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Outsource Catalog Content Management Services

Investing in catalog content management solutions can help you present critical marketing information to different target groups in a customized manner. If catalog content management is not a part of your core business, then consider outsourcing your services to an expert like Outsource2india.

If you have to provide marketing information to prospects, customer service reps, sales people or channel partners, catalog content management can be very useful as you can provide different customers with information in the format that they require. Get in touch with us for catalog content management services.

Outsource2india's catalog content management services

At Outsource2india, we offer the following catalog content management services:

  1. Web catalog content management services

    Web catalog content management is very useful if you want to display a catalog on the web. The web catalog content management component that needs to be integrated will actually depend on your content, customer profiles and the mission and vision of your company. At O2I, we can help you display your catalogs on the web.

  2. Print catalog content management services

    Print catalog content management can help you to print catalogs. The integrated custom build application of O2I allows you to pull out product information from your data storehouse into a publishing application. Outsource print catalog content management to Outsource2india.

  3. CD/DVD catalog content management services

    Your organization might have certain customers who would like to receive product catalogs on a CD/DVD. For those customers, O2I can integrate a CD/DVD catalog content management publishing tool that would publish your catalogs on a CD/DVD. Outsource catalog content management to Outsource2india and impress your customers.

The content management process at Outsource2india

O2I develops their content management solutions based on the practice of Enterprise Content Management (ECM). ECM basically involves the entire process starting from content creation to content management to content delivery. It provides the ability to accumulate dissimilar content into a single source of information. It has the ability of proficiently expediting the content management process. This central database has the capability of supporting numerous publications and output channels.

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8-24 Hrs Faster Turnaround
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Outsource2india – Your ideal catalog content management partner

O2I uses custom developed content management software along with other technology components to provide customers with customized content management solutions. We have experience in creating exhaustive content management solutions that can automate the entire process of content creation, content management and publishing. Choose Outsource2india as your catalog content management partner and get access to the following advantages.

  • Customize your stored data so that you can search and retrieve data easily
  • Automate your workflow - content creation, editing and publishing
  • Send data from your content management store house to your website. You can also print your catalogs or publish them on a CD/DVD
  • Standardize content so that you can reuse it in print and in your websites
  • Get access to professional catalog content management services at a cost-effective price
  • Improve the accuracy of your information
  • Streamline your content maintenance process

Contact Outsource2india for catalog content management services.

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Catalog Content Management Services FAQs

  • What is a content catalog?

    A content catalog refers to the content in your e-commerce catalog.

  • What is a catalog system?

    A catalog system includes processes, services, and apps used to allow electronic catalog creation and updating in an e-commerce store.

  • What should a Catalogue contain?

    A catalog should contain all the products and the features that are most useful for customers, including the product code, pictures, price, and a brief description.

  • Why is a product catalog important?

    A product catalog is important because it provides a brief single source of information on all the products, helping customers get a quick overview of the products.