.

Data Transformation Services We Offer

As a specialized data transformation service providing company, we provide the following services -

  1. Bucketing/Binning


    In bucketing services, we change numeric features into categorical features, as per certain thresholds.

  2. Data Aggregation

    Data Aggregation

    With this type of transformation, we compile information from a given database into an easy-to-read format.

  3. Data Cleansing

    Data Cleansing

    In this transformation, we detect and correct inaccurate or corrupt records from a database and transform it into error-free data.

  4. Data Deduplication

    Data Deduplication

    With data deduplication transformation we help you eliminate excessive copies of data to reduce storage capacity requirements.

  5. Data Derivation

    Data Derivation

    In this type of transformation, we create a data value from different contribution data values by using a data derivation algorithm.

  6. Data Filtering

    Data Filtering

    With the data filtering process we assist you to create a subset from your data set for viewing and analysis.

  7. Data Integration

    Data Integration

    We deploy this process to pull in data from disparate sources and provide you with a unified view for easy comprehension.

  8. Data Joining

    Data Joining

    This type of transformation involves combining data sets in a side-by-side way, for easy mapping and understanding.

  9. Data Splitting

    Data Splitting

    With this service, we help you partition data into two parts, to make cross-validation of data easy and effective.

  10. Data Summarization

    Data Summarization

    With this transformation service, we provide data study in the form of a short conclusion for instant understanding.

  11. Data Validation

    Data Validation

    This service is designed to help you check the quality and accuracy of source data before importing and using the data.

  12. Format Revision

    Format Revision

    In the format revision service, we help you fix problems that arise from fields having diverse data types.

Our Data Transformation Process

Our process consists of the below two steps -


01. Understanding and Mapping Data

This is the first stage of transformation, our experts sit with you to study your data sources. Our experts examine sources such as business system databases, streaming sources, CRM platforms, web app data, etc. to understand your data


02. Transforming Data

In the second stage, we implement data transformation as per the data mapped in the first stage. We use different strategies to accomplish this some of which include hand-coding ETL solutions, onsite-server-based ETL solutions, Cloud-based ETL solutions, etc.

Data Transformation Tools

As a specialized data transformation service provider, we perform three types of services. These include -


01. Scripting

In this type, we use Python or SQL to write code and extract and transform data. We use it mostly when there is a need to automate certain tasks in a program


02. On-Premise ETL Tools

We use ETL tools when there is a need to save time. We have extensive experience in using them, and so can accomplish your transformation needs with complete expertise


03. Cloud-Based ETL Tools

We use this tool to collect data from any cloud source. Once the data is extracted it is loaded into your data warehouse

Other Services You Can benefit from

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Transformation Services to O2I

  • Expert Team and Tools

    Outsourcing to us helps you get easy access to a team of experts consisting of data scientists and BI professionals. Besides, we eliminate the need to invest in on-premise infrastructure. We have the latest tools needed to optimize the process of transformation.

  • Time-Bound Process

    We have a well-developed process to assess and transform data. Our process is designed to collect, compile, clean, and seamlessly organize data. This helps in identifying patterns and establishing appropriate mapping.

  • Cost & Time Efficient Process

    Our process is very cost-efficient. This is because we operate from 8 global centers. We pass on the benefits of operating from low-cost countries to our clients. Also, we operate from different time zones thus assisting our client's completing projects on time.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided PDF to Excel Data Conversion to a Florida-based Client

PDF to Excel Data Conversion to a Florida-based Client

A leading Florida-based client was looking for a reliable PDF to Excel data conversion service provider. Our team provided the client with cost-effective services.

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O2I Provided Data Research and Extraction to a Tampa-based Client

Data Research and Extraction to a Tampa-based Client

A well-known Tampa-based client was looking for a data research and extraction service provider. Our team helped the client with the best quality services within a quick time.

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We were very satisfied with the quality of service Outsource2india provided. They were able to meet our requests with great professionalism and flexibility. We look forward to having your team fulfill future projects for us.

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Outsource Data Transformation Services to Outsource2India

Outsource2India has over two decades of experience in data transformation. Our process consists of providing our clients with an information transformation model that aligns with their business requirements. This helps us deliver business value in terms of performance, ROI, and data security.

If you are looking for the best data transformation services in India, get in touch with our experts now.

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