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Is it really a wise option to outsource your data processing to India?

India is one of the top outsourcing locations today, and its popularity is increasing. Data processing in India is one of the faster growing segments and the sheer volume of data processing projects being outsourced to the country is astounding. Companies in India have the expertise and skill to carry out data processing projects of varying complexity. However, it is understandable that one would like to know some more specific information before deciding to outsource. Is it really a wise option to outsource data processing to India? There are various questions one has and the following information will attempt to address some of these doubts or questions.

Is there a specific process the project will go through?

Depending on the nature of the project there will be certain steps undertaken to ensure that it is carried out successfully. However, there is a general process that every project, regardless of complexity, will go through.

  1. A qualified technical team will understand the nature of the work involved and the expectations and requirements.
  2. There will be an identification of key areas. For example, if there are certain patterns or characters that need to be marked or identified, this will involve a manual search.
  3. Once the identification process is over, there is a quality check to ensure that the second step has been carried out without any errors.
  4. The next part of the project is carried out using state of the art technology, and the data processing company can even design special software to cater to your project needs.
  5. There is a quality assurance test carried out using special software.

How qualified are the employees and are they adequately trained?

Data processing firms in India have strict recruitment policies; the minimum eligibility being college graduates who are highly qualified typists. They go through an intensive training program which could last between three to six weeks.

There is also a qualified technical crew who after understanding the project, break it down and explain it to the rest of the team.

What about power supply and back up systems?

These are just some of the features of data processing firms in India

  • 20 KVA power supply
  • Backup (UPS) of 10 KVA. Have day to day backups.
  • Networked (certified by CISCO)
  • Firewalls for the security of your data

Where do their strengths lie?

Expertise and skill teamed with a premium on quality is just a part of what data processing companies in India offer. They are flexible as they cater to any changes that the client may want at any stage in the project. Punctuality is also extremely important and the specified turnaround-time is strictly adhered to.

Ready to outsource?

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