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Image Annotation Services

Outsource Image Annotation Services

Train your computer vision models with the highest quality image annotation for the best results

Image annotation is becoming highly popular and sought after for use in a variety of industries, including autonomous vehicles, e-commerce, healthcare, and social media. It refers to the process of manually tagging or labeling images with descriptive metadata to facilitate the training of machine learning algorithms. Are you looking to train your computer vision applications with high-quality image annotation data? If so, our image annotation services are exactly what you need.

Outsource2india is a reliable and experienced image annotation service provider catering to the image annotation needs of a global clientele from across industries. Our services include performing a wide range of tasks such as object recognition, image classification and tagging, bounding box labeling, keypoint identification, and semantic segmentation, among others. Choose our image annotation as a service and get access to the highest quality annotations to optimally train your computer vision models.

Image Annotation Solutions We Offer

Our comprehensive range of image tagging services is designed to address the image classification needs of diverse industries. When you send us your images, we begin the annotation process by employing image annotation tools to classify and describe the properties of the images. We also provide image annotation outsourcing in the Philippines for those who are interested.

Our imaging annotation outsourcing services include -

  1. Image Object Annotations Services

    Image Object Annotations Services

    With our image object annotation services, we annotate all sizes and types of images with precise annotation tools, so that the images are recognized by machines or computer vision models.

  2. Text Annotation Services

    Text Annotation Services

    With our text annotation, we ensure that your machine learning models are able to understand text data. This includes entity recognition, sentiment analysis, and part-of-speech tagging among others.

  3. Video Annotation Services

    Video Annotation Services

    Our video annotation services are highly valuable in terms of preparing training datasets for machine learning and deep learning models for industries such as automotive, AR/VR development, and gaming, among others.

  4. 3D Bounding Box Annotation

    3D Bounding Box Annotation

    With this annotation service, we provide information on the height, length, and depth of objects in your images for higher image classification accuracy.

  5. 3D Cuboid Annotation

    3D Cuboid Annotation

    With our 3D cuboid annotation, we draw cubes over objects to obtain 3D perspectives on the height, width, and depth of the objects in your images.

  6. Key Point Annotation

    Key Point Annotation

    This type of annotation is a more detailed image annotation process used to detect small objects and the variations in their shape by marking the locations of Key Points.

  7. Polygons Annotation

    Polygons Annotation

    Our polygon annotation is a precise means to identify and classify objects in images by selecting a series of x and y coordinates along the edges of the objects.

  8. Lines and Splines Annotation

    Lines and Splines Annotation

    Our image annotation experts work meticulously to create lines and splines in images primarily to delineate boundaries between different parts of the image.

  9. Semantic Segmentation

    Semantic Segmentation

    In this type of annotation, we associate a category or label to every pixel in the image. These collections of pixels can then be used to form distinct categories.

  10. Image Labeling Services

    Image Labeling Services

    With the help of our image labeling services, we precisely label images of different shapes and sizes so that computer vision algorithms can recognize the images.

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Why Are We The Preferred Image Annotation Company?

Whether it is bounding boxes or tagging aerial imagery, we ensure that image annotation is executed accurately and efficiently. Some other benefits of working with us include -

  • Data Security

    If data security is preventing you from outsourcing, then you no longer have to worry because we have stringent data security measures in place to safeguard your electronic data.

  • High-quality Annotation

    Our two-level quality check ensures that all your images are accurately annotated to help you maintain an easily searchable product database.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    We have the required infrastructure and workforce to provide you with correctly annotated images in short delivery times.

  • Customization

    Our annotation experts understand the exact context in which these services are used and can also customize annotation services to cater to client requirements.

  • Affordable and Flexible Pricing

    We provide you with a flexible pricing structure that is affordable. Based on your requirements, we will design a competitive pricing structure without any extra costs.

Additional Services You Can Benefit

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We perform on-demand collection, labeling, annotation, and classification of any type of data, including text, image, audio, and video.

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Offshore Data Entry

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Data Extraction Services

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Data Labeling Services

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Customer Success Stories

O2I Provided Bounding Box Services to Singapore Client

Bounding Box Services to Singapore Client

Discover how we helped a Singapore-based client with our bounding box services in streamlining their process and delivering 250,000 images without compromising on accuracy.

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O2I Provided Data Entry and Image Tagging for Irish Firm

Data Entry and Image Tagging for Irish Firm

Our tagging and annotation experts successfully devised and implemented a strategy to observe, register, and tag the moves of every player in their pre-recorded rugby match footage. The tagged footage was then archived for future use.

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Outsource Image Annotation Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india is a reliable and experienced provider of a comprehensive range of image annotation services. Over the years, we have helped clients -

  • Annotate relevant objects in their images
  • Obtain accurate annotated images to feed their machine learning and computer vision applications.

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