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How quickly a business responds to changes in the market can determine its survival. To ensure that they remain competitive, more companies are adopting the strategy of outsourcing non-core work to a specialized vendor. An outsourcing partner brings in specialized expertise at minimized costs. At the same time, precious resources can be diverted to generate more value for customers.

Outsource2india uses sophisticated technology to provide telephone directory data entry services to varied customers. We are committed to delivering the best service possible. We will work as your partner to help you realize your vision for your business.

Why outsource telephone directory data entry services to Outsource2india?

Information needs to be available in a readily usable format before a business can leverage it effectively. This is especially true for contact information such as data in telephone directories. Not only does digitizing this data make it more user-friendly, it also makes it more readily available to different levels within the same organization. Ready availability means that this information can be used to make better decisions.

When you outsource your requirements for telephone directory data entry projects to us, you can be assured of the best service possible. We not only increase the efficiency of this process, but also undertake rigorous Quality Assurance (QA) checks to ensure that keyed in information is validated for accuracy. With Outsource2india taking care of your requirements for data entry from telephone directories, you can focus your attention on strengthening your core competencies. This can help you deliver enhanced value to your customers.

40% Cost Reduction
8-24 Hrs Faster Turnaround
500+ Satisfied Clients
350+ Skilled Data
Management Experts
99% Accuracy
21 Years Experience

Benefits of outsourcing telephone directory data entry services

Outsourcing telephone directory data entry services to Outsource2india has several advantages. These include:

  • Increased usability of information: By outsourcing your requirements for data entry from telephone directories to Outsource2india, you can leverage our capabilities to convert data into a usable, digitized format. With the latest information readily available, you can make better decisions and provide more value to your customers
  • Access to trained personnel and sophisticated technology: By leveraging the expertise of Outsource2india's trained resources, you can turnaround a huge volume of work within a short time. In addition, when you outsource your requirements for telephone directory data entry projects to us, you gain access to sophisticated equipment and technology that you may not have in-house
  • Access to professional managers: When you outsource telephone directory data entry services to Outsource2india, you can get access to the best project management skills. Our dedicated managers set clear expectations at the start of the project. They also help set an appropriate communication rhythm that facilitates open dialogs. In addition, they will work with operational teams to deliver superior services within mutually agreed timelines
  • Assurance of great services: Outsource2india is committed to excellence. We have a rigorous Quality Control (QC) process in place, which ensures that you always get the best service possible. Once our data entry operators complete their work, a team of skilled editors checks it for any grammatical and contextual errors
  • Flexibility of services: Outsource2india can accept data in nearly any format and also deliver the final output in any format of your choice. Some of the formats that we handle include PDF, ASCII, Microfilm, MS Word, HTML, etc. In addition, we can deliver/receive data through any method of your choice – by using e-mails, by uploading files on a secure FTP server, or by regular shipping (FedEx, UPS, etc)

Partner with Outsource2india for telephone directory data entry services

At Outsource2india, our customers come first. At the start of our relationship, we focus on understanding your exact business process and needs. This clarity helps us provide tailor-made solutions that fit your unique requirements. We will listen and respond proactively to your feedback and ensure that you have a great experience of working with us.

If you are looking for an outsourcing partner that can provide a great service experience, your search ends with Outsource2india!

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