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Spanish or Español is one of the top three most widely used languages in the world, spoken in 22 countries as a primary language by about 400 million people. It is one of the principal languages of Spain, Latin America, Mexico, United States, and Europe. Outsource2india offers the complete range of Spanish data entry services to meet the needs of businesses across the globe. Being in the data entry domain for over a decade and having a solid track-record of offering many foreign language data entry and transcription services, we have the required expertise and skill-set to see your Spanish data entry project to completion and also offer ongoing Spanish transcription support.

We have a team of skilled Spanish language and data entry experts, who are backed by a solid infrastructure and a stringent quality-check process to ensure that all projects are completed with accuracy, precision and to the client's satisfaction. The Spanish data entry team at Outsource2india is made up of native speakers of the Spanish language.

Spanish data entry outsourcing services provided by Outsource2india:

How do we ensure 100% quality in our data entry services?

Many customers are anxious about outsourcing data entry work to India. With years of experience in offshore outsourcing services domain we have established a robust technical infrastructure and methodologies to increase customer satisfaction at each stage of the engagement. Some of the key features include:

  • Computer-assisted data capture: We make use of OCR (optical character recognition), ICR (intelligent character recognition), MICR (magnetic ink character recognition), and barcode recognition systems for initial data capture. These systems have a high throughput and hence the data entry process becomes faster.
  • Validation and verification: Our team of quality check experts personally validates every single word of your documents to identify any specific language issues. Additional data that cannot be entered during the previous stage is typed out. Any language confusions are marked out by the data entry and validation experts.
  • Quality check by certified Spanish language experts: Our language team clarifies any language-related issues identified during data entry and cross-checks it with your original documents. A final round of proofreading is done to ensure total accuracy.
  • Final data formatting before submitting the files: The data processing team finally formats, arranges, indexes and prepares the documents as per your output requirements for delivery.

Clients across the globe continue to put their trust in O2I because of our consistent quality, fast turnaround, and reasonable prices. By outsourcing Spanish data entry and transcription services to India some of our clients have saved over 60% of the cost if they would have done it in-house.

If you would like to outsource Spanish data entry, Spanish transcription, or Spanish translation work to O2I please fill in the inquiry form, the Client Engagement Team at Outsource2india will contact you within 24 hours.

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