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Why e-Pubs will always be in Vogue?

Reasons Why e-Pubs Will Always be in Vogue

The world of book publishing has undergone massive changes in the past few years, mainly due to the emergence of e-Pubs in the consumer market. This massive gain in popularity has been majorly due to the parallel advancements in the related technologies. The use of computers and handheld devices has increased exponentially over the last few years.

There are a wide variety of user-friendly and light weight handheld devices today available in the market. The rapid advancement in latest technologies has led to this massive revolution in the e-Pub industry and the future of e-books looks to be bright. These hand-held devices make it easier for people to read on the go and help them have a real book like experience.

The Changing Nature of Reading

The emergence of the internet has in many ways offered a wide range of options for readers by offering them different forms of digital content. There is a whole bunch of digital content available today in the form of e-books, e-magazines, e-journals, etc. Electronic publications which were initially only text-based publications are now slowly transforming into a much more interactive versions of their erstwhile self. This, combined with rich multimedia illustrations and the ability for people to carry a vast amount of reading material anywhere, is going to change the future of e-books.

E-Pubs and e-books are mainly gaining exceptional popularity in the education industry and the main reason is the cost. Students find it much easier to buy e-books rather than spend on expensive hard copies of the same book. The reading nature of people is also slowly but surely changing towards paperless reading consuming digital content on the go.

Publishers' Reaction to e-Pub

Publishers these days prefer to publish the electronic version of a book to a limited number of audiences. This helps them gauge the response to the book in a very inexpensive manner and without spending a lot on publishing and advertising. If the e-book gets a good response then the publisher can proceed to publish the hard copies for those who prefer them. Publishers are finding newer ways of making money through e-books such as in-book advertising, sponsored links, e-Pub subscriptions, add-on applications, etc.

Why e-Pubs will never go out of Fashion

As seen from the response from different markets and the various predictions raised by major publishing houses, e-Pubs are only getting better with every passing day. Usage and integration with some of the latest hand-held reading devices with added features such as audio books, references, quick translations, word pronunciations and meanings, etc. are also here to stay for a long time.

Since customer expectation is increasing with every passing day hence it is proving to be challenging for the publishers to keep up with the trend. There are plenty of e-book readers in the market already but still there is a lot of room for improvement. Some well-known devices which leverage the power of e-books include Kindle, Apple iSlate, Sony's Reader, Nook, etc. Companies like Amazon and Sony also provide users with a huge database of e-books along with their devices.

The major concern in the growth of e-Pubs may be the threat of piracy and copyright issues and hence makes authors worry about the same. But at the same time, it provides the author with the opportunity of reaching out to a wider audience in a very cost-effective manner. This is further amplified by the fact that they can choose to have a digital version of the book apart from the regular hard copy. Therefore, if the security issues are handled intelligently, e-Pubs can be the most convenient option for readers across the world, and stand to impact both businesses and consumers alike.

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