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Provided Data Entry and Image Tagging Services for an Irish Sports Analytics Firm

Case Study on Data Entry Image Tagging for Sports Analytics Firm

The Client

Outsource2india was approached by an Irish Sports Management and Analytics company which collates and analyzes statistics and provides video play back services for rugby games. Using specialized software to complete analytics each player's game can be analyzed, the data can be computed, and the footage can be indexed in a simple and practical method. This helps in tagging services where coaches and players alike can make use of the data to help improve their game.

Requirements and Challenges

The client's company captures data from sports games and provides tagged data back to the teams at affordable rates. The client's requirements mainly included viewing pre-recorded footages of rugby games, tagging the actions, and loading it back into the client's system. This required watching rugby games closely and delivering customized data based on client requirement. The exercise involved observing each player's moves, registering, tagging, and archiving it for future referencing by either coaches or players themselves.

As the game is unpopular in this part of the world, the data management team was required to understand rugby and its rules from technical, non-technical, and refereeing perspectives. The bigger challenge was to accurately recognize players, their style of playing, and then tagging them with the player name for quick and easy referencing.

Outsource2india's Solution

O2I held meetings with client to build a comprehensive understanding of the project requirements. The team conducted its own research on rugby and its rules followed by training from the client for a month, where the team was tutored on multiple actions involved in the game.

A process was devised and followed throughout the project which helped the team align their understanding of the game and learn key terms and phrases. All data points were entered with great accuracy and integrity, in accordance to client requirements.

The Benefits

The team met the timeline commitments of the client from the very first assignment. Backed by our experience, we were able to provide precise and accurate data management. Overall, O2I gained relevant experience and can now handle any type of data entry and tagging projects for rugby with absolute ease. The project also gave us a clear insight on handling sports data entry and tagging in depth and helped us to acquire the knowledge required to handle similar projects in the future.

Outsource Data Entry & Tagging Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india is a global outsourcing firm offering a gamut of data processing services, including tagging and annotation, bounding box, etc. We have been successfully serving numerous clients across the globe for over 25 years now. This multi-domain industry experience has made us ready to cater to any type of tagging and data entry needs.

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